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Recent Comments for 8775855974

Post by disgruntled,

8775855974 Survey on behalf of PECO asking about power conserving appliances -

Post by Korky,

877-585-5974 We get calls like this all day & a lot of times it's at dinner time - One night was at : pm - I thought it was illegal to make telemarketing calls past : pm - I'm sick & tired of these calls -

Post by bigtb,

8775855974 Been calling the past week - I finally picked up and it was a dead line - Will try Comcast call blocking -

Post by Jeri,

877-585-5974 They call between : and : about every night - The call goes through our answering machine message, then hits a disconnect sound that continues until the phone is turned on, turned off - -

Post by Dar,

8775855974 I was annoyed by may calls also -  I called the corporate number (--) and the woman was very nice and said she would take my number off the list -

Post by Rick,

877-585-5974 They call and they do not leave a message - - I call back and it is a survey company - - I BLOCKED IT for next time - - Very annoying robot callers - - -

Post by Charlotte Balaker,

8775855974 I am sick of getting unsolicited calls from this telemarketer - Phone #--

Post by mike in tx,

877-585-5974 I got a missed call from them at : pm -  They are now blocked them on my phone -

Post by Strange,

8775855974 I received a text from this number, now they won't respond

Post by Margine,

877-585-5974 THANK YOU Keep up the good work - Do you have any tips on where they are located? Maybe we can all send them complaint letters or visit their office to complain in person -

Post by Bob W.,

8775855974 Live person called : Sunday - I told them they really had some nerve, before I hung up

Post by William Scriven,

877-585-5974 Called twice in one night - Told them to stop %#@ calling me

Post by Dave,

8775855974 I'm doing a survey on hispanic women over the age of also - Ladies feel free to contact me -

Post by Guest,

877-585-5974 So this company blocks its name for privacy reasons, but doesn't have the decency to leave a message? Apparently its not a legitimate business I am on the Do Not Call List, but these annoying calls persist

Post by Don J,

8775855974 Two calls this morning from --answered the first, no response, just dead line -  Two hours later second call -  I picked up, did not speak, heard multiple background callers speaking Spanish -

Post by me,

877-585-5974 Won't stop calling - Never leaves a message - Never anyone on the other end of the line -

Post by Guest,

8775855974 I get several calls a day from this number, listed as Pacific Market, at ---, then, right away, another call from "Cleaning Service at --- - Neither leave a message - (I always use caller ID and let such calls go to voice mail)

Post by Jay,

877-585-5974 Did the guy above me just post his phone # - -lol

Post by valvashon,

8775855974 Called again on - - (sorry, above two posts should also have been dated - -) at : pm -  Rang three times, answering machine was off, they hung up after three rings -

Post by dee jack,

877-585-5974 Please stop unwantef calls asap

Post by Juli,

8775855974 Continuously get calls from different numbers for the same thing--car insurance quotes?? I think not or they are looking for someone who had my number previously - I tell them that,they say they'll take me off the call list and it starts all over again from a different number - Annoying -  I've told I have an unlisted number and shouldn't be bothered

Post by not wells fargo,

877-585-5974 This number just called our investment firm looking for a former broker who did go to wells fargo - If it was wells fargo I believe they would have the wells fargo branch number -

Post by sherriem,

8775855974 This was th call -  Give it up you creeps

Post by Fedup,

877-585-5974 As others say, call many times, dead silence when I answer, but sound on their side doesn't sound like it does when a taped message will play - Right now, they are cycling through a different hour -x per day - These type of calls should be banned - Why doesn't the FEC do more about intrusive phone calls and text messages on cell phones which are now also being abused?

Post by A Person of Interest,

8775855974 The say they're collecting money for a non profit organization, but won't say what one - I tested them and said I'd give them a donation, then they asked for my credit card number, so I gave them a phony name and number -Joke's on them

Post by Michael,

877-585-5974 Then they have hour email - Not a good move - You will never get off their list - Its all automated calling -

Post by Fed up in VA,

8775855974 Thasnks to the previous posts, I now know I won't pick up on this call, except to blow a whistle in their freaking ears

Post by Chris,

877-585-5974 These clowns call my cell phone several times a day - This has been going on for weeks -

Post by Donna N. Swanson,

8775855974 notes is not affiliated with your callers, we are not calling you either - notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any information you may have about the call to share with other forum users - It is highly doubtful that your callers are reading here also - We can't stop anyone from calling you either or remove from a list - Consider getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so - If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some - You can google this - If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control - Iphones appear to have apps also - Another one is called Mr - Number -Charities, along with some Survey's and Political calls, are exempt from the DNC, however, they can still get into trouble for not placing you on a internal DNC when asked, you can also check your states laws in regards -  Some states have different laws in regards to the calls,  which can differ from the federal - www -tcpalaw -com www -kleinmoynihan -com publication new- - - ctober-- www -consumer -ftc -gov articles -national-do-not-call-registryhttps: www -donotcall -gov www -ftc -gov opa dncfyi -shtmbusiness -ftc -gov documents bus-complying-telemarketing-sales-rulebusiness -ftc -gov documents bus-compl - - -rule#DNCrights

Post by CapnJB,

877-585-5974 We get , or of these calls nearly daily - - often back to back - - no one answers just dead air or hang up not sure which - - This is a pain in the buttThis number should be blocked nationwide - - We are on both the Federal and NY State DONOTCALL lists but that does not seem to matter -

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