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Recent Comments for 9083138257

Post by Bradford Van Dam,

9083138257 The company offering me student loans and grants - Many times I tell them I'm not interested but they still call back - I tell them to remove me from there calling list but they still call back - When I call back the number it's not a working number -

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 Spamer

Post by Guest,

9083138257 Keeps calling but leaves no message -

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 propaganda

Post by Guest,

9083138257 this number called me three times today and this unknown man was talking about my private parts and touching me,wanting to come over,saying he knows my address and telling me he loves me,pretty creepy and nasty -

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 Another call from US Pharmacy from another number - Female salesperson this time - Hung up after a few angry words - Even after I stated my anger clearly she still tried to sell me something saying this was the first time she had called me - calls from different numbers since - A lot more from the previous two years - On their list daily and forever it appears -

Post by Elaine,

9083138257 Getting REPEATED calls from () -, () -, () -, () -, () -, () -, () -, () - & () - calling from some country? One says computer problems & I responded with "I don't own a computer" yah they still didn't get it - Call every min @ all times day night - I'm on do not call list - -how can this stop???

Post by Ronc6220,

908-313-8257 Online pharmacy - When a suspicious number calls, I answer with "online pharmacy" - The program will hang up - It seems to only understand "hello" before a human picks up - And then I caller block -Do not accept 'free' prescriptions from your doctor if you have let the drug distributer use your phone number - The calls will never end

Post by Nina,

9083138257 Got a restricted call asking me how I'd use my grant money - Did not apply for a grant - Asked for # to call back & caller hung up - Then got call from this # & was told I couldn't have it & caller hung up -

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 no message,hang up

Post by Luis Caro,

9083138257 This guy kept on calling me for a free grant I never applied and asking for bank information and says he works for government -

Post by LeaveMeAlone,

908-313-8257 I have no time for scams so I don't answer calls from unknown names and numbers - I check them out on this site first and block the number - I know that they keep using different numbers - - - -and I keep blocking them numbers square and fair

Post by Guest,

9083138257 Keeps calling and calling all day

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 Mail pharmacy - Can't speak straight English -

Post by Guest,

9083138257 us pharmacy telemarketing

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 I answered the call and they hang up

Post by Guest,

9083138257 Numerous calls no msg

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 Online pharmacy again

Post by Guest,

9083138257 Scam

Post by Guest,

908-313-8257 drugs

Post by Guest,

9083138257 when you answer the phone, it's a busy signal -

Post by David,

908-313-8257 Hung up - calls in a row

Post by Guest,

9083138257 US Pharmacy harassment calls daily from over different phone numbers

Post by Val,

908-313-8257 Scam for fake medicine -This person on the phone is a tele marketer trying to sell any kind of medicine & said that a doctor's prescription was never needed -

Post by Sarah,

9083138257 Didn't leave a message -

Post by BIll,

908-313-8257 Yeah these folks never leave a message and call all hours of the day and night -  So of course, when you try to call this number, it comes back as not a working number  This is usually what a Collection Agency does to avoid getting pinched by the Fair Credit Billing Act -

Post by Anonymous,

9083138257 Caller ID listed the call as coming from 'Freund Magalys' at -- - Didn't recognize the name, so let the call roll over to Voice Mail to take a message - Caller did not leave any message -

Post by GRAMMA,

908-313-8257 I don't know who this is but they call often and NEVER leave a message -

Post by Anne0607,

9083138257 I gave this number a name "Bad Don't Answer" on my phone -  Now when they call and the caller ID says Bad Don't Answer, I can decline easily knowing that it's a number I've already vetted and determined to be bad -

Post by Guest,


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