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Recent Comments for 8778384347

Post by faker,

8778384347 i call a big B -S on wat u are saying, u are a part of the scam, [***] idiot get a job, stop being lazy

Post by Montereykid,

877-838-4347 Call back times and don't leave them a message

Post by Mai,

8778384347 I agree with you Walter - You're not alone - I've been getting repetitive calls from this number also and it is getting to I point to where I beginning to feel harassed -

Post by Montereykid,

877-838-4347 Call back times and don't leave them a message

Post by Montereykid,

8778384347 Call back times and don't leave them a message

Post by Barbara,

877-838-4347 Receiving multiple calls from this number -  I would not give them any information

Post by David O,

8778384347 Litigation a must for violation of TCPA -  Check out www -whatliesinyourdebt -com


877-838-4347 This post is very sanctimonious, but does not address those of us receiving repeated calls on work or cell phones despite not being the account holder in question -  I have as good or better credit than you and all your friends and don't appreciate these harassing calls -There is no defense of repeated calls -  I would hope that it is not legal -  I received three calls in one day -  Each time I told them that they have the wrong number -  Unfortunately, they keep calling -So if you don't mind prefacing the 'you do it yourself' comment with IF YOU ARE THE PERSON IN QUESTION and COMPLETELY REMOVING #, then you post will be valid

Post by Cancer didn't kill me but debts are,

8778384347 HSBC Collections

Post by brando,

877-838-4347 US Bank has several phone #s they use for every dept just like other big companys - I know bc I work for the bank -  It is the collections dept Hardship phone #

Post by Katie,

8778384347 For a while, I was getting calls from a similar number - always asking for "Charles -" Their line was he'd won some prize - I was so frustrated - No matter how many times I told them no Charles existed, they called back - I finally googled it and found a message board like this one - One poster said these people work for companies who basically call phone numbers over and over to see who answers; then they compile the "good" numbers and sell them to telemarketers - So I think the best defense is, don't answer - If it's a legitimate credit card bank call, your financial institution will leave a message - I've now been getting calls from this number daily for a couple of weeks and I just ignore it in hopes that some day, it will stop - They ahve never once left a voicemail -

Post by someone,

877-838-4347 Beware There is something out there called a spoof card - They could put a legit number posing as the real people, but are actually thieves calling from anywhere - Just because your ID says it is a number from a real place, it may not be - BE CAREFUL -

Post by 800 annoyed,

8778384347 This is not U S Bank -  I called the number and they wouldn't give me about who they were calling for so I called U S Bank -   They looked the number up and stated this is not them and the way these people go about getting information is not their protocol -  Do not give them any information -   I called them because I don't even have a U S Bank account so they have no reason to call me to settle a debt -

Post by That Guy,

877-838-4347 For me its Elan Financial Services, a credit card company - They are debt collectors and will call you several times a day - Even if you pick up the phone they may hang up - They hardly ever leave voicemails -

Post by sick of it also,

8778384347 not trying to defend collectors or collection agencies because i get a million harrassing phone calls everyday also, but people need to stop applying for credit cards and not reading the fine print - if they read the terms when you receive and acitvate the card, then they will already know the consequences - dont get a card in this economy when you know you cant afford it

Post by investigator,

877-838-4347 This individual works for this Identity theft organization - Don't do what they say in the post or else you will lose everything - REPORT this number to your States General Attorneys office -

Post by V.M.,

8778384347 They call and don't leave messages - the postings on this site say it's US Bank - I don't have an account with that bank - If it's legitimate, why don't they leave a message?

Post by lms,

877-838-4347 US Bank also handles accts with Kroger

Post by Guest,

8778384347 Tried Identity theft of credit card

Post by xxxxx,

877-838-4347 they keep calling my cell phone (I use min -) I have called them from another phone only to have them tell me I owe them money - I don't even know this place They just keep trying to get more and more personal info out of me - This place calls about to times a day Please STOP calling I'm not in debt to anyone

Post by don.z.,

8778384347 Yes it is a scam, and I hired a law firm in mpls to look into this - it is likely against the law for them to be robo calling like this and I am outraged - email me for a referral to the law firm if you want it - pass it on - -don -z -harkin (at) gmail -com

Post by amf,

877-838-4347 They keep calling a # that I dont even have registered with them and they dont cll the one I do have registered with them - They dont seem to get any of my messages -

Post by too many phone calls,

8778384347 this number calls me times a day -  no one ever there -

Post by Darrell,

877-838-4347 (creditcard services-us bank) has continued calling us for days now -They ask for us by name and then hang up - We do not owe anyone and we do not have a credit card or anything to do with these people -  They call Monday-Friday all day long and on the week ends -

Post by Rae Ann,

8778384347 I am getting calls by time I get home from work and all nite from -- seems a collectionsCo on here -It is for some other person who had my phone number -They will not stop calling tons of timesI've had it, what am I to do???Pretty bad you call it back and can't get thru to complain to a mgr -Help, any ideas surely appreciated -Thx

Post by arnie,

877-838-4347 Pay attention___Give the scammers plenty to do and they will not have time to call you or anyone else trying to scam them -Get online and search on  PAY DAY LOANS -Go to each and every one you can and apply online for a free interest rate quote and free information -Make up a name, address, and such - BUT WHERE IT SAYS PHONE NUMBER --- put the phone number ofthe scammer  who called you as your own phone number - Those sites sell the information to thousands of other companies who then sell the information you entered __ i -e -  the scammers phone number -Soon the scammers will be getting calls from every tom, dick, and harry company trying to get them to apply for a pay day loan - They will get one call after another, answering their own phone-- THEY WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO CALL PEOPLETO SCAM THEM -They will be answering calls from companies trying to get them to apply for a pay day loan - Keeping them busy -Aggrivating the scammers to no end -Second--- Get online and search on--- MORTGAGE INTEREST RATE INFORMATIONGo to as many of those companies and request the free interest rate and other information they offer for free -using the phone number the scammeers used to call you onenter that as your contact phone number -Apply for free interest rate and other info to as many of the companies you can -They all will start calling and trying to sell the [ scammers ] loans, etc -Keeping the scammers busy and heck -The scammers will not have time to call innocent people trying to scam themThey will be busy answering their own phone -

Post by Darrell,

8778384347 Got a call from these bozos this morning -I answered it and of course there was nobody there -Reported to DONOTCALL -ORG

Post by beezle,

877-838-4347 The kept calling my work number and not leaving a message -  I called them back today and told them I don't have an account with them and gave them the phone number and they said they would remove the number -  Will see if that really happens -

Post by jh,

8778384347 They called for weeks -i called number back and they wanted account number - i said no - I asked who they represented - They said many companies - again wanted my account number -  I informed them of fraud listings on internet for their number - they laughed and said thats not us - - This is fraud - -Be careful - No credit card company acts this way -

Post by Receptionist,

877-838-4347 This number called for one of our associates - When I asked what company she was with, she said Century National Bank - I just told her to contact the associate at home -

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