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Recent Comments for 8882981676

Post by Donna Brown,

8882981676 Stop calling. I know I'm behind but my dad passed away 2months ago and I'm trying to get back on time

Post by Patricia Rardin,

888-298-1676 I have an account with Credit One, which is overdue, but no biggie - so was going to wait for the next bill and pay it then -  Don't know why they are calling; that is assuming that this is actually Credit One -  I will simply ignore them and let my answering machine do the talking -

Post by Guest,

8882981676 No idea

Post by Alejandra S,

888-298-1676 They call and hang up every day - - times per day

Post by lindam,

8882981676 these people call every min -  Its like they have nothing else to do -  You tell them once and they just keep calling -

Post by Guest,

888-298-1676 Block

Post by Annoyed,

8882981676 I have an account with these people which is up to date, then I get calls saying I haven't made a payment since May - - I just made my monthly payment which has posted every month on time and out of nowhere they are saying I haven't made a payment in months?????

Post by erin j,

888-298-1676 these people are relentless they call times a day even weekends I don't know why this company keeps calling I never had a account with them

Post by Denise Morrow,

8882981676 These people call every minutes - I want them to stop -

Post by Guest,

888-298-1676 Calling constantly leaves no voicemail

Post by Guest,

8882981676 Bill Collector

Post by Ray,

888-298-1676 They also use -- and --

Post by Guest,

8882981676 Relentless Bill Collector, will not leave a message, calls every twenty minutes and hangs up

Post by Guest,

888-298-1676 Bill

Post by V_O,

8882981676 Credit One bank - credit card collection department - Legit

Post by Guest,

888-298-1676 Calls repeatedly, no voice mail

Post by Guest,

8882981676 Constantly calls, no messages - And won't remove my number

Post by Anthony from wichita,

888-298-1676 Credit one bank

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