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Recent Comments for 9084095703

Post by critic,

9084095703 Call from -- labeled CUSTOMERSERVICE on my cell phone -  No message left -

Post by bill cosby,

908-409-5703 left me a second voicemail saying nothing -

Post by enoughalready,

9084095703 Callerid said --, this was a robocall regarding energy savings and how important they were to take your money by lowering your utility bill - I know many people who have switched and were able to save money for months then get totally screwed on high bills after and a nightmare after they switched back to their original provider -

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 Electricity bill spamming

Post by Guest,

9084095703 called mobile, no message, hung up

Post by john,

908-409-5703 called them back late last night   a  front for collecting money for "our overseas brothers"  asked if they meant ISIL  they said  definitely -  tried recruiting me -    NSA   GET RID OF THEM

Post by NJdotCOM,

9084095703 Caller ID was "Elizabeth -"  Robocall about energy savings -

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 Saw prior comments - Decided to call back and see if I could get off call list - Called back - Was given option to, took it - Response was to give up to hours to be removed from the "preferred list" -

Post by Guest,

9084095703 Calls with NO message

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 Another A-hole fake call

Post by Spammed in NJ,

9084095703 Robocall that left a message claiming that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and US Renewable Energy Program were going to stop an imminent % rate increase and I should "Press if you are a homeowner and pay more than a month for electricity -" The CallerID information was 'Elizabeth NJ -'

Post by Joe,

908-409-5703 Automatic voice message for sale -

Post by Guest,

9084095703 If you call back it gives you the option to be removed from the list

Post by megan,

908-409-5703 robocall on my cell phone

Post by Art,

9084095703 Called but left no message -

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 Not interested in what they selling

Post by Guest,

9084095703 Spam

Post by Annoyedgirl,

908-409-5703 Called twice, just came up as "new jersey" on the caller id, they left no message

Post by Guest,

9084095703 OMG Electric rates are going up

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 So much for the so called do not call registry such a cruel joke seems -as if Yo add your number u r GUARANTEED to get all the arse holes on UR case -f my next phone number will not get registered

Post by Guest,

9084095703 Full retard Who the heck else would program a robocall or call repeatedly for no reason whatsoever - -absolutely pointless - What a waste of space, some urban decay that doesn't deserve to be here - Probably a Hillary Clinton voter - go f - - yourself - Die

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 I'm on the do not call registry

Post by Becca,

9084095703 Called and left no message

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 no one there

Post by Realist,

9084095703 They will just change numbers - Shouldn't be calling in the first place -

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 I didn't answer as call ID came up as "suspected spam" - Caller left a very long BLANK message in my voice mail - BLOCKED

Post by cliff,

9084095703 just got the same call everyone else is talking about

Post by Guest,

908-409-5703 Called and got my VM but left no message

Post by Realist,

9084095703 They will just change numbers - Shouldn't be calling in the first place -

Post by Al,

908-409-5703 I ever meet a person who invented Caller ID and Call Blocking, I will kiss his her a**** This is the greatest invention for the past years These days, I never pick up my phone, if caller ID number is not my "GREEN LIST" -  Truly helps to avoid all kind of crooks and promoters calling you on the daily basis - I love technology

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