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Recent Comments for 9792309479

Post by Linda,

9792309479 Received called earlier and again at : pm - telling me my computer had  been hacked - Told him I was going to call police office and report him -

Post by JillC,

979-230-9479 this is not a comment on whether companies should come back to the us -- THIS IS A FRAUD SCAM -- DO NOT respond or let them into your computer under any circumstances -

Post by Michael,

9792309479 This number called explaining they were from Microsoft and needed to talk about my computer -  So I said, oh my Apple computer -  "Yes, your macintosh apple, can you get in front of it right now -"      I then said but I don't have one -  "oh, yes your PC computer, can you get in front of it right now, you have an urgent microsoft issue"   Obvious frauds, I then asked from where they were located and they hung up - Total scammers, my guess based on accent from India

Post by Pauline,

979-230-9479 THATS  WHAT  I THOUGHT - DO NOT REPLY TO REPORTING your report - they do not answer -

Post by Guest,

9792309479 Scammer - -called twice today so far - -and other times before - -curse, report, block - -curse some more - -

Post by Gail,

979-230-9479 I get a phone call from these people at least times a week - And every time its a different number - They say they are calling from Microsoft and my computer is showing a fatal error message - I know its a scam because they call me at least times a week and its a different number every time

Post by No name,

9792309479 They called for about the third time and I decided to answer to see what they wanted - They told me that they were from Microsoft and that my computer was being hacked - I didn't buy it and when they asked me if my computer was on, I said "not interested" and hung up - They also called me Ma'am too, even though I'm a guy XD

Post by Sarah,

979-230-9479 I had one just tell me that they would "kill me bloody [***]" and then he said "[***] you" I am so upset with this right now - How are these people calling us all the time?

Post by bill,

9792309479 You need to look up the word ignorant - You, like % of the population use the word ignorant ignorantly - -

Post by Brad,

979-230-9479 Tried to call me at : last night - Talked to BrightHouse about this particular number and they will do NOTHING - Lead them on then say "I'm not afraid of you because you're a little girlie" - "You can't do anything because you're just a little girlie" - This will put you on their attack list and should work against the macho idiots - Then you need to call the authorities for threats against your life and that will get action - Everything else is a waste of time -

Post by ehparkerjr,

9792309479 I asked caller if he was from India or Pakistan - He said "Pakistan" - The I asked him if he was Taliban to which he answered "No" - After that I asked if he was Al Qaeda - He said "Yes" - Then He started his spiel, and I called him a fraud and hung up -

Post by Guest,

979-230-9479 Says I have a Microsoft problem - I do not use Windows - They are rude and an issue - They need to be shut down - Call at least twice a month -

Post by Derpatron,

9792309479 It's a bunch of scammers pretending to be Microsoft -I used to kind of enjoy these calls, because I'd just talk with an indian accent and act completely clueless over everything they said -"Open up the start menu on your computer -""What start menu?""You can press the windows button to open it -""Where is that?""On your keyboard next to the ALT key -""I'm not sure what that is -"But now it's just a robotic voice saying "Good-bye" which isn't as fun -

Post by RonK,

979-230-9479 computer call - i get these twice a day usually btwn pm and pm - going on now for last two weeks - tonite  it was at pm  sure wish there was some way to hang these people -     RonK    

Post by ohsosimple,

9792309479 Just received a call from "SAM" stating that he was from Microsoft and that I was the victim of a hacker - I told him that I did not have a computer and he seemed confused and then asked me if I had a laptop and I told him no and then he sad good by and hung up - - He sounded as though he was from India -

Post by Dave,

979-230-9479 They called - I picked up - Nobody way there - I called the number back - It said it's not a active phone number - What? What? What

Post by Bob,

9792309479 Same scam as others have reported - Called at :pm which was a bit unusual for the scammers -Revealing that I don't use Microsoft products seemed to confuse the caller - lol -

Post by Guest,

979-230-9479 missed call but it was Saturday night at : pm I would have screamed at them for sure caller ID best invention ever

Post by Roscoe,

9792309479 I keep getting these calls from rag-heads who tell me - -My name is Steve - -I make them think I am an elderly person and then just play with them - -Please to press the Microsoft button - -I just play stupid - -What button??  I do not understand - -

