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Recent Comments for 8777397206

Post by Claunel,

8777397206 Me too, I received a call from 727 835 8332 From a certain Shakirah. Provide me bunch of information about car coverage. offering a special policy.... after a while a get transferred to a certain Michael Graham who kept forever trying to convince me to buy the special policy they have. first of all I asked for the company's name, he told me they are PROTECTMYCAR, i said I don't know I'm gonna investigate about the company and come back to him. But he refused, It's like he wanna convince me to pick my visa or debit card to pay the policy right away. Listen, Shakirah left that number " 877 739 7206" I'm gonna talk to my wife about the offer and I'll be back to you. But I could feel, something is not right. I hate people forcing me for what is good for me. I had to end the call and started to investigate about the company and the number they gave me to call back. And I finally jump into all these bad comments about this number. actually it seems like PROTECTMYCAR is one of the best company when it comes to car coverage. but there are alot scammers out there using their names for their own purposes. if they ever call me again, I will surely give them a piece of my mind.

Post by Guest,

877-739-7206 Force me to get warranty cover for my car - Call is recorded, he said, i told it to send me information, i am not accepting or making any deal, this kin a call can get you in trouble just send me the information i read it then decide -

Post by Robin Carter,

8777397206 These people say they are calling from Percision Auto Protection Service -  They are very convincing and pushy -  

Post by Mike,

877-739-7206 I have been receiving phone calls about extended auto insurance for about years, and I have always asked to be placed on their Do Not Call list to no avail - There were also times when I answered "I don't know" to their introductory question, and they immediately hung up on me - They clearly playing a numbers game; the quicker their calls are, the greater their probability of finding someone who will listen to them - They are very tricky in that they send the calls through a local Internet router so that it shows up as a local call; when you call back, the number is not in service -The most recent time they called, I played along with their pitch and was given this number -- to call "in case we got disconnected" (although calling this number placed me immediately on hold) - I was then transferred over to the "main" line to speak with a "specialist" (so the first person could continue making as many calls as possible, I'm sure) - I told the specialist of my experience, and he informed me that they are now called Solace (apparently headquartered at th Street North, Clearwater, Florida according to their website GoSolace -com) - He told me their main number is --, although that is not the number listed on their website - I again asked to be removed from their list; he said he would, but that I probably would continue to get calls from "other" places that offered similar services - I will see if I get called again - as I suspect I will - and will see if it's Percision Solace - as I suspect it will be -

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