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Recent Comments for 8778659816

Post by anonymous,

8778659816 Yes, all these posts are accurate -  They called me today and left a message -  I called back and the company is Leading Edge Recovery Solutions -  They said they were looking for a person whom I have never heard of -  I told them I have had that phone number less than one year -  They said they would remove my number and it might take up to hours to remove it and that I might get some more calls from them -  Apparently they are a rather agressive debt collection company that 'fishes' for people they can not locate -

Post by Debbie,

877-865-9816 This is a debt collection company apparently fishing looking for people with my same last name -

Post by tifftero77,

8778659816 I have now received voicemails from this company saying they are Leading Edge Debt Recovery - They do not say who they are calling for - I have no debt in recovery so they must be looking for someone who used to have my number - When you call back the number you cannot get a hold of anyone - I left a message to give them a chance to remove my name before I report them for harrassment -

Post by Alfalfa,

877-865-9816 Have you reported them? Nothing will be done about them if you don't turn them in for impersonating law enforcement, which is a violation of Federal law:§ -  False or misleading representations  [ USC e]A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt - Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section: () The false representation or implication that the debt collector is vouched for, bonded by, or affiliated with the United States or any State, including the use of any badge, uniform, or facsimile thereof - -www -ftc -gov os statutes fdcpa fdcpact -shtm

Post by Benny marzz,

8778659816 funny, just uot of the blue these calls are coming to my home phone? I am subcribed to on the donot call list but - - -and i do not have any debts outstanding so guess what? I will not answer and if I know what time they call - - my phone will be disconnected - -suck wind scumbags

Post by Guest,

877-865-9816 creditor's

Post by Loura Gonzalez,

8778659816 ID themselves asGlobal Credit and Collection CorpNow known as Affinity Globalwww -affglo -comToronto Denison St -Markham, ON LR TCanada+ () -Montreal Peel St,Suite Montreal PQ HA VCanada+ () -Permit # ____________________BBB:THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITEDAffinity GlobalFind a LocationPhone: () -Fax: () - Denison St, Markham, ON LR Twww -affglo -comBBB® Non-Accredited A- RatingOn a scale of A+ to F

Post by Kosala,

877-865-9816 This male paul black leaves his name and number to call back - He does not leave any details regarding his company - I wonder how many people actually press or call the number - The calls just started happening wk ago and waste of time -

Post by Guest,

8778659816 Debt Collector

Post by Guest,

877-865-9816 Looking for someone else

Post by Guest,

8778659816 They called and left a message saying they were a debt collector and I have to call them back - I absolutely do not have debts, so this is bogus - They didn't mention who they were calling for -

Post by Peter,

877-865-9816 how did he get our number? He called first time today twice - Someone stop him from these annoying indecent calls - If Paul Black is a real person he can will be arrested for this, if someone reports his calls -

Post by Guest,

8778659816 block

Post by Haha,

877-865-9816 Nice number block in my new Panasonic DECT phone set let's it ring once and shows caller blocked - gives them a busy signal

Post by Robert II,

8778659816 Got phone call from --- - When you dial it back - It says it belongs to Global Credit and Collection Corp - By my standards, that qualifies as a collection agency -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9816 Bugging me - -

Post by Guest,

8778659816 Gotta be a scam - They keep calling my underage son -

Post by Loura Gonzalez,

877-865-9816 I would like to add that you should send a letter by certified mail telling them to cease and desist on top of telling that over the phone -

Post by goodasnew,

8778659816 Calls from -- to my employer who is getting annoyed - How can I stop it?

Post by Criticon,

877-865-9816 Message on VM from "Jenny Moran" of Leading Edge Recovery Solutions - Called ID shows "Unavailable" -- - I called the number and a woman gave me the name of the person they're looking for - When I told her she had  the wrong number, she said, "Do you know her, by any chance?" I replied, "No, I don't know her, by any chance -"

Post by Guest,

8778659816 they're not even calling for me

Post by C.Spencer,

877-865-9816 Someone from this number calls everyday and leaves a message for my sister to call them -  This is a bill collector looking for her, but this is my phone number registered, owned in my name -  I want this company to stop skip tracing looking for someone who is clearly not the owner of this phone number -  I consider their constant calls a form of harrassment -  I have told them on several occasions that they have the wrong phone number yet they continue to call -

Post by tired of it,

8778659816 Just received a call from this number - Actually left a message saying Leading Edge Recovery, debt collector - Was polite on the message - What a shock -

Post by CHRIS,


Post by ticked,

8778659816 I need to ask, with all of these calls everyone is receiving, do you just get call with no messages or is a message left each time? By law there is only one message allowed a day and also depends on your state - State laws supercede certain FDCPA laws - As in Mass - No messages are allowed anymore - If you see area codes calling, that's the chicago area code which means the collector is calling from a managers desk because you either didn't pick up or that their own computer tells them that they aren't allowed to call anymore at that time - Yes, they are sneaky and btw look into the TCPA as they aren't allowed to call cell phones unless they were provided at time of contract signing or you provided it to them - Hope this helps -

Post by Georgia Girl,

877-865-9816 He also uses the name Melvin Lee - -He left a message on my phone looking for my year old mother who has been in a nursing home for years -I'm not calling him back - My mother does not have any debts - He needs to stop now

Post by kat,

8778659816 I have been getting calls from -- two to three times a day and it is on my work cell not my personal - I really wish there was a way of getting it to stop -

Post by Simone Taylor,

877-865-9816 Please stop calling my number I don't know who you are looking for -

Post by E Horowitz,

8778659816 GET HIM OFF OUR PHONE - He is calling daily - We do not owe money - We will not call back -

Post by Guest,

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