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Recent Comments for 9158813185

Post by AJay,

9158813185 You have been radomly selected for a BestBuy gift. Get your $ gift card  at appeared as text message on my cell phone. No such website address.

Post by John Doe,

915-881-3185 Just received the same call from this number. Don't be fooled into thinking it's a real person because it's just a recording with scripted pauses.

Post by Guest,

9158813185 I don't know who this person is or even the number. Same message comes in an hour later with a completely different number. This is child like. I know harassment through texting is illegal in ALL 50 states.

Post by Lyndsey,

915-881-3185 We got a call from them last night. They did answer and was asking for my age. We gave them a range for age but kept asking for a specific age. Maybe it's some kind of survery. Needless to say we did hang up as it was hard to hear them through all the static.

Post by Annie,

9158813185 This is a scam connected with Publisher's Clearing House. They call and say you have won and need to pay the taxes by depositing money into an account at Wells Fargo Bank. Identified himself as Kenny Love.

Post by Guest,

915-881-3185 fuckyou mr blocker

Post by V57,

9158813185 got a VM from 716-693-7101, message was unclear as to who they were leaving it for, but they said they talked to my father earlier, I'd like to talk to my father too, but he's been dead since 2005!

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