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Recent Comments for 9083254021

Post by Rosemary,

9083254021 All they said was:"goodbye"

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 You own then nothing they are scammers block them from your phone ok

Post by Frank,

9083254021 This is PSE&G - they left a message to let me know the payment that I made was received -

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 PSE&G, thank you for your payment

Post by Carole,

9083254021 This call was legit -  It said PSE&G on my caller ID -  It was a recorded message to let me know that they received my payment AFTER the next month's bill was printed and sent -  It advised me what my correct balance is for next month's statement -

Post by Ron,

908-325-4021 Scam always call the real pseg number not the number they call from they can spoof phone numbers - Look up this type off scam online -

Post by Guest,

9083254021 PSEG - recording

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Received a call from this number and it was PSEG calling to thank me for my payment -

Post by LCOOP,

9083254021 It is PSEG collection department, not a company trying to get you to switch providers -

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 You live there they are scammers just block the number ok

Post by steve69,

9083254021 This is NOT scam number - PSE&G billing - They called to say I had a credit on my account - Nothing bad here -

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 They are just scammer and you need  to block from your phone ok

Post by Guest,

9083254021 They called me at am n only spoke Spanish - If u cannot speak English do not call me -

Post by Joyce,

908-325-4021 This was PSE&G confiming my online payment -  This was legitimate -

Post by Alice,

9083254021 They are just scammer and you need  to block from your phone ok

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Called very late

Post by Alice,

9083254021 Do not be worry they are scammers trying to steal your information okay just block them from your phone

Post by Diane,

908-325-4021 Like Carole ( ) wrote above, this is exactly what they were calling about, receiving my payment after the bill had gone out and advising of current balance - I've never gotten this before and it was on my cell phone -

Post by pem59,

9083254021 Got a call as well -   Caller ID Said:  "PSE G Cust Svc"Note that I have JCP&L for Electric, not PSE&G -

Post by Mike,

908-325-4021 And they make you wait minutes for what?

Post by Michelle Holden,

9083254021 keep calling and hanging up -  they don't leave a message

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 DNA

Post by Guest,

9083254021 Harrsement very disrespectful

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 spam mm

Post by Alice,

9083254021 You live there they are scammers just block the number ok

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Telemarketer

Post by Barb,

9083254021 confirming my online payment with PSE&G

Post by Paula,

908-325-4021 This is not a scam in any way - It is PSE&G calling - It's legit -

Post by Janet,

9083254021 This is PSE&G    They  called  to  confirm an appt for the following day -

Post by KL,

908-325-4021 confirm payment received

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