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Recent Comments for 9085831810

Post by jake,

9085831810 ID showed Linden, NJ -   Did not leave a message

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 They called, I answered - No answer on their end, then a hangup - I called back but automatic hangup

Post by EL,

9085831810 No message left, from Linden, NJ -

Post by John,

908-583-1810 Called on a Fri - ar :pm - Caller ID showed "" - No word identification - Did not answer and my ans - machine is turned off so they do not know if it is a live number or not -

Post by Allen,

9085831810 No message - Wish they would stop calling -

Post by sick and tired,

908-583-1810 Same as above, telemarketer possible scam -  Util Co give out our info to util suppliers who say they are cheaper but all they are is bullcrap -  I don't answer phone anymore -  All I get are scam telemarketer calls -   a day at least, all from the same idiots -  There needs to be a law and dire consequences for violating said law -  Elderly and innocent ppl are getting hurt by this garbage -

Post by TL,

9085831810 They hung up after many rings &  answered

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 these people should be castrated

Post by gb,

9085831810 This number called my work number,  I am a secretary and answer many peoples phone - this was the main office number that was called -  I answered my usual work response when answering phones, no response, I asked "hello?" again, to which they hung up -  The number showed up but that's all -

Post by JK,

908-583-1810 Calling to switch your electric company

Post by Tired of Scammers,

9085831810 Call from electric bill reduction scammer - Refused to take my number off of their calling list -

Post by NT,

908-583-1810 Call from Linden, NJ - I didn't answer - They didn't leave a voicemail - I called the number back and it rang then the operator came on and said, "You have reached a non-working number -"

Post by Guest,

9085831810 selling electric

Post by JG,

908-583-1810 I answered the call and after a short pause a male voice recording started with something like "I'm calling with regard to your electrical bill" - This is my cell and I never gave its number to the electrical company, so it is obviously a scam -

Post by KS,

9085831810 No message left -  Linden, NJ

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 call but never leave message

Post by Guest,

9085831810 They are constantly calling, several times a day, and hanging up when it goes to my answering machine - Have put them on the Do Not Call List and they continue to call - This needs to stop -

Post by Nan,

908-583-1810 Called my business line -  When I answered, there was silence, then a hang up click -  ID said Linden, NJ -

Post by Al,

9085831810 No msg left -

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 Calls listens to message and then hangs up and I am on a do not call list -

Post by Guest,

9085831810 They call, listen to msg and leave no msg and hang up

Post by Sher,

908-583-1810 called and left no message will be blocking

Post by MG,

9085831810 No message left -  Caller ID shows service Dept, Linden, NJ

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 Call, no message - Probably an autodialer

Post by Guest,

9085831810 This person stalks and harasses people on social media total lunatic has harassed me for years -

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 keeps calling my cell phone

Post by Aldis,

9085831810 Same thing - No message

Post by Guest,

908-583-1810 No message - Hangs up

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