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Post by VZ,


Post by Murdock,

877-579-7780 Another unsolicited sales call -  Auto trader quit taking people's money for no reason -

Post by Erik,

8775797780 Won't stop calling

Post by Trevor Akins,

877-579-7780 hellow i sorry i missed your call You can call me at : PM thank you

Post by Guest,

8775797780 spam

Post by EJ,

877-579-7780 Why not just setup a google number when selling a car?  It's free with google voice and you can shut it down after you sell it -  This way they don't get your real number and you can complain less (less stress better life) -

Post by Scott in Florida,

8775797780 AutoTrader is not a scam - -rather it is the people who use AutoTrader to get the phone numbers of private party sellers so that they can pound you with solicitaion phone calls with their offers to assist you in the sale of your vehicle - -for a commission  These people are the problem, not AutoTrader -I have used AutoTrader and got my car sold within weeks very near full price -  But I too started getting pounded with unwanted phone calls from individuals who got my phone number from my AutoTrader listing and abused this information in hopes of making off of me -  Any legitimate person working for a legitimate company will leave a complete voicemail message stating who they are, the company in which they work for, and exactly why they are calling -  If the caller does not leave this information, then the call isn't worth your time - -they likely are up to no good -

Post by ROB,


Post by dave,

8775797780 Its a salesman from Auto Trader -  He was calling me back about renewing my ad -   He had called weeks ago and I asked him to send me the discounted renewal info by e-mail -  Instead, I got a survey about MY CALL to AutoTrader - Well, I did not call anyone - -they called me -  He sent the survey twice -  Today his message says he believed that I was renewing and I only had so much time to renew at the discounted rate - -which he never sent me -  He willl be reminded of all this when he calls again - Salesmen need to work better on remembering the lies that they've told -

Post by Ray Neil,

877-579-7780 I placed an auto "for sale" ad on Auto Trader -com about one month ago - Now receiving a call from this number about every three days - I don't answer and there is no message is left - They don't seem to be giving up - Next I will answer and asked to be taken off their call list -

Post by Guest,

8775797780 Simply spam

Post by intrender,

877-579-7780 Thank  you for the tip, hope it works

Post by GMoney,

8775797780 They called asking for a car I had for sale - I don't have a car for sale

Post by Gian,

877-579-7780 Call back and press "" to be placed on their do not call list -

Post by AutoTrader is doom to fail,

8775797780 AutoTrader better do something or else, loose their old customers for ever -These callers are trying to sell their service using information from Autotrader -This is ridiculous This is my nd time using Autotrader but now, I will never list on Autotrader again, even on my first time,  i got calls from these companies but didn't pay too much attention but now its getting annoying

Post by Autotrader Security,

877-579-7780 These are not Autotrader -com calls -  It is a scam company that scrapes private seller listings and attempts to sell their non-existent services using our good name, a confidence scam -  They go by different names as well, OneStopMotors, Nationwide Auto, etc -

Post by Nitin,

8775797780 stop calling me

Post by Guest,

877-579-7780 Spam Auto trader did not pick up

Post by Chris,

8775797780 This is great  As I was looking up what this number was they called me -  I immediatley asked to be taken off their calling list and they agreed -

Post by v,

877-579-7780 These ignorant people won't stop and my number on the do not call list i have notified the right people now and they are tracing the annoying calls it is against the law to continue calling when your number is on the do not call list -

Post by Guest,

8775797780 Call from india

Post by Guest,

877-579-7780 Spam autotrader

Post by stop calling,

8775797780 I received a call from this number twice tonight but they haven't left a message -  It couldn't be that important -

Post by Kevin Hopwood,

877-579-7780 Stop calling -

Post by auto trader sucks,

8775797780 and another thing -  auto trader makes you list a telephone number and won't take only an e-mail address -  i wanted to do this to keep the commission-hungry bottom feeders from calling all the time, but auto trader said no -  big scam -

Post by Called,

877-579-7780 It's a fraudulent company that got your info from AutoTrader - DO NOT ANSWER OR CALL BACK

Post by Mike Clemons,

8775797780 Keep getting call from this number - -usually just hangs up or will not identify by name once they initiate communication

Post by RA,

877-579-7780 Have received about ten calls from this number in the last two weeks, same story as everyone else here - -jack [***] trying to sell something - Ignore them -

Post by Auto Trader Chupas,

8775797780 Guys I'm glad I put up my Google Voice number -

Post by intrender,

877-579-7780 Thank  you for the tip, hope it works

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