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3203457896 She is a home wrecker , a dangerous manipulative woman Guest 5 2016-04-16 03:54:21
3203457891 This guy came to our door too. Same thing. Knocked and left a generic note asking to call this number, Mike Hancock and that it was time sensitive material. Very fishy! Why would he leave a legitimate company card or something. Beware of this guy! kh 6 2016-04-16 07:35:12
3203457898 block too Guest 4 2016-04-17 00:33:26
3203457892 Big Scam. I got the same problem.Called the number and same [***].EASY TO FIX. Press the OK sign and quickly press the bookmark sign before the pop up appears again. You have to be quick at this. Keep trying. Once you open into bookmarks, CLEAR THE HISTORY. Then Keep pressing the OK sign quickly again and again until you clear it. Surprisingly I cleared the damn problem in 2 minutes and my i5 phone works perfectly. Don"t give up. Good luck Allan 5 2016-04-19 23:23:58
3203328940 No call Guest 3 2016-04-26 23:29:14
3207592338 Three calls spread out over two days, always during the day but at varyig times. Once it left a 2 second voicemail with no content. Call back mentioned being connected to an operator before I hung up. Guest 7 2016-04-28 04:40:30
3203328941 You are really barking up the wrong tree. qwerty 4 2016-04-29 06:02:36
3203328946 Spam Guest 6 2016-04-30 10:10:02
3207592337 none beba 6 2016-04-30 20:44:38
3203328938 no messages Ruth 7 2016-05-02 05:06:51
3202075433 Whoever the moron is, there were phone calls with no messages.  I believe this to be an unscrupulous caller.  I've had several of these calls ever since I stupidly entered a survey contest.  Don't ever do that and don't ever sign up for free grocery coupons.  The good news, I TRIED TO CALL THIS NUMBER AND IT HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED.  GOOD WORK !! StopIt 3 2016-05-02 19:58:57
3202075435 MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES -TOLL FREE NUMBER YOU CALL ABOUT YOUR MED BILL- customer service unknown 4 2016-05-05 05:01:56
3202075439 bill collector Guest 5 2016-05-06 17:36:00
3202075440 Leave a message if ur not scared 2 identify urself. Guest 4 2016-05-06 19:34:34
3202075438 We received a text message saying to call this number about a problem with our son's cell number using his name. Guest 5 2016-05-08 01:02:51
3202075437 These idiots call all the time trying to convince us we have won money.  We don't even answer the phone, and they continously keep calling.  Tried blocking the numbers, but they keep switching to a different one.  876-457-7783 is the latest one.  what I don't understand is why can't the authorities trace these numbers and go after these scammers. Anyway, beware of this crap. Over it 3 2016-05-08 02:03:13
3203328944 Unknown caller Guest 3 2016-05-09 23:46:14
3203328942 Also received a call that left a message to call Joslyn from Bank Of The West/ADP at 775-691-1045.. fedup* 6 2016-05-11 00:20:17
3202075434 me too. Honda 5 2016-05-12 10:56:05
3203328939 Want bank account number Guest 5 2016-05-15 01:45:50
3202075436 Trinity Enterprises LLC are a group of fraud artists and criminals who have launched numerous spam attacks on this site in order to disguise their criminal activity.Site administrator:  Please remove this fraudulent posting by the Trinity Enterprises LLC criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filth Remover 5 2016-05-16 21:32:56
3203328945 No one says anything when call is answered. Guest 3 2016-05-17 15:37:49
3207592332 Rent a center Guest 5 2016-05-19 13:26:09
3207592334 This is a car title loan company. If you fill out an app online they will keep calling! Guest 6 2016-05-22 10:17:28
3207592333 Lauren, please report this to your local police department. It is illegal to threaten someone over the phone. Lauren 3 2016-05-23 01:24:00
3207592330 Dont wanna talk Guest 6 2016-05-23 01:26:11
3207592335 Out riding my motorcycle, can't talk. Guest 5 2016-05-23 05:15:12
3207592339 what does? Guest 6 2016-05-23 12:48:49
3203328943 Credit card scam...informed us we won two round trip tickets but needed our credit card numbers to verify our names and address. Guest 3 2016-05-24 07:11:17
