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Recent Comments for 9797055130

Post by Mary Lousie,

9797055130 This morning I got a call from this number, --- -  An Agent Eric Foster from the IRS with a New York, New Jersey accent threatened me with IRS liens and jail time -  I never give my personal information over the phone so I hung up -  It was very scary but something told me it was a scam -

Post by DJ,

979-705-5130 I think that you and I are the only people on the planet who know when to use "me" - That drives me nuts, and I yell at the idiots on TV all the time when they say things like "between you and I" or " just you and I" or "for you and I" -

Post by DJ,

9797055130 I just got the same call from "Eric Foster" -  I stood there and laughed while he (a recording?) left a message on my answering machine - Then I called my accountant so he could have a good laugh too -

Post by Anonymous,

979-705-5130 Same scammers, calling me from several different numbers - ------

Post by DJ,

9797055130 That's a good one

Post by Guest,

979-705-5130 William 'somebody' (can't understand him), threatened that if I, or my attorney did not call him back, then all he could do is wish me good luck -

Post by Sam,

9797055130 There is a fairly common IRS or "tax scam" being practiced by scammers in both Canada and the USA -USA tax payers should read this:www -irs -gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-AlertsNote particularly the links at that site, warning of the scamA shorter explanation is Scam  #, as shown atphonehelp -truth -com facts -htmlThat site also shows how other notes visitors have reduced the number of telephone scams and telemarketing calls they receive - (That site also has a link to Amazon's phone blocker devices and apps, as well as a page showing various government sites that accept complaints or warn about scams -)>>  why doesn't the government stop him? <<Because the phone number they use is phony - - it cannot easily be traced -

Post by Not born yesterday,

979-705-5130 I too received a call from this number an hour ago -  The rude man with an Indian accent identified himself as an IRS Agent and wanted my lawyers contact information -  I told him that I didn't receive anything in the mail from the IRS to which he gave my address and told me that it doesn't matter if I claim I didn't receive it that the case was under investigation and that he needed my lawyers information -  I asked him for his name, which he gave the name Alex Relium, and I asked for his identification number -  At that point he said would you like to speak to my supervisor and transferred me into silence -  The "supervisor" attempted to call back on the same number and the connection was so bad I could barely hear the moron say hello -  It's clearly a VOIP number even the original call was not a Chrystal clear connection you get with any government agency -  What a pathetic operation they have -  Sad thing is even an idiot wolf catches a lamb once in a while -  My guess is it will be a scared legal immigrant who doesn't want to get in trouble is their primary victim -  What scum

Post by DJ,

9797055130 I just got the same call from "Eric Foster" -  I stood there and laughed while he (a recording?) left a message on my answering machine - Then I called my accountant so he could have a good laugh too -

Post by DJ,

979-705-5130 It was not a prank call -  It's a scam to get you to send them money -

Post by DJ,

9797055130 I think that you and I are the only people on the planet who know when to use "me" - That drives me nuts, and I yell at the idiots on TV all the time when they say things like "between you and I" or " just you and I" or "for you and I" -

Post by Holger,

979-705-5130 These indian accent bustards should be kicked off our country -

Post by Guest,

9797055130 I got two calls from this number today but let the answering machine take them - The caller ID just showed Freeport, TX with no name - It sounded like a recording, and some guy with an accent said he was an IRS agent and that either I or my attorney needed to call him - He said, “If I don’t hear from you or your attorney, the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you” - Ooooooohhhh, I’m shaking in my boots - THE IRS DOES NOT CALL PEOPLE ON THE PHONE YOU MORON I wish I could figure out his accent - When he said "time sensitive", it sounded like a European accent - The call probably didn’t even come from Texas -

Post by Guest,

979-705-5130 This is an IRS Phone Scam - Said if I or my attorney didn't call, all they could do is wish me luck - Name of Eric Foster -

Post by Guest,

9797055130 Caller claims to be IRS Agent Carl Cooper - Very rude & threatening message asking an immediate call back from me or my lawyer - Otherwise there will be consequences -

Post by lucky today,

979-705-5130 I got my call today i have had so far - Agent Cooper will this stop -

Post by Guest,

9797055130 Fake IRS

Post by Guest,

979-705-5130 Posing an IRS agent

Post by Patricia Balan,

9797055130 I received a message from "agent Eric Foster" claiming to be from IRS hours apart - Said if I don't call back immediately he could only wish me good luck as the situstion unfolded - I noted an asian accent - Phone number is - -

Post by Guest,

979-705-5130 IRS scam call - Sounded like a voice changing call

Post by Baltimore,

9797055130 Just got contacted by IRS "Agent Cooper -" Recorded message said that I need to contact them immediately - Something about lawyers and past due amounts and whatnot - Spanish accent - Stumbled mispronounced a couple words in their recording - Not attempting to call back - Not worth the time - Heads up on scam -

Post by Ellen,

979-705-5130 We had this same call from person, calling times with different names and different accents

Post by cc,

9797055130 'officer eric foster' left a voicemail on our phone from wednesday - saying he was from the irs and when we received this meesage that we need to have an attorney or friend with us to deal with it - that it was time sensitive and that if we dont call soon he wishes us luck with the aftermath - never once referred to who he was calling for and he left a number - had to replay message several times as he spoke fast with an asian accent - lots of static noise which occured to me was odd - i called the number and it went to voicemail to a girl name kelly - i got suspicious and googled the number to find out it was a scam - i've reported this to the legit IRS and FTC

Post by dow jones,

979-705-5130 Report these calls to the real IRS here:IRS:   www -irs -gov www -irs -gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertsnotes -com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scam•If you owe federal taxes, or think you might owe taxes, hang up and call the IRS at -- - IRS workers can help you with your payment questions -•If you don’t owe taxes, call and report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at -- -•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC -gov - Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint -www -mercurynews -com ci_ fremon - - ty-targeted-irswww -dallasnews -com business columnists - - ity-thieves -ece**************************Consider buying a call blocking device or phone -www -amazon -com s refnb_sb_noss?urlsearch-alias%Daps&field-keywordscall+blockers

Post by DJ,

9797055130 If you are an accountant (NOT), why don't you know how to spell "agent" or "definitely"?????

Post by shelley,

979-705-5130 I did too, like minutes ago

Post by Guest,

9797055130 The individual declared himself as an IRS agent - Please beware -

Post by REA,

979-705-5130 An Agent Eric Foster from the IRS saying that I or my attorney of record must call him back immediatly at -- -  Definate accent but I could not here background noise -  He claimed that I need to call him back right away or I would be placed on the "list of black" as the situation unfolds -

Post by Guest,

9797055130 claims to be IRS -very rude message left this morning trying to intimidate me to give personal information -

Post by Guest,

979-705-5130 Got two calls today from this same phone number claiming they were from the IRS - They said that me or my attorney needed to call right away because there was a claim against me - The first call was from Alex Williams at : pm and the second call was from Eric Foster at : pm - I think that they got confused because the second called claimed that he had called before - BIG SCAM - DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS - Both callers had heavy accents

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