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Recent Comments for 9288633309

Post by Guest,

9288633309 Call tO sell things

Post by Phil,

928-863-3309 They called us times today - First was dead air and hang ups, last two someone answered and said we asked them to call us about a working at home - When told we were on the do not call list they just laughed and made snide remarks -When calling the number back we get "we're sorry the number can't be completed as dialed"

Post by Lisa Baker,

9288633309 tiered of these harassing calls rude and controlling they also call from a # -- from the same area in AZ

Post by malvina godish,

928-863-3309 this number keeps calling me all day and not speaking then hanging up - its calling my cell # and it is very annoying -

Post by Guest,

9288633309 Home based business

Post by Southern Belle,

928-863-3309 i get these calls - times a day and tried the do not call list and that hasn't worked

Post by Cathy,

9288633309 I received calls from this phone number over the last days in which they call but never leave a message -  I called the number this morning  (Web Media Services) and left a message to advise them to stop calling me or they would be reported -   I'll let you know what happens - Hopefully they will stop calling -

Post by Shonda,

928-863-3309 the name of the company is web media services - that's what's on the voice mail when you call the number - If you make contact with the correct company please let me know - I plan to file harrassment charges against this company -

Post by J.L.,

9288633309 They call me all the time - They call every min to an hr on some days - I think it is pretty funny as all I get is the caller ID info, and report them EVERY time they call -So call me all you want, times to a hundred times a day you will never get an answer NEVER EVER

Post by Susan K,

928-863-3309 They call are very annoying -  Just going to block their number :D

Post by UniMama,

9288633309 Thanks for the info  I just got a call from this number on my cell phone, without them leaving a message -  So tired of these

Post by Marc,

928-863-3309 Thank you great explanation -

Post by Nanette Smith,

9288633309 I received a SILENT phone call; from this telephone number - As well; as having received; many other telephone calls, from many other phone numbers - They; call, do not; say; anything - And; you end up; hanging up - Wondering, what (and who); the call was from; and what, it was; about - It gets, tiring, when; you have, to walk; all the way, across the room, just to answer; a call, that says; nothing -

Post by AML,

928-863-3309 unwanted phone call   no message

Post by wenchen denq,

9288633309 Please put me on the no-call list



Post by mleadingham,

9288633309 Phoenix, AZ Social Security Lawyers E - bluefield avenue, Phoenix, AZ p: --

Post by Tony thomas,

928-863-3309 They call constantly - I pick up and no one is there and I get disconnected - I called back and left detailed message to remove me from their list - On future call back attempt to complain that calls are still being made, I get recorded message from Web Media Services - Just now another call, this time someone was there to talk to and I asked to be removed from their calling list (yet again) - They hung up on me -

Post by Averne,

9288633309 Received two calls from this number on my cell phone that did not go into voice mail - When I called the number back, the phone rang once, then I received a recorded message saying my call could not be completed as dialed -

Post by Guest,

928-863-3309 I receive calls from this number about or times a day - Nothing is said, just silence -

Post by Seattle,

9288633309 Has called a couple times now - Did not leave a message - I called back and it rang twice and then said that my call couldn't be placed and to check the number and dial again - Googling the number brings up the socialsecuritylaw -com (Phoenix Social SEcurity Disability Attorneys) - Fonefinder -net shows this number as a Pac West number coming out of Flagstaff - I am on the do not call registry and they keep calling my cell number -

Post by mandie,

928-863-3309 I recieve calls everyday from two different numbers in Arizona - They never leave a message -

Post by ticked off,

9288633309 yeah they r calling here all the time too Im sick of thewm and have no way of stopping them anyone in flagstaff live there find them and post an address for us to call the police tjhanks

Post by Guest,

928-863-3309 He sAid why did I answer the phone if I was so busy he was rude and nasty and I'd like this company to STOP calling especially during my wrking hours it is really annoying

Post by Jan,

9288633309 I am on the DO NOT CALL list and am still getting calls from this number -very annoying

Post by Joleen Jensen-Classen,

928-863-3309 Stop calling my phone

Post by Travis,

9288633309 I am on the do not call list and the folks from this company calls me at all times of the day or night

Post by Guest,

928-863-3309 Home based business

Post by mandie,

9288633309 I recieve calls everyday from two different numbers in Arizona - They never leave a message -

Post by Eric,

928-863-3309 more than likely another number in a string of numbers from the same work at home scam -   not sure what there marketing tactics are but they seem pointless -   Idiots

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