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Recent Comments for 9286355989

Post by Dushan29,

9286355989 Left no message -Just another annoying scam -

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 multiple unwanted calls in February; no response on other end - But number registered to Williams Victim Advocacy - A scam outfit

Post by Guest,

9286355989 Left me a voicemail saying it was the IRS and that they were pursuing legal action??

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 got the call on my cell phone - I wasn't there to answer so it left a voice mail about lowering my credit card rates, just like the ones I blocked on my house phone with my AT&T service - Now I guess I will have to find out how to block numbers with my T-Moble service -

Post by Guest,

9286355989 Did not answer, no message left - Googled and came up with Williams victims advocacy in AZ, but I don't live in that state -

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 I answered, no one there, called back, busy signal - Def not who they claim to be

Post by Guest,

9286355989 credit card scammer

Post by Bob E,

928-635-5989 Called cell phone - Didn't answer - No message left -

Post by David Komes,

9286355989 Hi David,In most cases these outfits are using auto dialer's & robo calls -  They just load them up with numbers and go for it hoping to gt someone to answer -   ROT, don't push any numbers to be removed, don't answer calls from numbers you don't know - Pick up and hang up asap -  Using a whistle is also good if you do They also tend to spoof known numbers as well as fake -

Post by Emma,

928-635-5989 Reporting two calls on my cell phone -No message and did not answer -

Post by Guest,

9286355989 FRAUD "Credit Card Account Services"

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 Google the number and it is coming from Williams Victim Advocacy - I don't even live in AZ

Post by Guest,

9286355989 No message

Post by Indiana girl,

928-635-5989 Got a call on my cell phone from this number in Arizona -  I did not pick up because i did not recognize it -  Looked it up and found, as others, this linked to a number for Victim's Services -  I have blocked it on my cell and will be contacting the FCC -  Just like mostly everyone, my phone numbers are all on the DNC list and it seems to do no good at all -

Post by Guest,

9286355989 Called about a credit card

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 The caller says I'm eligible for a reduced credit card rate because I make my payments on time - I asked which credit card company they were from, and they said Bank of America, Capital One, Chase

Post by Guest,

9286355989 credit card eligibility interest rate

Post by Aaron,

928-635-5989 Just got a call from this number, same description of events as you guys except I talked to the guy a bit -  Same robo message followed by press or -  I pressed to talk to someone -  Then I heard a room full of people talking, almost as if they've pre-recorded people talking to make it sound like a legit call center -  You try to ask them who they work for and they say they are "credit card services for Chase, Citibank, and Bank Of America -"  The guy was obviously from or IN another country -  I asked if they had a website or something, and he said they'd share all that with me after he asked a few questions to see if I qualify for the program -  The irony is that I called two credit card companies last week asking for a reduction in my interest rate, so it took me longer to diagnose this call as a scam, although they did themselves no favors -  Eventually, the guy got frustrated with my many questions and announced that he wasn't going to repeat himself -  I said "wait a minute, you called ME -  I get to ask you whatever I want -"  He claimed he didn't call me but that my call was transferred to him -  I started to tell him that he was mistaken and that I got a call from an Arizona phone number and that I found some info about interest rate reduction scams online and he just talked over me some more and then he hung up on me -  Sadly, I was about second away from getting "go f%# yourself" out of my mouth -  :(

Post by justadude,

9286355989 thanks for the intel

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 Received a call from this number on my cell, Glad I Did not answer - Must be a spoofed # says it's Williams AZ Victim Advocacy when I looked # up - Feel sorry for the real people that own this # Caller: Scammer Call Type: Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

9286355989 I don't live in Arizona either, but I just received a call from this number - No message left - I've also received called from Memphis, Florida, Kansas City and Ohio in less than days - I'm thinking they're all related somehow because every time I block a number, someone from another state starts calling -

Post by Brent,

928-635-5989 just received a call from this number - I did not answer it b c I did not recognize the number - They did not leave a message either -

Post by More than ticked,

9286355989 All of my number is on the so called "National no call list", but I still get these annoying calls - On my home phone and my cell, I even get them on my work phone I am just ticked beyond words - When are they going to find a way to stop these idiots? And yes I have tried to return some of those calls to blow up their line, but you guessed right busy or that number doesn't take incoming calls - So I really hope someone some day soon, can figure it out and shut these people down -

Post by justadude,

928-635-5989 thanks for the intel

Post by Guest9876,

9286355989 Just got a call from -- and got the same automation asking about lowering my credit card rate - I laughed because I cut mine up years ago - I just hung up - Researched the number and I find a victims advocate group listed for this number - However, try to call the number back and you get a circuit busy sound (for the young kids who don't know about busy signals, slow ones are busy line but if it is a fast busy signal it suggests circuits are busy) - That could mean someones number got hijacked for a spammer to try and get credit card info out of people - The real owners of the number may no longer have it or don't know it is being used or possibly got cloned - CONSIDER THIS ONE EASY TO HANG UP ON Don't even click through - No need - Your bank handles your credit card, call them directly and don't give any info about your account, your name or your social to the people calling from this company that is out to steal your info SPAM ALERT - -THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF COMPANY TO STEAL YOUR CREDIT INFO AND STRIP YOUR BANK ACCOUNT - HANG UP ON THEM

Post by CP,

928-635-5989 Never answer call from number don't know - Call from Williams Victim Advocacy in Arizona - Heck, we're the victims - On Do Not Call -

Post by Guest,

9286355989 credit card scam

Post by Guest,

928-635-5989 I answered the call "hi, this is *****" and they hung right up-didn't say a word

Post by ticked,

9286355989 Complaint filed with the FCC -  Keep calling vermin, each call wins the big prize  Complaint with the FCC and the more complaints filed against you the closer you get to having the proverbial rug pulled out from under you -  You now have egg on your face and soon, soon, soon will have  difficulty breathing -

Post by Bob in Texas,

928-635-5989 Received a call from this number on my cell, Glad I Did not answer - Must be a spoofed # says it's Williams AZ Victim Advocacy when I looked # up -

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