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Recent Comments for 9153174924

Post by Ernie's Mom,

9153174924 Same as above -accented speaker threatens legal action if call isn't returned -  Scam

Post by Winnie,

915-317-4924 Total scam -See:  www -irs -gov uac Newsroom IRS-Warns-of-Pervasive-Telephone-Scam

Post by BR,

9153174924 I'm sure this is a scam first they don't tell you who they are calling for when they leave a message secondly I dought anyone with a heavy Indian accent is named Anthony Cooper (this is not meant to be racist just an observation)My suggestion to all that read this note report this number and the name of the person to the Treasury Dept perhaps if they get sufficient amount of complaints they will track them down -  Report it to a local news reported so they can air it -  Time to shut them down before someone becomes a victim -

Post by Jim,

915-317-4924 I got a call and the caller stated that I will be arrested at my work place tomorrow for not paying my Taxes, not true, a scam of some type, DO NOT give out any personal information

Post by Guest,

9153174924 Got a call from Anthony Cooper saying if I did not get back it would be a federal offense and would need to appear before the magistrate or a federal grand jury - Seems like spam

Post by Guest,

915-317-4924 Answered first call and hung up in the middle of his tirade - He called back times while I was out and left messages of claiming immediate action would be taken against me if I failed to respond - Someone needs to get this guy before he takes advantage of an elderly person -

Post by RC,

9153174924 I had two voice mails today same voice one Anthony Cooper -- and the other Steve Martin -- all the same details as others very concerning since my mother suffers from dementia - But then again she would keep them on the line fort hours with not knowing her personal information - BOLO for these fools -

Post by Jan,

915-317-4924 Told me we had filed our taxes incorrectly and that we would be arrested in an hour if we did not pay - I told the guy he should be ashamed of himself and he screamed at me saying I should be ashamed of myself for not paying my taxes said I would be arrested in an hour -

Post by Kevin M. Fitzgerald,

9153174924 Received a call from -- -  Message was from an Anthony Cooper who threatened criminal action and grand jury indictments if I didn't return his call -  How do these people keep calling those who are on the "do not call registry"?

Post by Guest,

915-317-4924 obvious fraudulent call - anyone know how to report it?

Post by RICK,


Post by Guest,


Post by NoOwe,

9153174924 -- just called - very heavy accent - Just wanted to verify my name and ask if I knew I had a legal matter with the IRS -??

Post by Michael,

915-317-4924 >>> The th time a man with a thick foreign accent left a message about me being sued and how I had to respond immediately or I'd have serious legal trouble - <<<I suggest you just block the number -  But if you want to try having a little fun:Tell him he's a coward for hiding in a foreign country behind a magicJack number -  Then tell him the magicJack company will be asked to have his phone service shut off and have him arrested because they know exactly where he is and who he is calling -

Post by Guest,

9153174924 Sounds like he's making the Utah rounds now - Definite Indian accent - Asked me if I received the "CB" document, info about who filed my taxes, other stuff - I said nothing - He got more aggressive the more I said I would tell him nothing - He said he was then sending an agent to my house to arrest me and freeze my bank accounts and credit cards - He has called back times today already - - I've send in a complaint form to the IRS fraud unit and the FBI - L has an office in Salt Lake City, too -

Post by dc,

915-317-4924 Just received THE phone message -  Female, spanish accent so thick I could not understand her - Googled the number and found this page -  Same threats, same intimidation tactics - -

Post by Maryann,

9153174924 TOTAL scam  These idiots were harassing my parents a couple of months ago, and were also bothering several neighbors and friends -   Today was my unfortunate day to have endure their scam -  Guy had a thick accent and left a message on my answering machine saying I would face criminal charges if I didn't call him back -   I just blocked the number -  

Post by Guest,

915-317-4924 Claimed to be from US Treasury regarding enforcement action - Left VM in one day - Thick accent and no name left - Likely scam but will not call them - Would like to know how to harass them back

Post by Gina,

9153174924 Just received a very bad quality recorded message from this number stating I was in a huge legal mess and needed to call back right away -  Accent seemed Indian British -  Did not mention IRS but mentioned Grand Jury action -  

Post by Lynn,

915-317-4924 Just got the call asking for my husband -  Insisted I take down her number -  When I pressed what it was about, I was asked if I knew of any law suit against my husband -  Told her she was a liar and hung up -  Googled the number and told my husband -

Post by Julia,

9153174924 I know it's fake how did u find noted

Post by Omg,

915-317-4924 Idiot scammer who would believe this guy he had back round noise in the massage it sounder ms like a foram mall in India like the guy sounded taxes we know we payed them and cops would come in a hour don't believe it it is a scam

Post by D. Hamil,

9153174924 This guy must be really messed up with just which country he is calling lol   Almost all the posts here indicate IRS scam, the info to report this above your post in my earlier post -

Post by Domingo,

915-317-4924 Received calls from the same person on -  The callers name was ANTHONY COOPER his number is -- - Total scam, do not talk or listen to them - Report the scam -

Post by Lou S,

9153174924 Same thing -  --  "Anthony Cooper" -  Strong accent, back ground noise -Threatened criminal action for tax unpaid (garbled), if I did not return his (three) calls -xx codes allow charges billed to the caller -

Post by Joyce Wall,

915-317-4924 Had many calls from this # -- he left messages, said his name was Anthony Cooper with the U -S - Treasury Dept - threatened legal action, however, he never stated who he was looking for, or what for -

Post by chantel leblanc,

9153174924 www -irs -gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertsnotes -com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scamReport the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at -- -•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC -gov - Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint -******Do consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -

Post by Diane,

915-317-4924 Anthony Cooper with heavy accent mentions legal action (grand jury, etc -) then says "help us to help you -"  All this left on my voicemail -  Next call was same person using a different name from number -- -  

Post by Debi,

9153174924 got a call from this guy this morning, threatened to have me arrested  within the next minutes because I was not taking his call seriously -  Heavy accent, claimed to be an IRS agent, even gave me his badge number

Post by Guest,

915-317-4924 How can this be reported - -fraud for sure - -has called several times saying from US treasury and that there is a case pending against us blah blah - -

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