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Post by Abdi,

9282338061 Yes, Dawn Brunette of burnsville and savage lost her kid and slept with every cab driver in town

Post by DANDI,

928-233-8061 Just Says Patricia Glover,  I DID NOT CALL BACK

Post by fed-up,

9282338061 THIS IS A WELL KNOWN SCAM.  If you want to know more, keep reading.SMS Text message scams:These scams are very common.  Millions of such text messages are being sent.  Here are the things you need to know.(1) The message did not come from Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, Target, or any other legitimate company.  This is a scam.(2) If the message is about a loan, trouble with your mortgage, etc., it is also a scam.  If you apply for such a loan you will be giving the scammers all of your personal info, which will allow them to steal your identity, empty your bank account, target you with phony collections activities such as the payday loan scam, and any other crimes they think up in the future.(3) If you get a text message from an unknown sender asking you to call a phone number (often claiming to be from a bank or credit card company) DO NOT call the number.  If you are concerned that such a call might be legitimate, look up the number for your bank/credit card/whatever for yourself, and call that number to check if the message is legitimate.  (It is almost certainly a scam unless you have told your bank to send you text message alerts,)(4) Walmart/Best Buy/Apple/Whoever did not give the scammers your phone number.  The volume of these spams is so huge, that it is inevitable that some recipients will have just been shopping in the store whose name is used in the scam.(5) The scammers who sent you this message do not "have" your phone number.  They are blasting huge blocks of numbers which are assigned to cell phone carriers.  You might look at getting these messages as "winning" a random drawing.  Lucky you ;) .(6) DO NOT visit the links contained in such messages.  Some of these are malicious web sites which will infect your computer.  The scammers will have full access to all of the information on your computer, and they will also be able to commit criminal acts using your computer to hide behind.(7) PLEASE do not post working links from scam text messages.  If you want to post a link, break the link.  Instead of posting, simply post (dot) com.  Having such links can be useful to those of us interested in getting these web sites shut down, but we do not want them to be in a form where someone will be tempted to click on the link to satisfy their curiosity.(8) Please do not bother the folks at your local store about this scam.  They don't know any more about it than you do.  If you must get some validation beyond this post, contact the national headquarters for the company in question.  Unfortunately, they can't tell you as much about it as those of us who try to track these creeps down, but they are very aware of the scams, because they are disruptive and harmful to the companies whose names are being used.(9) For those who are wondering, I can't tell you who is originating this scam.  I can tell you that they use Internet hosting companies in the US as well as overseas.  I have had good luck getting the hosting companies to shut these sites down, but the scammers are prepared for this, and it only disrupts them for a few hours at most.I hope you find this helpful.

Post by lala,

928-233-8061 I received a txt message from this number about an item on craigslist.

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