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Post by Not Today,

9285333006 What a crazy call -  Lady calls to get fax number for estimating dept -  I ask her what job she is trying to get a bid on -  From there it went downhill -  She says she is from Adams Group & mentions a hospital in Little Rock which is hundreds of miles away from us and I tell her that we don't go that far -  She tells me she knows and that the hospital is not the job??  So she mentioned the hospital for what reason??  Then she tells me she had talked to someone at my company and forgot their name -  I again ask regarding a bid on what -  She doesn't know what job she wants a bid on -  She then continues talking in circles and says "I do remember that it was out of the scope of your area" -  She repeated that several times, whatever that means  Not sure what the scam is but something is not right -

Post by lokura,

928-533-3006 don't know

Post by Guest,

9285333006 Just another pedophile, robocall, telemarketer violating the worthless, waste of taxpayer's money, FCC and the joke they call the do not call list

Post by Guest,

928-533-3006 spammmmm

Post by MAGPIE,

9285333006 How does this company get my home number and cell?? The first call I received was this past Sunday and the msg left had a ref # to quote when I call back - Does this company do collections as well?

Post by Guest,

928-533-3006 bad

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