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Post by LaDonna,

9152175883 Bull I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General and I am still getting calls from these yahues -

Post by Yana,

915-217-5883 lolol uhhh same here at like in the morning -

Post by sjones,

9152175883 Recieved a call :PM ET - I did not answer, they did not leave a message -  I called the number back - "the person you are trying to call is not accepting calls at this time -  Please try your call again later -"

Post by Yana,

915-217-5883 lolol uhhh same here at like in the morning -

Post by Guest,

9152175883 They just keep calling, using different numbers - They use 'card member services' as the name of the company but it is a scam - I keep reporting it to the DoNotCall website, realizing they are using scrambled numbers so there is not much the authorities can do, I guess?

Post by Anonymouse,

915-217-5883 Arkansas sues robocallers:www -arkansasonline -com news aug - - arketing-firms Missouri sues robocallers:www -legalnewsline -com news -kost - - nies-over-callsProof that current laws mean nothing to these scum suckers, same companies that have been sued in the past:www -ftc -gov opa roycox -shtmwww -ftc -gov opa asiapacific -shtmwww -ftc -gov opa asiapacific -shtmwww -ftc -gov os caselist roycoxcmpt -pdfwww -ftc -gov bcp edu microsites donotcall mediacenter -htmlWrite our Congress and Senate - We need CRIMINAL penalties against the companies that are profiting from these calls - Follow the money, slap them in jail, no one left to outsource to overseas boiler rooms, problem solved -Since they are operating across borders it should become a federal felony and should be handled by the FBI under the RICO Act -

Post by drummer5543,

9152175883 do not call list is a big [***] joke - if it was legit, they would do something - another government program that doesn't work - same as government workers that do not work -

Post by Sabrina S Janke,

915-217-5883 Contact the fedral trade commotion and the tcpa telephone consumer protection agengency file a complaint - Gather as much info as you can and document everything there are laws to protect you - I worked for visa for over seven years and was legetament - People like this need to be locked up -

Post by Jon Michael,

9152175883 ;-)glad to help out - Do you accept credit cards?

Post by john,

915-217-5883 a scam keep them on the phone they hate that -

Post by Guest,

9152175883 I did not answer

Post by Billy Goates,

915-217-5883 If you want information on this scam and the people behind it I recommend checking out this website:  onthespotblog -com the-hunt-for-rachel-at-cardholder-services The players we know that are now involved, including names and cities are:Ambrosia Web Design LLC, Chris Ambrosia, Mesa, Arizona American Debt Negotiators, Ran David Barnea, Boca Raton, Florida Associated Accounting Specialists Inc -, William R - Page, Port Saint Lucie, Florida Castle Rock Capital Management, Roy M - Cox, Laguna Niguel, California Concord Financial Advisors LLC, Lee Cestine, Mesa, Arizona Financial Services Solutions LLC, CEO Unknown, New York, New York PHL International, Mark Burton, Deerfield Beach, Florida Premiere Debt Solutions, CEO Unknown, Orlando, FloridaRed Leaf Capital LLC, Leroy Castine, Mesa, ArizonaI have received more than (I have them documented) calls from these scum sucking criminals - I have filed more that complaints with the FTC however due to the fact that they hide behind spoofed numbers I doubt that they will ever stop any of them - They ask for up front fees and charge your credit card without performing any services -A special thanks to a reply from MGD at dslreports -com which gives great insight as well:"Some on your list have already been the subject of FTC action, such as Roy M - Cox of Castle Rock Capital Management - Not surprisingly, many are habitual repeat offenders, and are the subject of multiple FTC actions - FTC action is grossly inadequate in these cases - The millions of unsolicited "Heather" "Rachel" et all, Card Services robo calls will not begin to subside until these criminals are charged with Federal Felonies, are convicted and subjected to significant jail time -Civil action by the FTC against such criminals is totally ineffective - All of those involved know that they are violating FTC regulations - The FTC prohibits unsolicited calls for any kind of debt interest rate reductions which require up front fees, period, and that is what these robo calls are about - The FTC civil actions have been nothing more than whack-a-mole interference - Which is why numerous individuals are the subject of repeated actions, despite signing prior agreements that prohibit future involvement - The FTC levies huge fines, then rescinds them based on inability to pay - The FTC settles for the minimal cash on hand, and enjoins them from future "telemarketing" - The criminals sign off, then go right back to business - The entire operations are clearly criminal, intent to defraud, etc, and should be dealt with in criminal court and not by civil actions -The banking system is also at fault here, without merchant accounts and ACH processing these criminals could not collect the scammed funds - Though the criminals use obfuscation, layered corporations, multiple bank accounts and offshore stashing, patterns of obvious fraudulent activity become apparent after a short time -If you are interested in obtaining useful tracking information on the callers, I suggest another angle in the conversations - Act very interested in the rate reduction scam, as you have multiple high interest cards with large balances - Tell them that you don't give out card numbers in response to unsolicited calls - However, tell them that if they provide you with a verifiable number that you will then call them back and provide the info -Since many of the operatives work on commission they will provide direct contact numbers if they believe you are serious about completing the deal - Verified return phone numbers are an excellent tool in tracking the people behind the operations -Many of the inbound robo call numbers are spoofed, as most of the bolierhouses, both off and on shore, are using Voip SIP Trunks services - Throwaway DID numbers are also used - Some of the robocalling is operated by the end use scammers directly - Others are contract services who earn a referral fee once you are transferred to the scammers -In a follow up post I will document one group associated with the Rachel "Card Services" and the pond scum, including a lawyer behind one of the operations - Follow the money - - - track the recipients - - and take a close look at the processors and banks involved -"

