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Recent Comments for 9194463823

Post by L. H.,

9194463823 (--) Want to pllay tonight? (txt me back)This is the text I received in the middle of the night - There's a phone # and an email address[email&#;protected] * *

Post by Jc,

919-446-3823 That would be you -  Shill Spam Troll -  Whatever -  Reported for Deletion -

Post by Heather,

9194463823 This is between two text from whomever People need to get a life UGH😔(--) Nothing like a man who knows how to whisper swweet "nothings" - (txt me back)And also[email&#;protected] * * One head is ok, but a whole body is much better -

Post by Sam,

919-446-3823 [email&#;protected] * * --Nasty

Post by finnhoya,

9194463823 This person wrote, "How will I be able to contain myself when I know that you are in the shower right now?" - while I was actually taking a shower Creepy

Post by Guest,

919-446-3823 Sent me sexually inappropriate message - What a loser

Post by Guest,

9194463823 This number texted me at :AM with a harassing, and sexual message - It would have been rude and shown a lack of class at an appropriate time of day - But this pig has to wake me up at quarter to five in the morning on top of it - What a jerk -

Post by Sandy,

919-446-3823 I got a text that said I will let you se mine if I will get to see yours - -

Post by Guest,

9194463823 Called texted a msg saying, The only thing your eyes haven't told me about you is your name - (Txt me back)

Post by Guest,

919-446-3823 This person keeps sending sexual inappropriate txt -Maybe I will send this to the police to investigate

Post by Guest,

9194463823 Vulgar text

Post by Margo,

919-446-3823 Oh, "it" also left an email  [email&#;protected] * *

Post by NBSD,

9194463823 Me too

Post by Guest,

919-446-3823 Inappropriate message

Post by Guest,

9194463823 sex

Post by Guest,

919-446-3823 "Lets take a shower together - -"

Post by Guest,

9194463823 Left sexually suggestive text

Post by Reesy,

919-446-3823 I have gotten two of these very off color texts - When I received the first one, I texted back that they must have the wrong number or were a sick SOB - Last night when I received the second one, I didn't respond, and blocked the number -  Some people have very little to do -

Post by Hulyial,

9194463823 I get it sep

Post by Jc,

919-446-3823 That would be you -  Shill Spam Troll -  Whatever -  Reported for Deletion -

Post by Heidi,

9194463823 Sending vulgar text msg -

Post by Ali,

919-446-3823 I got this one too - Annoying

Post by Guest,

9194463823 Sent a text at : am that read "If I let you suck on my tongue woould you be grateful?" Email associated with number is srkvpsny@mullindustries -com

Post by Guest,

919-446-3823 Very nasty text needs to stop

Post by Molly Smith,

9194463823 I received a text saying "I see you not noticing me, while I'm noticing you"

Post by Molly Nauman,

919-446-3823 Sent unwanted text message -

Post by Jc,

9194463823 That would be you -  Shill Spam Troll -  Whatever -  Reported for Deletion -

Post by Jim,

919-446-3823 Did you stay at a hotel? If so, Which one?

Post by Guest,

9194463823 Text msg saying "you're hotter than a Bunsen burner - (Text me back)

Post by JMS,

919-446-3823 Received text at : AM: "Can I get a picture of you? So I can show Santa what I want for Chhriisttmas [sic] - (txt me back)"

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