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Recent Comments for 9798234079

Post by Sick and tired of this,

9798234079 I think everyone has gotten a call from this number by now -I called the FCC and they advised me to avoid picking up the phone when that number is on the ID -Wondering why something cannot be done about it if the government is aware of this scam and the phonenumber -

Post by richard,

979-823-4079 got calls back to back is there a way to contact the FCC about them? im getting tired of these calls

Post by Guest,

9798234079 unsolicited marketing calls from this person no messages left over calls in past hours -

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 Can this be stopped???? They are scamming people and stating that they are Microsoft must be an illegal activity - Why can't the service provider remove these privileges???

Post by called by this number numerous times,

9798234079 Whenever I answer and don't let it go the voice mail the caller says "goodbye" -    These calls come in at random times -

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 This phone number belongs to a scammer "Alex," who speaks with a middle east accent, informed me that my computer was in danger - Reported this to the FBI before, but obviously, nothing has been done - After listening to his spiel, I said, "This is a scam, sorry, but you didn't get me"

Post by Guest,

9798234079 Called about a virus on my computer and told me he was going to block my computer - I have been bothered by numerous call saying they are from Microsoft - Tired of being constantly bothered - Told them to take my name off their list -

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 This person has called here times in the past hours saying he is with Microsoft and he's calling about a problem with my computer (which there is NO problem with my computer) - Bordering on harassment This is asinine I told him NOT to call back again

Post by flowergirl,

9798234079 hello this wk I got several calls from  they are not working  numbers if I answer  no is there -

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 Called at : am saying if I am aware my computer is not secure - This is about the sixth call in the last days - Either Windows or Microsoft is calling - Total fraud and my next report is to Colorado Attorney General -

Post by Guest,

9798234079 repeated calls telling me something wrong with computer

Post by David Lock,

979-823-4079 Took a call listed as to my land line - Answered and silence at caller end - I waited a while and then faint female voice said "goodbye" and hung up - So no idea WTF that was about - Checked on Google and this site was first on list - dl

Post by JT,

9798234079 These pond scum are using this number and ()- -  As they are calling from India, id anyone knows how to cuss in Hindi, please post how to to do it -  I SO want to tell the a**holes calling what I think of them, their Mother AND the cow she rode into town on

Post by John Mohr,

979-823-4079 This idiot calls and wants to access my computer - Please block this number - --

Post by donna,

9798234079 scams and hackers, my guess

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 Called about a virus on my computer and told me he was going to block my computer - I have been bothered by numerous call saying they are from Microsoft - Tired of being constantly bothered - Told them to take my name off their list -

Post by Guest,

9798234079 someone claiming to be Mike started on the "windows" spiel - I said "shut up -" You call all the time - stop calling He told me to shut you F------ B---- - F you F You I hung up - This is a Verizon land line - Can't Verizon do something about this?

Post by jim,

979-823-4079 repeated calls about computer - be aware this is a scam

Post by 420 guy,

9798234079 they just did me - then my net got hung - thanks for the info -

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 Scam big time - -guy said he was calling about my windows program I told the guy I don't have a computer he said what operating system do you use I said a smartphone he called me a stupid lady -

Post by Guest,

9798234079 I would have never answered this number but it was picked up and handed to me - They said they were calling about my computer and I hung up on them - I am also on the do not call list -

Post by Guest,

979-823-4079 Have had calls in the past from these scammers - They want to get into your computer with some story about your computer being in danger - If they can convince you to do enough things to your computer to correct some bogus problem, they would be able to access your computer, steal information and infect with a virus - Please don't be foolish enough to give them any information - Speaking with a foreign accent ought to be your first clue these people aren't legitimate -

Post by Gina,

9798234079 Just got a call saying "Windows Service Center" was getting error reports from my computer - The guy on the phone got mad the more questions I asked him, obviously a scam - Asked them not to call back, but I'm going to have some fun if they do -

Post by Pete Moss,

979-823-4079 No Mo Robo intercepts this phone number -

Post by Guest,

9798234079 Have had several call from broken English speaking male and female stating my windows was in danger and that they were representing Microsoft - I have called them everything in the book and to stop calling to no avail -

Post by Santee CA,

979-823-4079 They keep calling me wanting access to my laptop because of " a problem with Windows" and I keep telling them I'm on to their scam and hang up, but they keep calling -

Post by Beware,

9798234079 Said my wife was a prostitute, and was coming to kill usHas called at least six times

Post by Warren,

979-823-4079 They called me too- but I was aware that it was the [***] scammers calling, and I got the best of them I would advise you, the next time you get a call from a number you are suspicious of, simply don't answer

Post by Just Reporting Call,

9798234079 Called twice did not leave message and I did not answer - Just Texas came up as Caller ID with number -- -

Post by Anita Ward,

979-823-4079 Received several calls, this morning at : am

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