Post by KC,

9152175883 If anyone has the time, energy, and no how they should try to find this guys real name, address and phone # and post that info all over the web I think there's a good chance he's in Florda - Perhaps a police report has been field by or involving one of the names or other info listed in another message in this thread - If there is a police repot it may have this guys real name and address listed in it - If that info were posted here we could all give that info to every junk mail - And junk call service out there and try to bombard this waste of oxygen back with herassment of his own kinde - Furthermore, perhaps if such info can be obtaind in some way (police reports are only idea) and posted we may be ablle to initiate legal actions both criminal and cival - Obviously the law doesn't care enough to do the leg work themselvs but what he's doing is criminal and imoral - - this guy is the type of person who makes the human race look selfish and disgusting - him wroting in prison or better yet in the ground would be a victory for us all -

Post by KayJay,

915-217-5883 They spoofed my number a couple of months ago - -and then called me with it

Post by richard grande,

9152175883 these [***] are scam artists who were arrested in california for internet theft

Post by Chris,

915-217-5883 I get one of these calls at least once a week, all from different service, and all with the same recording: to lower my interest rates on my credit card bills - It's a scam - I don't even have a credit card -  When you tell them you'd like to be removed from their call list, they hang up on you -

Post by KC,

9152175883 "Many cells have limited minutes and even if you don't answer it still cost minutes to listen and erase the message"While listening to the message press "" -  That will skip to the end of the message, reducing the time you waste -  It may not work with all phones but it works with my Verizon cell phone and the land line phone I have at work -If you have a recurring pest block all calls from that number -  Ask your provider how -

Post by peggy,

915-217-5883 I called the number that Cristina gave and was told it is Chase - I have no reason to believe that Chase is the one making the calls from -- - When I let the call go through on a previous occassion I was told it is an indepentant company that charges the customer to reduce their credit card interest rate and that the amt I would be charged would be based on my "saving" - Of course I told them to take a hike - If anyone knows how to stop these annoying calls I wish they would share it and I dont understand why these people are allowed to solicite so freely -

Post by T Meyers,

9152175883 Does anyone know what company this is?  They call me daily -  I hit "one" to try to talk to a person and they always hang up on me -

Post by Guest,

915-217-5883 I did not answer

Post by blsx3,

9152175883 Finally got the name of the company -  After pressing and waiting for someone to come on the phone - Civil Rights Services is what the woman claimed the name of the company was -  Can't find anything relevant online on a google search -  I've asked them to remove me at least a dozen times - I am on every DO NOT CALL list -

Post by Guest,

915-217-5883 scam

Post by K,

9152175883 Me too - Who is Mike Jones? - haha

Post by ann,

915-217-5883 This was supposed to be my 'final call' to lower my credit card debt - only option is '' to talk to a live operator - pressed one and there is no one to answer the call - no way to get off their phone list -Texas cell phone

Post by MIKE JONES??,

9152175883 samee exact thinng , it must be someone from texas cause its a number

Post by Pat,

915-217-5883 Another scam about lowering credit card interest rates

Post by JC,

9152175883 I receive phone calls from these jokers about every day - If I stay on the line to get a human, when they answer and I tell them to remove my number from their call list, they hang up -  Or, they don't answer at all -  Very annoying -

Post by George,

915-217-5883 Not just the cell phone companies, but they are a big part - Any company that gathers your information for everyday business, including online transactions, is suspect - You must inform them each and every time not to use, sell, or share your information with any partners, subsidiaries, parent companies, or third parties for the purposes of marketing to you - This will make it illegal for them to do so - However, know that even after you've done this, they will sell your number anyway because they generate a lot of income from call lists - I've been doing this for years, and I still receive almost daily calls - And they refuse to tell you where they got your information - All we can do is keep track of the calls and pass that to the FTC or FCC -

Post by fish,

9152175883 Press talk to them - Ask them stupid questions but lead them on to take up more time - Be careful -They are wise to this -  You have to discourage people from continuing to work for these scammers -  People making the calls are stupid and fall prey to the scumbags who own the company -  You need to reduce the operators chance of making money so the rate of bad calls go up and they quite and the owner dies from a big phone bill -

Post by Anonymous,

915-217-5883 You have only scratched the surface - Here is a list of spoofed numbers that you can add to your call blocking lists - These are the usual "lower your credit card interest rate" calls:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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