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Recent Comments for 9292328714

Post by danno,

9292328714 i have had several calls from this number this week. they leave no message but i get telemarketerwhen i check the number

Post by Guest,

929-232-8714 Keeps randomly texting me calling me luv and saying this is Tomas. I don't know him and this is creepy.

Post by Guest,

9292328714 I got a call and they tried to say they where with my company IT department and tried to hack into the computer

Post by Guest,

929-232-8714 Missed call on my cell. No message. :am

Post by Grace,

9292328714 Someone called me usign this mobile number.

Post by Guest,

929-232-8714 try to have sex with me

Post by Guest,

9292328714 His name is Erin stays at his Moms house in Lawrenceville Ga He calls girls to his house to rob, rape and stab him

Post by Nicole,

929-232-8714 came up today, no message, via my internet search it comes up as a "telemarketer" number

Post by K,

9292328714 Look at comments from 619-374-5489For example:Yes!! Some Eastern Indian man calling from "medical services department" but did not say which. Wanted to know about medicines I take or have ever taken....specifically birth control pills. As if I am going to divulge any medical information!! What a trip. Told him not to call anymore that is info that is none of his or Medical Services departments business.........Bet he calls again some day using a different numberSo sounds like they are now using a different number - when I started asking questions he wanted to transfer me to a female - funny, she wasn't available and then said he would transfer me to supervisor - supervisor sounded like the same personDon't know what the scam is, but this definitely smells of scam material

Post by Rory,

929-232-8714 Message from Boulder Valley Credit Union Customer ServiceAccount Suspended.Date: 6/27/2008All Boulder Valley Credit Union accounts were recently updated with a new security enhancement.Your account has been temporary suspended.To activate your account please call the security department at +1 (308)-210-9908Thank you for banking with The Boulder Valley Credit Union.Copyright © 2008 Boulder Valley Credit Union.

Post by Guest,

9292328714 Calls 9 times in an hour 8/12/2 14

Post by frustrated,

929-232-8714 Getting many calls a day from this number.  They call and hang up.

Post by Guest,

9292328714 Another call I would not answer. They are wasting their time as well as mine. Of course, they left no message because I am on a DNC list.

Post by Ken Maretka,

929-232-8714 just want them to stop calling

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