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Post by Annoyed_Too,

9317032355 Claimed to want to send me a credit report for my sake, at "no cost to me" - Kept warning against identity theft - Guy used incorrect English "don't have to send nothing back to nobody" and did not sound professional at all, did not sound like someone a bank hired (or at least should have hired) - Kept "reassuring" me that I didn't have to give out any personal information over the phone, and how in fact I shouldn't, but then asked to go through some information he had on me with me over the phone to get me to verify it for him -- which would be, precisely, giving out personal information over the phone - Claimed to be from Bank of America, but caller ID did not say Bank of America, and when I performed this Google search, the number pulled up this site but did not pull up any listing for Bank of America - Beware

Post by Guest,

931-703-2355 it keeps calling my phone and its my gf x

Post by Guest,

9317032355 This number was used is a fraud scam posing as a non-profit set up to help families pay utility bills - You give them the utility company name phone and account number - Then when you get your pmt - Confirmation from utility company, you are directed to send donation via prepaid network card from CVS - I lost and am a cancer patient on fixed income -

Post by Badge714,

931-703-2355 It is fishy -  I've worked at a financial institution and we would never call - we would, however, send a letter to the last known address of the account holder over a period of months - three times -  Even if the money goes to the state, if someone comes along later and realizes they've failed to claim a forgotten account, they can go to the appropriate website and claim it -  I've linked to an article which gives links for where to look -  Basically, if you forget about an account, the state becomes a custodian until the legal owner (you) comes along -www -getrichslowly -org blog - - roperty-online And it goes without saying, you do not need to pay an intermediary to find any funds that may be due you -

Post by Guest,

9317032355 There were fraudulent charges on my credit card by a VERAJONES@YAHOO -COM that listed this phone number -

Post by Guest,

931-703-2355 no texting

Post by Guest,

9317032355 Harrasing phone calls in the middle of the night

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