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Recent Comments for 9083559969

Post by sam,

9083559969 they called me but the funny part is i live in fl i missed the call but some how they ended up calling my brother  in law  at about the same time of the same day we both missed there call but we are in fl very odd

Post by Liz s,

908-355-9969 Friend got a call on there ohine looking for me saying I was referred for a medical alert life line what the heck ???

Post by ANNOYED,

9083559969 "Stop What your doing, I'm going to show you how to , in your pocket, all you have to do is listen to my pre recorded message" Called me times, pretty annoying - -

Post by mousey,

908-355-9969 Never stop being amazed by what give some "people" pleasure -  Leaving that sort of message is pretty pointless, don't you think -  All that it accomplishes is giving us an opportunity to report them so others can avoid the calls -  Thank you all for reporting -  Keep it up -

Post by Jim Slarzynski,

9083559969 Block this caller to me -

Post by Cheryl,

908-355-9969 I didn't answer the call just blocked it after reading these messages -  I must get - calls a day from telemarketers -  I'm on the DNC list how do they get my cell #?

Post by Guest,

9083559969 telemarketing

Post by IG,

908-355-9969 "Verizon" came up on the caller ID - I did not answer - They left a nice message: "You're gonna die" -Wonderful -

Post by Brad P,

9083559969 I received a call from this number saying I was the recipient of a grant of at least , and how "blessed" I was that I had been selected -  They asked for an email address and age and about my bank account (which I did not give) -  Then the lady stated they would call me back in min with information about how to receive the funds - - needless to say, I never heard back -  Lol -

Post by Guest,

908-355-9969 rude sales person for life alert system

Post by not interested,

9083559969 Answered since Verizon is my cell provider - Knew it was a scam when she asked for the homeowner, not a name -  Wanted to put a sign in my yard in exchange for free home security -

Post by miss forest,

908-355-9969 Stop calling not interested

Post by Girl,

9083559969 Called x in one day while I was working -  So annoying no messages

Post by Guest,

908-355-9969 Try blocking the area code "" rather than the whole phone number - These businesses can be calling from a different number than what shows on your telephone; however, usually the main number has the same area code -

Post by Muddiggermom,

9083559969 Got the same message - What's up with that?

Post by pissed off at scammers,

908-355-9969 left message on answering machine stating he could get me , right now and needed to press to collect it - never answered the call - wont even answer to press to stop his calls cause he will know it is an active number - blocking like the rest -

Post by Niagara,

9083559969 My caller ID identifies this as Verizon -  I don't know it that who is calling, or if it is a Verizon cell phone -  I tried to call it back, but it rang about times with no znswer

Post by Guest,

908-355-9969 Spam

Post by Dave,

9083559969 A Lady said and i quote " Your going to die " what a jack [***]

Post by J,

908-355-9969 I too got a call, but I use Mr Number & block all unwanted calls I don't recognize, or area codes - I just type in any number that starts with an area code & it takes care of any & all numbers from these people that even try to use a different number - This Mr number works great & its totally free - I just keep adding area codes numbers & the calls have stopped - I get an occasional call but Mr Number hangs up on them - Feels so great to pay back these annoying people to stop calling - Please try Mr number from the play store, it works great

Post by Guest,

9083559969 Calls repeatedly even though I have the number blocked

Post by Kplan23,

908-355-9969 Google imposters from Elizabeth, NJ this time -

Post by Not Now,

9083559969 Caller ID said "Verizon -"  Didn't answer, no message left -

Post by Guest,

908-355-9969 Life alert is a predatorial scumbag company stealing money from people like our older parents -

Post by George,

9083559969 These people keep changing their called from number so that you do not  find reviews like these - This is the usual criminal scam to get your personal information or even money -

Post by Guest,

908-355-9969 Somebody called trying to sell auto insurance

Post by Dee Beasley,

9083559969 I saw Verizon listed as caller and I almost answeedr,,, thankful I didn't answer

Post by Konstantin Alexandrov,

908-355-9969 Google imposters

Post by Didn'tAnswer...,

9083559969 - -cuz I din't want to be VICTIMIZED

Post by Guest,

908-355-9969 Scammers they try to trick you

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