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Recent Comments for 9152824641

Post by Guest,

9152824641 They said they were from Tech Support that my computer was sending out bad information - I told them I KNOW IM SENDING OUT VIRUS'S TODAY,,,, HAHA

Post by Lois,

915-282-4641 This number came up on my caller ID - The caller claimed to be from Microsoft - He was in a call center as it was quite noisy - I told him I did not have time as I was at work - I hung up - Probably a scam?

Post by Thomas,

9152824641 Didn’t recognize the name or number, so I didn’t answer and they hung up - But from the other comments, I’ve been getting a few calls from local numbers with similar scams involving “Microsoft” or “Windows” and how my computer was supposedly infected with viruses -

Post by Guest,

915-282-4641 Claims to be "Tech support for your Windows-based computer" - Everyone knows this is an attempt to get the receiver of the calll to open up their computer so the caller can steal personal information - Caller became verbally abusive when I confronted him with this information - His phone number has been turned over the the NY Attorney General -

Post by Guest,

9152824641 PC windows scam - Rude

Post by Guest,

915-282-4641 windows scam

Post by Amanda,

9152824641 This number came up on my caller ID - The caller claimed to be calling about my windows - I think he meant Windows operating system on my computer - Said he was calling in response to my complaint about problems - I haven't complained about any problems and told him that - He tried to go on and say that he is trying to help me fix my problems and I again told him I wasn't having any problems, to remove my number from their system and never call again - The caller was clearly from another country and hard to understand so I suspect it to be a scam -

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