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Post by Current Employee Northeast Division,

9286834735 That is so made up - I work for this company now and Julie is a great boss - She is always the first to help any of her employees and has tons of integrity - You sound like a disgruntal employee maybe you just didnt do well? Did you hit your numbers? Or did you just not know how to sell?

Post by Guest,

928-683-4735 Weird call about people who apply for jobs online get their identities stolen - - Give us your info and we will help you - - Scan

Post by Guest,

9286834735 harassing me

Post by Guest,

928-683-4735 This number called me at : am (against the rules - -) and told me I won a , prize - I asked them if they looked at their time zone map to see that they were calling me before the allowed am - Then he proceeded again to tell me about the prize - I just laughed in his ear - I asked what he wanted, my bank information - And he said yes, like I would really give it to him - Then he gives the phone to a lady, who I asked if she knew what time it was - She asked me, "what? you don't get up before am?" I told her it wasn't the point and that calling before am was against the rules - I asked where she was calling from and she said Las Vegas - All the while I was laughing like a loon - She asked me why I was laughing - I asked her who she was trying to reach and she gave the name Parker - Nope - Wrong - She really thought I was going to give her my bank account information - I just laughed at her and hung up - I'm still laughing

Post by Guest,

9286834735 wrong number

Post by Brian,

928-683-4735 Unknown phone number - I didn't answer -

Post by Guest,

9286834735 STOP CALLING

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