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Recent Comments for 9285837956

Post by Guest,

9285837956 Have had the same issue, have got Vodafone to autobar the number

Post by Guest,

928-583-7956 called me times yesterday - calling from fortune about opening a business - said they were returning a call from a phyllis - -i'm not phyllis nor do i know one

Post by Guest,

9285837956 Do not answer

Post by Guest,

928-583-7956 I received a call but the line was bad - I don't know what they wanted to offer but i repeated i wasn't interested -

Post by Guest,

9285837956 They keep calling - -won't say anything

Post by Ann Roberts,

928-583-7956 Got the call, but couldn't reach phone before voice mail picked up - No message -

Post by Guest,

9285837956 someone has called me from that number - Was - pm horrible people woke up my little one -

Post by Guest,

928-583-7956 I've received call in the last hrs hours from that same # - Didn't answer to the call, and I'm not going too if they call back - I know the phone number is from Prescott in AZ

Post by Nitram,

9285837956 the same thing happen to me, they try to reach me yesterday and tonight, I am in a small town call Chandler in Québec - really don't know what they want

Post by Nitram,

928-583-7956 the same thing happen to me, they try to reach me yesterday and tonight, I am in a small town call Chandler in Québec - really don't know what they want

Post by Guest,

9285837956 this number has been calling me, at least times, it says arizona on call display, they then called back from -- they are annoying i am blocking and repoting them to the fraud detect as my uncle works for them so dont worry to long people :)

Post by Guest,

928-583-7956 They keep calling - -won't say anything

Post by JIM,

9285837956 About once a day from this number - No message - I don't answer because I don't recognize number -

Post by naveen,

928-583-7956 I got an unattended call from this number - Can you please let me know how has called me -Thank you -

Post by kathryn chan,

9285837956 received missed calls in one day from this number - thought it might have been family from abroad but after reading all these posts, definitely will not pick upwho are they? how did they get my number??

Post by Guest,

928-583-7956 I have received several calls per day from this phone number over the course of the last several days clamining I had filled out a ballet requesting information about starting my own business - I have NEVER filled out any ballot or requested any information from this comapany -I have told them this when they call yet I keep getting calls from them - I have no clue how they received my number and why they keep calling - When I do not pick up the phone they never leave a message - It would be nice if they just left me alone - I am and have never been interested in any services they are selling -

Post by Guest,

9285837956 Call me today, i don't answer - They don't Leave a messege

Post by Guest,

928-583-7956 hi -)) -I've had the same problem -somebody called me a few times per day -have no idea who it is or what they want -The number was bad,when I've tried to call back -thanks for help -

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