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Post by Janet Mancini,

9288991696 AT&T Main number I was being called back for a service call

Post by Mike,

928-899-1696 two calls from --- and ---

Post by Shann,

9288991696 I dont know who this person is and she keeps txting me

Post by Pacheo,

928-899-1696 They are indeed TRG Solutions, "an approved vendor for Rogers Communications" - What I would like to know is - why the **** do they have an AMERICAN woman's voice (with a DISTINCT southern twang) on their obviously custom-recorded voice mail system? WTF is up with THAT? Do they not know how ALIEN her accent is to us? Anyway, in order to (supposedly) get your number added to their "Do Not Call list" you have to call them back on that number and at the menu choices given, press and then - At each step they tell you that they will need you to leave a DETAILED message at the end including your name and phone number (I think to try to discourage you from getting your # removed) but then that moment never comes - Instead, after the second menu choice, you punch in your area code & phone ( digits), their automated thing gets you to confirm that by pressing , and then they basically hang up on you - Oh and they tell you to be patient because it could take up to hours - (We'll just see if it happens at all) It's so retarded - Do these companies actually think we will buy MORE from them if we are bugged by phone?? What drugs are they taking??

Post by Guest,

9288991696 Loser

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