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Recent Comments for 9012371519

Post by John Lawson,

9012371519 Unsolicted sales call -  Calls almost every week

Post by pissed,

901-237-1519 Another call from the network of CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES that share your numbers to illegally harass everyone they can to exploit the unwitting -  Reported to FTC for prosecution -  suggest all other victims do likewise -

Post by Charlotte,

9012371519 Why do you bother answering at all? If it's something legitimate, they will leave a message, and you can decide whether to return the call or not - The DNC list has several exemptions -- nonprofit organizations, for example - The scammers (like this one) just don't follow the rules, so DNC doesn't work with them - My advice, let it ring and see if a message is left - Every time you pick up the phone, these people know that your number is "live -"

Post by Ryan Patrick,

901-237-1519 This is a SCAM call for a hour Timeshare presentation in Florida - They try to hook you in by saying you won a cruise and airfare ticket ( but it's companion ticket for which the companion pays full price) - The  presentation is very aggressive and slightly illegal - This is a wireless call from Tennessee - Why doesn't the Feds or State Attorney Generals go after these JERKS?

Post by Lidia,,

9012371519 I received a phone called and left the same message everyone else -Verizon Needs to track this number now -

Post by Shaun Stroble,

901-237-1519 I received a call from this number and I didn't answer as well , and could not call the number back as well just a Verizon message like the other people -

Post by Guest,

9012371519 () - is suspected spam

Post by kevin,

901-237-1519 Said I had 'won' a night stay in Florida -  Hung up at that point -

Post by db,

9012371519 me too

Post by kjds,

901-237-1519 called by this # - did not answer - no msg left

Post by danielle maisto,

9012371519 Now I am getting to go calls on my cell -   Why?

Post by ce,

901-237-1519 Interestingly, this number called within about five minutes of my reporting a cable outage (I have the dreaded 'triple play'--phone, internet, TV) to Comcast -  The outage was strange; happened for no apparent reason, came on and off again briefly,then went off for a longer time -  Used my cell to report to Comcast; during the call it came back on -  Makes me wonder if someone is hacking into Comcast -   Phone only rang three times; no message left -

Post by Cordovaladt,

9012371519 I think they spoof numbers to appear from same area code so you'll answer - My area code is and when I googled this number I found all these replies - I never answer a call anymore unless I recognize the caller or caller ID since I've been receiving so many spam calls - If it's a legit and important call they'll leave a message; otherwise, I figure it's a scam -

Post by Mary,

901-237-1519 I got a call on my landline phone from -- - I didn't pick up as the area code was not one I recognized - As usual - -calls like this one didn't leave any message on my recorder -

Post by Al,

9012371519 I got a call from this number -  I did not answer it -

Post by vickig423,

901-237-1519 Received call, no response when I answered (I thought I recognized the number, so answered the call - -turns out I was one digit off) -www -whitepages -com states this is a"Verizon Wireless Mobile in Memphis, TNHeavy spam activity suspected -Instantly ID and block spam calls on Android -"

Post by Marie,

9012371519 -- -  didn't answer, no message left - also received calls from this number on same thing, didn't answer, they didn't leave message -



Post by Ben,

9012371519 I just won a cruise to the Bahamas from a robot All it said I had to do was fill out a survey first Woo hoo Hello coconuts

Post by Chris,

901-237-1519 Happened to me just now -  Didn't leave message -

Post by Pedro,

9012371519 I receive calls from this number a lot and when it goes to VM, no message is left -  If I answer the call, there's no response to whoever is calling -  This gets irritating, so I'm going to block the number -

Post by Brandi,

901-237-1519 I do call screen, if I don't know the number I don't answer due to telemarketers - I blocked my number and called back and it was a Verizon message saying this number had been disconnected -  Stupid scammers

Post by Linda,

9012371519 I receive a call from this number almost daily but if I answer, there is just dead air -  Very annoying -

Post by GR82B50,

901-237-1519 ; : A -M - I see I missed a call on my phone from this # - When I don't recognize the number, the first thing I do is look here - I now have another blocked number -

Post by Quit Calling,

9012371519 Got call several times this week from this number

Post by EdH,

901-237-1519 No response on other end - Added to my block list -

Post by Barbara,

9012371519 this number has shown up several times I am on the do not call list, I did not answer but it is very annoying to even have them calling -

Post by SMH,

901-237-1519 I did not answer it and have blocked it -

Post by Busy Person,

9012371519 I started getting calls from this number about or months ago -  They always leave a very nasty threating message and I do not know who they are calling for -  It sounds like a recording -  I do not call them back as this will give them my phone number -  The calls are coming in on a line I use for my fax line only and the messages are rolling over to my regular line -  I keep the fax cut off until I need to use it but still get these nasty messages -  I feel sure the calls are not meant for me, but am going to report to FCC in  hopes of stopping the calls -

Post by tgd,

901-237-1519 I just got a call from this number on my cell phone -  They left no message -  I have absolutely no connection with anyone from the area code -   Based on the comments here I will definitely block this number -

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