Post by Becky Brown,

979-230-9479 This number has called me all day off and on -I'm sick and I don't like dealing with strange numbers anyway - But it looks like they are not going to give up - They have called times at least -  When answering machine comes on they hang up -

Post by Kathy,

9792309479 There's no list, they just call whomever they please -  Usually a robocaller simply dials a complete set of numbers, makes the initial call and the scammers  take over and just spend their days talking to people about their computer -  They then  try to scam money out of their victims -  Currently there is no way to stop them from initiating the calls -   Sometimes I play along with them, other times I just tell them that I don't have windows, I have Linux with Ubuntu operating system - That usually stops them cold - If it gets too bad, get a call blocker -

Post by Suspicious1,

979-230-9479 These calls have been making the rounds for years it appears and I am finding that we are starting to receive more in Canada as well -  Previously ( yrs ago) some fellow in India called while I was out and my father answered the call -  In some very fractured English he told my Dad that tremendous damage would be inflicted upon my laptop if he did not do exactly as the caller instructed - My father has nothing to do with my laptop but the caller offered to walk him through "the process" and explained this had to be completed within the next hours or my computer would be destroyed -  As it turned out my father could not even figure out how to turn the laptop on, so he told the caller "The best time to reach her is on Saturday" -  Strangely enough the caller seemed to forget about the threatened apocalypse that would take place "within the next hours" and actually did call back on Saturday -  By that time I had the opportunity to google references to "Certified Microsoft Engineer" and found such calls resulted in people losing money after someone had "guided" them to a program which would expose all their various passwords and access to financial programs etc -  So, when buddy called on Saturday and began his spiel with "I'm a Certified Microsoft Engineer calling about a problem with your computer" I simply cut him off and said "And I am the Queen of England - I've read all about you on the Internet and have reported you to the RCMP Fraud Squad -  We heard nothing further from the bozo until the calls began again -  This time I just check the number and hang up immediately -

Post by Guest,

9792309479 I received this call on Saturday July about : - : PM - Caller identified himself as calling from Microsoft, telling me that I was having a problem with my computer - I asked him to remove my number from his calling list and don't call my home again - His comment was F--- you - Number was - with more identification that showed up on my phone for verification V - I will be turning this info over to the Better Business Bureau on Monday -

Post by Guest,

979-230-9479 Call from "Ted" who claims to be from Windows - There is no such company - The claim we have problems with our computer and want to gain access to fix the problems - Then they charge - to "fix" the computer -

Post by DudeLapRocket,

9792309479 I already have blocked calls from numbers such as these - If the numbers go through I let my phone ring then later I go back look up the number and block it - I think the reason why they call me might because I was balls deep in their wives box sister's mom's and occasionally their cousin -

Post by someone,

979-230-9479 At least I haven't been cursed out or threatened -

Post by Brad,

9792309479 I have started getting these calls as of a couple of days ago - I'm getting the goodbye fake voice so they are trying to profile me at the moment - This website needs to add SCAM to the caller type list since they fit no category provided - Can't wait to mess up their heads when I do speak to whomever -

Post by Hhaha I Won,

979-230-9479 Scammers claiming to be Microsoft - This scam is so played out and I have been through it before - So I am on a Mac - no windows in the house - I let him go through the motions - I asked him a couple personal questions, like are you married any kids, etc - - He answered he was married - So when he had me pus the windows key and control key and ask me what it said I proceed to tell him it said he was a dirty [***] with a small weenie and his wife has been cheating on him because he smells like rotten curry and his wife hates his little weenie - I think he was about to cry and I hung up and blocked his number before he had a chance to yell profanities at me -

Post by Guest,

9792309479 Just received this call and die the reverse phone check and saw all the other comments on here and not sure who it is but they called and did NOT say anything and than heard a recorded message good bye - Creepy that's for sure -

Post by Janie,

979-230-9479 I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada - Got a call today from an Indian sounding man saying he was from Windows and my computer had a virus problem - If you receive a call like this, it is a scam and they are trying to gain access to your computer -

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