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Recent Comments for 9283045453

Post by Clay,

9283045453 No one has posted anything important about this number - No company name, nothing about how to stop the calls - Why post something that doesn't help anyone - Please only post things that will help others to stop the calls from this phone number or information about the company that is making the calls from this number - Complaining about getting a call will not get anyone anywhere - You have to take action people -

Post by Guest,

928-304-5453 Thanks for a REAL website that REALLY helps people I never take calls from numbers I do not recognize, I always wait and see if a message is left, than look the number up here first My time is precious and now I don't have to waste it on companies or people who don't think it is YEAH MR PHONE

Post by Guest,

9283045453 This call isn't for me

Post by marky mark,

928-304-5453 thanks for the info i reported them

Post by emiskay,

9283045453 If you want to know who is responsible for “Rachel at Cardholder Services” and the other garbage, it’s Johan Hendrik Smit Duyzentkunst and Janneke Bakker-Smit DuyzentkunstThey live at CORNELL RD, AGOURA HILLS, CA - - One phone number is: () -They operate several companies from their home, including Asia Pacific Telecom and SBN PERIPHERALSIf you want to read about the legal aspects of the case, here’s the link: il -findacase -com research wfrmDocViewe - - -NIL -htm qxMaybe if you are in the neighborhood you could look them up and let them know how much you appreciate their assistance

Post by Dear George,

928-304-5453 YOU have to report them to www - donotcall -gov and give them your number that received the call, the date and time of the call, and any other pertinent information (e -g -, have you asked them to stop calling?) -

Post by Matt,

9283045453 I verified their contact information via the Ohio Attorney General's consumer complaints database - Here's some valid contact info:PO BOX Atlanta, GA-- (working number)Fax: () -[email&#;protected] * * Have Fun

Post by Sally White,

928-304-5453 Didn't give name hung up - -Tried calling back as I thought it was a dropped call - -Rapid busy signal - -Googled # and found this site - -The call was to my cell phone which is registered as a do not call #

Post by rollergirl404b,

9283045453 I answered the call, there was a click , then a telephone began ringing - A male answered and asked if I was calling about credit card something or other - I told him, no appearantly this was a call generated on your end - Told him to take my number off the calling list and I was hung up on -

Post by Dub,

928-304-5453 Received a call from unidentified caller in Yuma, AZ - Let answering machine pick it up but recorded voice immediately started talking over  my message so all I heard was something about "no problems with my card -"  Have received these calls in the past from different numbers, always about lowering my current credit card interest rates - I never answer calls from numbers I don't recognize and just let the answering machine handle them -

Post by Guest,

9283045453 Lowerin cr

Post by JP,

928-304-5453 Got a call from this number but decided not to answer - Looked online and found this site with these comments - Glad I didnt answer - Will block :(

Post by Marjer,

9283045453 Report them to the fed trade commission --- - If enough of us call maybe they will shut them down -

Post by Marjer,

928-304-5453 Report them to the fed trade commission --- - If enough of us call maybe they will shut them down -

Post by John,

9283045453 I kept "Rachel" on the phone for a long time today answering all her questions with fake answers - - , in credit card debt spread over cards - - LOLI couldn't keep it up any longer and told the [***] I did not have any credit cards -   I don't know if she hung up on me because I quickly spewed a few four-letter words and hung up on her -I added this number to my call blocking machine but I plan on keeping her on the phone longer if they call back under a new number -  I'll string her along and when she asks for an account number I'll keep her waiting while I go "looking" for it -  LOL -

Post by **,

928-304-5453   calls  and hangs up - filed a complaint - www -donotcall -gov - now, who do you think sold them our information?

Post by RedWrites,

9283045453 this is the nd time I've gotten a call from these people - I hit the button to ask to be removed from the list - The first time, the operator hung up on me - The second time, I was put on hold -

Post by John Honeck Sr,

928-304-5453 Remove my number ASAP

Post by Guest,

9283045453 Bill collector keep calling after being told that I'm not the person that previously had this number

Post by marky mark,

928-304-5453 thanks for the info i reported them

Post by Ron,

9283045453 Don't know who they are but, [***] who don't answer your return call aren't worth a second call - - - - -screw them just block these stupid ones -


928-304-5453 They are calling from a company called DEFT FREE LIVING out of Orlandotoll free --or --press to be placed to customer serviceif you want to hear their BS 'debt relief program' which is nothing more than you stop paying the credit card then they send you to a debt lawyer via WORLDLAWDIRECT -com  to help keep the collection agency off your back from not paying the credit card they now want you to stop paying after of course they charge their + fee -block your phone number so they can't trace your call before you call them -Give them a phoney name,  have about + in debt from a credit card -Give them a phoney credit card  number - which you can look on the web search to find a credit card number generator -these idiots call me everyday as ANN or RACHELI gave them a phoney credit card number and they put me thru to a 'real' person and number instead of the spoof number you can't trace -ENJOY HAVE SOME FUN ON THEIR TIME

Post by George,

9283045453 Give up on  the no call list - It apparently is a fake ( or typical government screw up thing) since it never blocks any calls -

Post by Hans Smit,

928-304-5453 Rachel from Cardholder services has been abused by many telemarketers for years -If you want her to stop, call Steve Wernikoff  @--  or Jim Davis at --

Post by James,

9283045453 The phone number registered to SBN Peripherals just leads to a voicemailbox - The wife has a phone number of -- - I got that number from googling, finding out she owns a website and looking up the Whois for the site and getting contact info -

Post by DennisO,

928-304-5453 How do you block the number?

Post by nathan,

9283045453 The scamming continues  And I continue to block numbers

Post by Jean,

928-304-5453 Saw that I received a call from this number - I called back, but received a weird "busy" tone - The last time I received a call from someone regarding my credit card, I said "What credit card?" They immediately hung up and did not call back - Perhaps that will work with this company as well -

Post by Don,

9283045453 Just got a call from "Card Holder Services" again - New number, same scam - Have decided to report calls AND to send a copy of my complaints to my congressional rep - It's time the govt did something besides collect the data -

Post by Guest,

928-304-5453 Lower my interest rate BS - No way to be removed from their list -

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