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Recent Comments for 9155330469

Post by South Arkansas,

9155330469 Got call at : a -m - April , - I couldn't answer - Called back - Message said it was disconnected -

Post by Cloebisquie,

915-533-0469 You don't actually believe these people are telemarketers, do you?  LOL -  These callers are con men posing as telemarketers -  They are criminals on the hunt for suckers -  Nothing more -

Post by Jamie,

9155330469 Much of the time the "security system" calls can be tracked back to "R G Secure Homes Inc -" out of Dallas, Texas:https: www -txdps -state -tx -us rsd psb company company_details -aspx?idBThey also offer "IT Security", which I would definitely worry about with them: www -rgsecures -com

Post by G,

915-533-0469 This seems for sure a scam

Post by Check,

9155330469 Lets go to El Paso and kick some [***]

Post by Bird,

915-533-0469 Missed call - Called back MSG said disconnected

Post by BILLIE,

9155330469 keep getting calls for home security - more numbers with same sell but different number - keep asking them to take me off calling list - dont say anything then hang up on me -

Post by Al,

915-533-0469 This is their number -  The recording says it is for a home security system -  When you call back you get through to their computer saying it is a disconnected number -  The message says call or your directory assistance number -  This is their generic message as a real disconnect number message does not mention or directory assistance just to check the number and try again -

Post by Betty,

9155330469 This is a new number to me, and I see in my missed call list that they called at : pm, and then again at : pm - Guess they thought I would answer if they called back immediately Lol - Thanks for all the posts - It really helps me figure out what calls I should not answer -

Post by mike,

915-533-0469 I got a recorded voice saying This is James with blah blah blah security systems, how are you today? I hung up - I get security system scam calls pretty frequently - I just hang up -

Post by boo,

9155330469 Racist????Are you serious?Go to hell -

Post by T,

915-533-0469 Got a call from this number today - and they (naturally) left no message -  Read the posts and no reason to call them back -  [***]

Post by joe smith,

9155330469 you are a piece of crap scammer and you suck buttermilk out of a cows butt with a straw -

Post by rebecca,

915-533-0469 Same thing for me - I got the call and didnt answer - They left no voice mail - My children also got the call five minutes after i did - We are all the same phone plan so this number call me, my daughter my son and my husband's number all five minutes apeart - I called back and the number is disconnected

Post by Tammy,

9155330469 I just got a call from this number but I do not answer unless I recognize the number, but beware I also got another csll out of Florida that does the same thing when you call back -

Post by k brown,

915-533-0469 am on the do not call list should not be getting solicitations for home security systems

Post by Tinman,

9155330469 Racist remark???  Are you just that stupid that you don't know there wasn't any racist remarks in that post?  Methinks you're just a stupid troll - -  The number was spoofed and they didn't pay any attention to the Do Not Call list, it is obviously a scam - -

Post by DM,

915-533-0469 Answered - -Recorder came on said my household had just won a , security system - -I then HU - -

Post by Guest,

9155330469 Violating MO no call

Post by Margie,

915-533-0469 I did not answer, called back and in two seconds this number has been disconnected - -how could that be - -they will get and ear full when they call back - -

Post by noname,

9155330469 is your wireless cell phone contract up -make you think

Post by bigtex,

915-533-0469 Called my cell phone at PM today -  I didn't answer and haven't set up my voicemail so I don't get stupid messages from telemarketers -

Post by ANA,


Post by Dar,

915-533-0469 This number called me on -- @ : p -m -  I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message

Post by Juan,

9155330469 I believe this is connected to cregislistI replied to a posting on Craigslist, and  received some ridiculous reply about a job I did not even inquire about -I received the calls right before I got the email -I reported it as a scam

Post by agladie,

915-533-0469 This phone number is att landline

Post by unknown,

9155330469 got call missed tried to call back number disconnected

Post by Phil Mills,

915-533-0469 Caller of did not leave message -  How do telemarketing get your cell phone number to waste your minutes on marketing  bogus advertising that you are NOT interested and prefer not to waste your time on these phone ads -

Post by Guest,

9155330469 They called my cell "" times in under one minute - They never left a voicemail and when I called back the number was disconnected -

Post by wolf,

915-533-0469 I retired from AT&T they don't work out of apt - Not even their contractors so yes I agree it's a scam - Other wise they would as when called back

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