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Post by Guest,

9159969993 believed to be spam as i dont know anyone in area code -

Post by Dyn,

915-996-9993 I received a call from this number and the person on the other end would tell me nothing except that this call involved a business matter and refused to tell me anything else until AFTER I verified personal information -  They even tried to tell me this was Federal Law - A look up showed this was a VOIP number in El Paso Texas belonging to Level Communications LLC in El Paso of which I have no business dealings with -

Post by Guest,

9159969993 I just got a call from this number asking me to verified some personal infomation - The woman said it wa in relation to a business matter but could not tell me what until I virified some info and that that is the law - They try asking me to virified my birthday even tell me what they had and if this was correct - I keep refusing to virifed any infomation until they told me what this is about and the woman kept insisiting that by law she could tell me nothing more then it is a business matter - The woman says she was from a company call TG Services, what ever that is -

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