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Post by Guest,

8778659352 This is illegal what they are trying to do, do not give them any information and dont fall for there lies of being served - No one calls you to say your being served you are just served - Report this number to FTC and complain -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 Idk

Post by Guest,

8778659352 CAROLINE FOSTER is a fraud - She works for Signature Management Solutions - She claims to have a summons for court - But she is not a sheriff - So the summons is fake - If you tell her that, she will hang up on you - She gave me a # to call - It is -- - This # is no longer working because I notified the Attorney General of Texas, the Federal Trade Commission, and the FBI - Caroline Foster refused to give me their address - But one rookie at SMS did - The address is : Signature Management Solutions, PO Box , Amherst, NY - Take action against this company - File complaints with the BBB, the Attorney General, and the FBI if they try to scam you - Don't send any money to this company -

Post by Theo,

877-865-9352 I screen all my calls - The phone rang and it appeared that the woman on the other line did not know that her phone had connected to my number - She was saying, "just ask them for money and get the money before the th - -"and then you could hear a lot of background noise as if they were in a large call center as the phones and voices speaking could be heard - Then the phone went dead - A few minutes later my phone rang again [clearly they are calling automatically and they must have received my name and number from another call center business that sold myinformation to them] and the same female voice stated in this "bill collection tone," "[name] My name is Arin Parker and I am working for a private locating company - I am responding from a fax I received in my office - I have been ordered to serve with you a summons a formal compliant that was filed against for a bad check you authorized - They will be in the field attempting to be serve you in your place of business or residence - If this is a mistake and you wish to resolve this call the EDR firm and the number is -- - Your case number is for [then she stated my name] you have been officially notifiedBeware of this "typical process server lawyer driven tactics -" Now that the Left can no longer generate jobs in Divorce Court, they are trying scams - I rarely write checks and very few at that a year -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 This is spam

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 Illegal collection agency

Post by Tom G.,

8778659352 I keep getting these calls and hang up when the caller I -D - states this number - It's a scam I have only one checking account and there is NO SUSPICIOUS  ACTIVITY on my account - I keep a close eye on it - It's a SCAM -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 Johnathan, it's a SCAM don't give 'em any information - I get the same calls - I just put a block on their number on my cell phone and home phone - They keep it up and I'll change both numbers - I have that option - These aholes don't respect anyone - They're criminals -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 It's funny that companies like this can get away with false accusations - In the state of Michigan it is illegal for this type of debt collection - However, no one will prosecute the offenders - If there is a true and valid "complaint" it is a civil matter and will be handled by the local (where you reside) district court - If it is a true "bad check" it would be handled by the county where the check was physically written, and by the county prosecute as a criminal act - Companies like this need to be on guard that there are people like me who know the law and are willing to take action to prevent such heinous and illegal debt collection attempts - I have and will continue to file complaints with the FTC, FCC, and State and Local government agencies about this type of debt collection -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 Caroline Foster call my place of business wanted to speak to my supervior, stated that it was report that I have wrote a bad check and they going to send a summary to my work -

Post by Tish,

8778659352 Some guy (forgot his name) called my job and cell phone number (left a message on cell phone but I answered the work phone) and he went thru the same spiel on the phone as he had left on my machine saying that he had a summons to serve me for fraudulent checks and breach of contract - I am about to go to my debt consolidation site and report this so they can get on this - He said to contact the number above to resolved before he comes to my job or home with the summons - Did not know the name of the company but only knew the "ADR" company SMS Signature Management Solution and gave me a case number too - I have been called by several pay day loan companies (who I have in consolidation) with threats about summoning me to court for fraudulent check writing but - -Under Florida law, payday lenders cannot seek to have a borrower prosecuted for bouncing a check given as security for a loan, so if the creditor is threatening to have you charged with "theft by check" it is almost certainly lying in an attempt to frighten you - (and my client management rep at oak view law group told me this)Check out this site - www -bills -com payday-loans-in-florida

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 This is spam

Post by C. Marin,

8778659352 Same tactic - We will be serving a summons at your home tomorrow - I texted back that I am filing a report to the California Attorney General - That will shut them up -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 Got several calls from an "unknown number" on both my cell phone and now my job phone stating that I need to contact the plaintiff at --- (called and it is Signature Management Group) and stating that they will serve me a court summons at my place of employment for bad check writing - I called my Client Relations Manager at Oakview Law Group (where I consolidated these payday loans) and he said they are using unlawful and illegal tactics and if they can't produce documentation then they have no legal grounds and I can threaten them back but he called them already but they still insist on harrassing me -

Post by Eric,

8778659352 Pay this company no attention - They SCAMMMED my daughter  in North Carolina with a phone call -  about six months ago - This problem took awhile to rectify - Now she is getting calls again at my home in Virginia -  They stated that she had a bad check with  a client of theirs and if she didn't get in touch with them they would summons her at her home or work -BEWARE OF TTHIS SCAMMMMMMMMM

