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Recent Comments for 9282084085

Post by Ladyv,

9282084085 Keeps calling but does not leave a message; I am on the Do Not Call list -

Post by ms. e,

928-208-4085 I meant to say they did not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

9282084085 i got a call but no message, and as I block other number it seems more new ones keep calling

Post by denise marrolli,

928-208-4085 this is a do not call phone

Post by Pist off,

9282084085 I have this guy calling my sister in law  for about years know  he calls last night asking for me  and says i live there ,  it has something to do with eCommerce ,  my sister in law keeps telling him i dont live there she actually gave him my number  but he never acknowledges it  , This Guy is calling From the United states of America Arizona - -  i live in Canada - - - - last night its the last straw  he was rude and he said ((( im not [***] around [***]))) -     Well Im Telling you if you read this Note - - - IM NOT [***] AROUNF MTF ILL FIND YOU AND IM NOT MAKING A THREAT - IM PROMISING YOU WILL REGRET IT MTF -

Post by Guest,

928-208-4085 I didnt answer -

Post by bill seeds,

9282084085 repeat calls not wanted

Post by BonHomme Richard,

928-208-4085 Some Beaner calls and hangs up ?

Post by Dude W Phone,

9282084085 No message -  Didn't answer -  Anyone else?

Post by Theresa Hamel,

928-208-4085 Do not call me again -Thank you -

Post by D. Willingham,

9282084085 The caller claimed to be offering a chance to work at home for Visa Mastercard - Whatever -

Post by Annoyed,

928-208-4085 I just got this call -  It was a guy on a really bad connection that was crackly and breaking up -  He said he was calling from some security company (couldn't make out the name - -connection was awful) and that I was selected to receive a free home security system -  I said "No thanks, but Merry Christmas -" Then I hung up -

Post by Christine,

9282084085 They just call and don't leave a message -  Why don't they give up since I never answer the call?

Post by mrs. t,

928-208-4085 This number calls me all the time, especially nights - I did not ever pick it up, so they have never left a voicemail - I can't stand it anymore, so I've call my phone company and block this idiot -It's a success

Post by Guest,

9282084085 nothing was said

Post by Paul,

928-208-4085 Someone from this number keeps calling or times a day - They never leaving a message - sons a [***]

Post by Guest,

9282084085 Business opertunity

Post by Mar,

928-208-4085 Please stop calling -

Post by Laurie,

9282084085 I don't want to make money from home I've told them twice that I did not contact them, I am not interested and to please stop calling - That was almost weeks ago and they're still calling - Jerks

Post by Carrie,

928-208-4085 Don't call me again NOW

Post by ms. e,

9282084085 I meant to say they did not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

928-208-4085 Okay so - This business claims to be Amazon -com and, they are trying to offer people something like a work from home job - The claim they offer you a web page that allows you to sell the same products as them but you profit from people purchasing from your web page - They asked me for money right off, about a couple hundred dollars to get started - I believe this is a scam - So I thought it'd be helpful to others if I shared it - I'd block this number - OFFICIALLY BLOCKED

Post by OutlawTelemarketing!,

9282084085 Have no idea who or what they want - I don't answer solicited calls, period You're wasting your time -

Post by Guest,

928-208-4085 On May I got a call from this number again on my cell phone - this time the person on the other end was breathing heavy,drinking, burbing, there was talking in the background and something was said (quicky dick??) I think - this was on my voice mail - I don't know how this person got my cell number but I am in Canada - WHO IS THIS????

Post by Guest,

9282084085 L gang

Post by Guest,

928-208-4085 Home business -

Post by Whine,

9282084085 You have been reported to the FCC for harassing an elderly woman to work from home for cash  Your non-stop calls several times a day caused her to have a massive stroke and dieSTOP CALLING

Post by Guest,

928-208-4085 Idk this no -

Post by Steve,

9282084085 A guy called from this number and said he was from NPD at amazon -com and was calling because I wanted to make money from home - I told him he was trying to scam me and hungup -

Post by Steve,

928-208-4085 A guy called from this number and said he was from NPD at amazon -com and was calling because I wanted to make money from home - I told him he was trying to scam me and hungup -

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