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Recent Comments for 9797300094

Post by fedup,

9797300094 Daily calls from this number - Sometimes multiple calls a day - They never leave a message -

Post by fedup,

979-730-0094 Another heavily accented jerk trying to sell solar -  Asked him how long to break even point -  He didn't know what I was talking about -  Hung up -

Post by Guest,

9797300094 spam

Post by Guest,

979-730-0094 Around ; noon everyday this week -

Post by eRos,

9797300094 I have been getting an increase in calls from Freeport Texas and Austin Texas over the last two weeks - I have no interest in anything they offer -

Post by Guest,

979-730-0094 The person keeps calling at least once a day, but since I can not identify who it is - -I do not answer

Post by CarrieAWR,

9797300094 These people keep calling asking for Claudia - I td them times this is not Claudia's number - I have th blocked, but they keep calling multiple times a day - I need to find a way to report them

Post by Guest,

979-730-0094 Calls at least times a day - Totally annoying Needs to be reported and stopped -

Post by Derrin,

9797300094 Man with a thick accent trying to tell me about the solar program they are running in my area -  I'm in CA, not TX -  Told him I didn't own a home and he said thanks and hung up -

Post by CBENNET,

979-730-0094 I get - calls a day from this number - Dont know who they are, they never leave a message - I have them on auto reject on my cell - Dont know how they got my cell phone number -

Post by Nina,

9797300094 Calls everyday - When I try to return the call, they hang up or a recording says "my call did not go through -" I'm glad someone posted it was solar panel sales - At least I know now I can set up a call rejection on my phone from the number and never think about it again -

Post by Sue,

979-730-0094 they call everyday and THIS IS A BUSINESS NUMBER not even a house phone etc - - DISTRUPTING THE BUSINESS - I now let it go to voicemail - But when I have answered, they just hang up - This number needs off of their list

Post by Guest,

9797300094 He called me everyday at the same time for a week without a message left - I ignored for a week before I finally picked up - Then he insisted on talking to a Kenneth Griffith - After I told him, he had the wrong number he insisted on speaking to the home owner - I then proceeded to tell him to forget my number and add me to a do not call list and he kept interrupting me and saying no - So I hung up on him -

Post by angry in arizona,

979-730-0094 Calls multiple times daily - -Sinema changes number they call from - -I've answered before they're a solar company -I told the j I'm on the gov no call list and plz take me off their list, they hang up on me and call back within a few minutes so far I have different phone numbers they call me from - they call me multiple times a day anywhere from to minutes apart over and over again I put the number in the reject list they just find a different number to call from

Post by Guest,

9797300094 Foreign speaking male, with East Indian accent purportedly calling on behalf of Sun Life Financial - Told him I was on a 'no-call' listing & thank I was reporting him - Hung up -

Post by Guest,

979-730-0094 Calls everyday at am

Post by Guest,

9797300094 Rings every minutes all day, but says nothing When I call the number back, it says phone is a mom working number? I want to block the number

Post by Guest,

979-730-0094 This Solar Panel company has harassed me for the past few weeks - I've explained to them that I am not a home owner, nor am I interested in their services However, they consistently contact me almost daily

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