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Recent Comments for 9283253701

Post by Sandra L. Holm,

9283253701 This makes the nd or rd time I have received a call but they do not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

928-325-3701 Keeps calling but never leaves message -

Post by roy,

9283253701 Same here

Post by Guest,

928-325-3701 Sells Diet pills

Post by Guest,

9283253701 Won't leave a message

Post by R. Dimaggio,

928-325-3701 two unwelcome calls from this number with noone on the otherend - -stop calling

Post by anonymous,

9283253701 this was an unsollicited call - They idenitified themselves as Extreme HCA - When I took the phone, they claimed to be calling for "O'Connor" -

Post by biff,

928-325-3701 Take care of your own problems -   I doubt that your post is any more than a Troll's  game -

Post by Beth,

9283253701 They are at it again -  Got a call last night about Garcinia Combogia, told me it would help me lose weight -  Don't know how they got my number, told them I didn't need to lose any weight and hung up

Post by Amanda,

928-325-3701 Keep calling after I've asked them politely to take me off their list twice -

Post by Guest,

9283253701 Keeps calling won't leave message

Post by Rose,

928-325-3701 Received (and missed) a call from ()- -  Called back hours later and was told they were "following up my request for imformation on Garcinia Cambogia" -  They identified themselves as HCA Extreme Garcinia Cambogia -  This call was unslicited -  I never called them nor did I iver express any interest in this product -

Post by Breeana,

9283253701 Repeatedly called and cancelled all information they had through an online purchase from them - They have called everyday for months - If they don't stop they will not be happy to hear from me again -

Post by Hotmana,

928-325-3701 Received a text message from this number -  Asked if this was Dan -  Said it was Brooke -  Had posted pics of her date at ourtindersnap -com brooke#dan -  Did not call -  After comments here, not calling or texting -

Post by rob,

9283253701 when i called the number back, they put me on hold, then asked me repeatedly what my name and information was -  I refused to tell them and asked who they were -  Finally, got him to tell me:  Extreme HCA, I believe -Then I told him to not call my number again and hung up -

Post by Guest,

928-325-3701 sales call for garcinia cambogia weight loss -

Post by Christina,

9283253701 I've gotten several calls from this number, too - They're trying to sell Garcinia Cambogia, which is a weight loss supplement, and when you tell them you aren't interested they try to guilt you - I'm already on the Do Not Call list but apparently they found a way around that so I asked to speak to someone who could take me off of their list and was put on hold and then disconnected - Ended up blocking the number - Obnoxious and rude -

Post by Guest,

928-325-3701 They called and left no message -

Post by Dee,

9283253701 Keep getting calls from them no messages left -

Post by cbailey,

928-325-3701 I received a call today from this so call extreme HCA company pitching the sublingual Garcinia Cambogia weight loss product - After the long product pitch he explained the price and how "they pay you for every pound you lose" yeah right then he told me the price and as soon as I asked him if can think about it and call back he laughed and hung up on me great customer service right?

Post by Guest,

9283253701 keeps calling, no message, I answered once & they asked for me by my first name, then got disconnected - thank you for the advance comments -

Post by Guest,

928-325-3701 Asked to stop calling and put me on their do not call list but they keep calling

Post by Guest,

9283253701 Repeated calls from this company "Extreme HCA" - These are telemarketers peddling fad diet products - They refuse to abide by the Federal Do Not Call registry -

Post by Guest,

928-325-3701 Call about Garcina Camboglia

Post by Nancy,

9283253701 I received a call from them - -looked on here and read the other posts - -and blocked them - -so I don't have to worry about any unsolicited calls from them again - -

Post by Pamela,

928-325-3701 I received the same call

Post by Guest,

9283253701 Annoying

Post by Megan,

928-325-3701 I received a call from them today -  The lady told me I had signed up at WalMart -  I don't remember doing it but went ahead and listened to her pitch -  She said it was being endorsed by Dr - Oz and went on to tell me about how great it worked -  AND that they would pay me five dollars for every pound I lost -  Hmmm, sounds like a good deal, I thought -  She even told me she had lost ten pounds in one week, and told me that they only picked ten people for this promotion and that I was one of the lucky ones - Wow, I felt pretty lucky and was really getting into it, although in the back of my mind I was thinking this was phony and all they wanted was my credit card information -  I told her I was in and that I couldn't wait to start this fabulous product -  She was getting excited with me - -then she asked, May I get your credit card number so we can send you the product -  I asked her why she needed it and she said that it was going to cost me - -  Uh - -she didn't say that at the beginning - I knew it was too good to be true -  I told her I didn't have one; that I only had cash -  She hung up on me -  She didn't mention the company she was calling for -

Post by Shannon,

9283253701 Calls, leaves no message would prefer they Stop Calling

Post by Ilene,

928-325-3701 Numerous calls from this number -  No message left -  If this is a telemarketer, why isn't my "do not call" request being honored?

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