Post by Cen-Cali,

877-865-9352 This guy is still using the "summons" scam and wants me to call him - SCAMMER

Post by Guest,

8778659352 The company Signature Management Solutions if officially out of business - Check it out at www -bbb -com - Type Signature Management Solutions from New York on the Check out a Business section - Caroline Foster was a total fraud - And that may not even be her name - I still have her voicemail recording, and it sounds so real, but it's fake - Im glad this company went out of business -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 I got a call from a Liz Porter today on my Voicemail stating I had a summons to appear in court - Do to a Bad Check - This is the same company that has called me other times with other people - Then I recieve a call from the -- number saying my account has suspious activity - I have done alot of research on this company an there a Collection Agency - Signature Management Solutions -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 They are now calling themselves signature recovery solutions, with an address listed in TX - They have been calling me since about a debt my husband supposedly owes - I have asked them numerous times to contact me via mail only and they say they have - When they first started calling I finally had to have a JAG officer contact them because they were calling while my husband was serving over seas - I going to do some more research about them and the previous company name and file complaints where needed - They are aweful

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 they say child services - and they required ID - mandatory visit - they call me two times already - Before they use -- call on - After I blocked number - they call me again -one time at and one time at today - same time at :am - I didn't pick up - they just leave same voice mail like before -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 This is nothing more than a scare tactic - And a VERY illegal and dangerous road that this company is walking … To be notified about a complaint one must be physically served, I know, I serve papers … There is no such thing as “phone service” or “phone notification” - And it is not a charge It’s a complaint, it’s civil … And you have the right to demand they contact you via US Mail only, that’s something that many forget - And the thing about them contacting your boss or supervisor, well that’s slander and they can be charged then criminally for such as well as for releasing personal information to a rd party that has no right or need to know - Can you tell I’m getting really sick if these a-holes

Post by D and L Patterson,

877-865-9352 Whoever this company is that has called my husband and my sister-in-law threatening to send a summons because he says that we wrote a bad check to the company that he was representing is a liar and a Scam Artist - We watch our bank account like a hawk and we rarely write checks at all and when we pressed him for who this fake company was, he tried giving us our suppossed bank account number - Now I knew he was lying because when we told him that he has the wrong people he started yelling at us - He said that someone was going to jail and he was screaming at us to give them the money we suppossedly stole - Since we were getting mad and challenging his information, he and someone else in the background started speaking in a foreign language that we could not identify - He was saying that my husband was writing bad checks everywhere which is very hard for him to do since I keep the checkbook on me and he was out of the country at the supposed times when they claim the checks were written in California - We live on the East Coast - We were not going to give them any of our personal information and would suggest that anyone who receives a call from this number to tell the people who call that you are having the call traced and will be calling the police immediately - THIS IS A SCAM Do not give them any of your personal information - They even gave us a so-called case number - Glad I started to look this up and see if anyone else had been called as well -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 Lies I'm tired of these people calling for someone else - Even when you tell them to quit calling they will still call you -

Post by Nicole,

877-865-9352 A guy called my WORK named Jonathan Ross - Said that they will be out to my place of employment within hours - Stated he was a Process Server for a Court Summons - Gave me a case # and everything - Told my receptionist at work how much I "owed" in order to avoid them coming to my work or home, all sorts of personal information - Two days passed - -and no one came - It's a SCAM - I called the place to check what it was and the guy screamed at me - Told me to borrow money from my family if I was so broke - All of this for a payment to avoid "a court summons" that never came - Thank goodness I didn't pay it -

Post by Johnny,

8778659352 Received a call from this number saying I had suspicious activity on my account which I have no accounts with them so it's another tactic to get personal information from you -  I also received a call from them in the past threatening to serve papers at my work saying i need to call back immediately and guve them information to settle this and avoid embarassment -  Now this call always came on a Friday after pm from someone in another state who said they were in my county and authorized by the local county officials to serve these papers -  County knows nothing of them and they refuse to send any documentation on the matter -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 It said there was suspicious activity on my account but I don't know what account -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 Family and I have been recieving calls from a Caroline Foster accusing me of Bad Check Writing - They will not send written information to your address - Be careful of this company -

Post by Guest,

877-865-9352 claims they have a summons that they will serve at home or work and to be available in the next hours - to call if there are questions - total fraud -

Post by Guest,

8778659352 Nothing I didn't answer

Post by Stir_crazy,

877-865-9352 This number has called my fiancée's number as well -  Needless to say, I called them from my phone and informed them that this is a scam and that they should follow FDCPA guidelines as well as the ACA -  I acknowledged the fact that they would be reported and that matters will become worse -

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