3207592336 This happened to me yesterday!  I had made a purchase at the TJ Maxx and wonder if it isn't connected.  I had my card comprimised over a year ago and it was connected to TJ Maxx.  Can't say for sure of that connection but it's really hard to do anything about this I guess.  I will stop using my cash card. :(  No integrity left in this world.  Sucks. Cafeen 3 2016-05-24 08:07:35
3207592331 This is my cell number and I don't live in Springville. Guest 5 2016-05-28 04:51:07
3202817045 number? Guest 5 2016-06-22 21:45:08
3207746705 We are not compatible she goes to clubs bars she has a curse mouth she likes R&B music and we are definitely not a match Guest 4 2016-08-06 13:41:30
3204121107 Random call, thank goodness I missed it James 4 2016-08-16 15:10:53
3202880254 this is advertisement for kim and khloe stuff and I am 70 and would never buy their stuff so please stop texting. I am on the dnc list and this is a violation. this is number 4 I have had many others but finally had had it and decided to document SICKOFOBAMA 6 2016-08-10 23:45:00
3202880259 Has anyone been able to identify 866-801-5261 or 866-756-5318 with a name and office number.  It appears they are located in the Eastern time zone and in the medical insurance businessJoe Joe 6 2016-08-12 23:16:58
3202196331 Another scumbag zombie debt collector hiding their identity by using unlisted and untraceable numbers:Berks Credit & Collections, Inc.900 Corporate Drive, Reading, PA 19605PO Box 329, Temple, PA 19560Toll Free: +1 (800)448-8709Toll Free: +1 (888)932-6553Fax:       +1 (610)916-7272Web:       http://www.berkscredit.comEmail:     [email protected] /* */Also, have been using the following numbers (add these to your block list):+1 (571) 281-1395+1 (571) 281-1542+1 (571) 281-4599Berks Credit & Collections, Inc.900 Corporate Drive, Reading, PA 19605PO Box 329, Temple, PA 19560Phone:  +1 (800)448-8709Phone:  +1 (888)932-6553Fax:    +1 (610)916-7272Web:    http://www.berkscredit.comEmail:  [email protected] /* */AR Logix, Inc. is a holding company for Berks Credit & Collections, OutReach, and Collector UniversityAR Logix, Inc.PO Box 329, Temple, PA 19560Phone:  +1 (855)275-6449Fax:    +1 (610)916-7272Web:    http://www.arlogix.comEmail:  [email protected] /* */OutReach, LLCPO Box 324, Temple, PA 19560Phone:+1 (866)818-3528Fax:    +1 (877)441-2919Email:  [email protected] /* */No more anonymity for you! Scumbags! PissedConsumer 5 2016-09-09 07:09:35
3202079181 recorded call said that I was getting ready to have a lawsuit filed against me but I can call them and settle out of court. BS!! I wish I could find where they live. glenda m 9 2017-03-27 14:43:56
3208899508 Soy de Ibague Colombia y este numero me ha llamado varias veces. Cuando devuelvo la llamada dice q esta fuera de servicio Cristian 4 2016-11-11 12:47:54
3202214846 no good Guest 5 2016-11-13 18:29:27
3202582722 This number called tonight saying they calling for a donation to UNC-TV. They want your credit card number to take the donation right then and there. Beware!!! UNC-TV has a 1-888 toll free number you can call to make donations. Ann 7 2016-12-05 20:12:54
3202343290 This call is from or America's Next Generation Super Pac.  It is a right wing super pac.  Their agenda is or was to defeat Obama.  America's Next Generation Super Pac is linked closely to InfoCision; a controversial Telemarketing firm; InfoCision Management Corporation, who's treasurer and interim executive director is Matthew Palumbo.  Obama was born in Hawaii.  I was born in Hawaii.  Remember; the native American Indians and the Hawaiians had welcomed all these different people to their shores.  Being born in Hawaii does not make an individual Moslem.  Obama or Moslems are not your problem.  Your problem is with in yourself.  Hate is not a virtue.  Again 855 411-6569 is a right wing super pac.  Yes, they are asking for your donation.  You can link up with like minds at  Have fun. uhane 7 2016-12-26 19:31:21
3202239767 harasment Guest 5 2016-12-26 19:37:44
3204553683 mego no speaking English Guest 6 2017-01-07 18:45:18