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Recent Comments for 9152610319

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Bugging

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 called and hung up

Post by Barbara,

9152610319 I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know - It has to be bogus To many games being played

Post by Riley's mom,

915-261-0319 They have called several times saying I won tickets - After I told them I wasn't interested to please stop calling me they have continued to make these annoying robocalls - Scam all the way -

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Scammers

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 Requested not to call and when I hung up they called me right back -

Post by Guest,

9152610319 the individual that called me told me to go kill myself after I told him I was not interested in his offer

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 I received a call from -- - It was an Asian male that I could hardly understand - I think he said something about Southwest Airlines - I told him to stop calling and hung up - Within one minute he called back and when I answered he said F@#K YOU and hung up -

Post by Guest,

9152610319 I received calls from this number today - When I told the person on the line that I was having trouble understanding him, he said, "F--K you" and hung up on me -

Post by Anonymous,

915-261-0319 They keep calling me & tell them to remove my name from the list but they just hang up & keep calling

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Telemarketer stated they worked for Southwest Airlines - I told them I was not interested - He replied with "f*ck you" and hung up -

Post by eva,

915-261-0319 Hung up, but they call at :am on a Saturday???? Don't know anyone from this area code not even our bank - Bogus

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Asian female with a bad accent - Said I had want a prize - I hung up on her - I could hear other callers in the background - Pure scam -

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 Scammers wanting your money

Post by Guest,

9152610319 spam

Post by Robert,

915-261-0319 I asked to be removed from their calling list the rep would not - I asked to speak to a manager she hung up

Post by Guest,

9152610319 "You have been selected to celebrate a grand opening celebration in San Antonio and a gift for you and your spouse can be claimed" type of phone call - Marketing Call - Can't understand most of they said, don't waste your time answering -

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 Spam

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Calling on behalf of Southwest Airlines

Post by Riley's mom,

915-261-0319 This number keeps calling my cell but I don't answer -  I see I am not missing anything on this call -

Post by Bob,

9152610319 Unknown call to cell phone on DNC - Answered the call, but there was no one there and it hung up -  Call appeared to be abandoned likely due to no agent available -

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 something about Southwest Airlines - - some Asian scammer

Post by Guest,

9152610319 He woke me up with BS

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 Called to say I won Southwest Airline tickets - when I asked how he got my number, he transferred me to his "boss", when I asked her, she transferred me back to the first dude so I just hung up - - idiots -

Post by Wili E,

9152610319 They call to my cell about flight tickets that I allegedly won - Since they are asking for credit card info to claim the prize - -you know, if it looks like a scam, probably it is -

Post by Guest,

915-261-0319 called from an airline saying I won tickets - don't fall for this bs, sounded like a bunch of people doing the same -

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Very rude telemarketer how are they getting cell numbers? Called all family members at each same time - Scam, scam, scam do not get suckered in

Post by mag,

915-261-0319 SCAM  SOLICITOR

Post by Guest,

9152610319 Called this morning, sounded like an asian male claiming to be with Southwest Airlines - I could not understand much of what he was saying and he asked a question - Not knowing what to say I said I wanted to get off the phone - After ending the call, he called back and started saying the same stuff and I interupted saying he literally just got off the phone with me - He said "Oh - -" and I hung up -

Post by Angelle,

915-261-0319 Multiple Scam Phone Calls trying to get card number

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