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Recent Comments for 8777464044

Post by Guest,

8777464044 Calls cell and job, using computerized voice -

Post by Guest,

877-746-4044 spam

Post by Janice Gordon,

8777464044 Keep calling my job and my cell phone about a payday loan - When ask if I could send a money order in they reply that I need a Visa or Matercard to pay - Why won't they take a money order - Sounds fishy to me -

Post by Guest,

877-746-4044 Anonymous caller

Post by Guest,

8777464044 Jenny yang

Post by Bobby Underwood,

877-746-4044 Kept sending me correspondence in the mail and repeatedly calling and harrassing me and my wife - Claimed they were attempting to collect a debt from me they claim I took out with Spot Loans in December -  I think they own Spot Loans - When I called them back a man told me Crown Asset Manangement, LLC had bought Spot Loan out - - - ha - -Crown Asset Manangement is bogus too - Look up all these businesses on Rippoff -com  

Post by Yogi The Bear,

8777464044 Wouldn't suggest that nothing but ex felons working there

Post by mikey,

877-746-4044 got the same as everyone else -  don't know who they are looking for -  simply add there unknown phone number to my block call list now when they call the phone tells them nobody home -  also when my phone blocks a call he doesn't even ring -

Post by karen,

8777464044 They called and left a message about debt collections from someone with my first name (which is common), but not with my last name -  Are you kidding me?  I deleted after I heard who they were calling from, but is there no way to stop these calls?

Post by I hate them,

877-746-4044 Stupid idiots, A automatic system calls and they don't even explain why they are calling and expect people to have respect for them -

Post by I hate them,

8777464044 The number seems to belong to Cherry Creek Strategic Advisors, aka Cherry Creek Strategic Advisors, LLC, aka CCSA -  From the BBB report, it seems they collect on payday loans -  I'm not sure what else -www -bbb -org denver business-reviews co - - ver-co-cherrycreeksa -com make-payment They seem to worry more about the last name of the person they are calling, rather than making sure the first name corresponds:  www -callercomplaints -com SearchResult -aspx?Phone--https: wyobiz -wy -gov Business FilingSearch -aspx  (If it doesn't show, do search for "Cherry Creek" and you'll see a list of names -  Cherry Creek SA, Cherry Creek Strategic Advisors, Cherry Creek Strategic Advisors, LLC)www -coloradoattorneygeneral -gov sites - - b CabReport -pdf -- They DO have a CCA license in CO  #www -sos -state -co -us biz BusinessEntityCriteriaExt -do  -- registration in State of COLooks like they're already named in a pending lawsuit:www -rfcexpress -com lawsuits other-stat - - rs-llc summary Apparently, they are also licensed and operating out of other states, as well, if you do a search under "Cherry Creek Strategic Advisors" -  There may be more information, but I'm done for the evening

Post by Yogi The Bear,

877-746-4044 Wouldn't suggest that nothing but ex felons working there

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