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Post by Guest,

8778188319 Message stated they were from Master Card World and my account may have been hacked - When I called back no answer -

Post by Guest,

877-818-8319 phone call message - Temporary hold placed on card - Stated it was Barkleycardus,com for online - Number was called and requested the card number be entered before the phone call would continue -

Post by Ann,

8778188319 I just got the same robo call on my cell phone -  I knew it had to be a scam because I do not give my cell phone number out -  I called Barkley's customer service number (NOT the number they asked me to call) and after discussing this with one of their reps - and confirming that I indeed did not have one of their cards, they said it was likely a SCAM - I'd suggest calling Barkley's customer service number @ --- and just hold on without entering an account number or your social security number and they will assist you with determining whether or not your call is a SCAM -

Post by B.D.,

877-818-8319 I received the same calls yesterday the # and last night the #, I'm in Phx - and don't have a Barclay Card - I wonder if this is just Az that's being hit?

Post by Lynn,

8778188319 Got the same call on to my cell phone - referenced a Barclay's Master Card World account, which I don't have -  I'm in AZ, too -  Scammers

Post by AJ,

877-818-8319 I'm also in Arizona -  I got call from this number about half an hour ago saying it was fraud alert regarding my Barclays Mastercard -  That there might be a hold on my account and that I needed to provide information to get the hold lifted -  The message said that if I was the owner of the card to stay on the line and, if not, to have the owner call -- -I do have a Barclay's Mastercard, but did trust the phone number on the recording -  So, I instead called the number on the back of the credit card -  The REAL Barclays confirmed that they had not tried to contact me, there was no hold on the account, and that the call was fraudulent -The recording got one thing right--it WAS a fraud alert -

Post by Aderue,

8778188319 I had the same thing (Barkley card) and when I called them to tell them they made a mistake I could not get a hold of costumer service unless I had the card number - - I don't have an account What kind of [***] is this

Post by I Agree,

877-818-8319 I really like this website - Thanks to the owners for making these titles available to their readers -Latest Articles    Where to Report Phone Crime     Ways You Can be Phone Scammed     Things To Do When Your Identity Stolen    Harassing calls from a debt collector? Here is what you need to know    Harassing Phone Calls: What To Do"Now if only we could talk our cell phone carriers into stopping this nonsense at little or minimal cost -

Post by Julie,

8778188319 I'm in AZ and received this call about pm - It left an automated message saying it was about a Barclay MasterCard and my account was frozen and to call them back - I don't have any such account - I did not return the call -  I immediately searched online for fraud - I'm thankful for this website and that people take time to post scams or sales calls to numbers that are supposedly protected by the do not call list - I never answer a call from someone I don't know - Ever -

Post by drew,

877-818-8319 Same issue, fraud,

Post by Mike,

8778188319 Got same vm message on my cell hrs ago - I'm also in az - This is why I never answer unrecognized numbers, particularly from no's -

Post by Luci,

877-818-8319 I'm in phoenix and I had the same call - When I called the number from my cell phone where the call was made to,  it goes to an automated recording requesting I put in my credit card number - When my husband made the call to the same number on his phone, it went to "the number you dialed is not a working number"Fraud Alert

Post by Sam,

8778188319 I am in AZ too - Got same VM today

Post by Ted,

877-818-8319 I'm in AZ and just got the same call -

Post by Guest,


Post by Lisa,

877-818-8319 Received a voice mail from Barclay on my cell phone stating that they were calling with regard to my MasterCard World card - I don't have this card and never have - Obviously a scam - I blocked this number on my cell phone -

Post by Try This,

8778188319 Please contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - If they don't know, they ought to be able to direct you - -www -occ -gov www -consumerfinance -gov complaint

Post by Not Justaz,

877-818-8319 I'm being targeted right here in Pennsylvania -

Post by K.R.,

8778188319 I live in Arizona and had the same call - It was a voice mail informing me I had a credit card freeze due to fraudulent activity on my Barclay's Master Card, which I do not own, and to unfreeze the account I had to call back - I called back because I was interested in how there could be fraudulent activity on this mystery card and I got a recording that said "All lines are busy - try again later -"

Post by Guest,

877-818-8319 Left a message for my sister to call them back regarding a credit card

Post by Guest,

8778188319 I have no idea who this was - An automated voice said they were putting a hold on my account--which the recording never identified - I checked all the customer service phone numbers for all my accounts - It matches none of them - I'm glad I reverse ID'd it before doing anything else and saw all these comments -

Post by Johnny,

877-818-8319 Just got the same call on my area code phone - It's really sad how everything in this country is a scam these days - Hell you cant even apply for a job without knowing whether or not the company is a scam - Sad state of affairs -

Post by Clayton Pikering,

8778188319 This number called today - No discernable message -Oh well - No message, no problem -

Post by Mike,

877-818-8319 Got same vm message on my cell hrs ago - I'm also in az - This is why I never answer unrecognized numbers, particularly from no's -

Post by Sheila,

8778188319 We are in AZ and just about mins ago my husband got the same call and it said if you are the card owner press one, as we do not have a Barclays or any cc currently he pressed one to tell them they had the wrong number and to please remove his number from their list -  When he pressed one it said it was a property management company and stated if we were locked out to call (it gave a number but we did not get it written down in time) -  I used our home phone to call the -- and received the recording that the number had been disconnected or is not in service at this time -  We are on the do not call list but it does not seem to matter anymore we get lots of calls every week -  We do have caller ID and if it is not someone I know I don't answer -  They can always leave a message if they are truly trying to reach us -  Most of them never leave a message -  This sure is aggravating to say the least -  They must be on a AZ kick tonight judging from all the post -

Post by Guest,

877-818-8319 This is a spam phishing call -

Post by Guest,

8778188319 Phoenix Phishing

Post by Ted,

877-818-8319 I'm in AZ and just got the same call -

Post by Christine R.,

8778188319 I got this call and answered it and stated that they are calling from Discover Card and that this is a protection service call that there is a charge on my accout and needed my account number,  I don't own this card and so I called back and the number is no  longer in service and to try again later, I did it again and got the same recording -  

Post by Guest,

877-818-8319 fraud scam - -they ask you to enter your CC info, then your pin# then your expiration date then it says the information does not match their records and hangs up i did not enter the correct info i just wanted to see what it would say -

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