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Post by Guest,

8775645339 I have received several call from this number while I have. Been at work and unable to answer. They always leave a vague voicemail from "The Outsource Group" asking for me to call them back for further assistance, without stating anything in regards as to what this pertains. They finally called while I was off, and I answered. The woman refused to give any information about this company other than to say the are "The Outsource Group" and then wanted me to give her my personal information (birth date, address, etc). I politely refused, at which point she angrily ended the call.

Post by me,

877-564-5339 NOW its time to take action  don't just threaten to sue, actually do it

Post by Wanda,

8775645339 I got a call from this number at :am - - - - - - -Isn't this against any & all laws?? I owe nothing to such a company -

Post by me,

877-564-5339 From my call ID, it says that this number, -- belongs to Winter Haven Hospital Regency Center for Women and Infants -  Since I don't have either, I guess I don't have to call it back -

Post by Guest,

8775645339 Some recording - I didn't listen to it closely - - based on what the others have had to say, it doesn't appear that I missed much -

Post by Guest,

877-564-5339 thank you mr number - this a med bill collection - theyre call for my wife but would not tell me why? well if they cant tell, they need to stop calling me -

Post by Disabled in NC,

8775645339 Due to long delay awaiting approval for financial medical assistance (and no acceptance or denial), UNC Medical turned our bills over to a medical collection agency -  Application delays due to new computer system and enormous influx of "illegals" -  I do not think this is fair -  Both of us are seniors on disability with serious life issues -

Post by Guest,

877-564-5339 Nill volld credit

Post by dale ferguson,

8775645339 Sample Cease & Desist Letter  This time-tested letter format is designed to help you accomplish one thing: Immediately fire any third-party debt collector that's harassing you for payment of a debt - It doesn't give you a free pass: If you owe the debt, you owe the debt - -but nobody has to be berated and harassed by bottom-feeding debt collectors - Because it's based on and utilizes federal law, this letter works in all fifty states - WARNING: Do not go off half-cocked - Do your homework and know what your rights are before you start sending these letters out - Save your dough and check out the Federal Trade Commission's section devoted to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for the official, "lawyered-up" spin on this powerful law -If you can't figure out what the hell it is you just read, you're not alone - Get it deciphered (Dover-style) by ordering a copy of Ben's best-seller Back Off The Definitive Guide To Stopping Collection Agency Harassment st Century Edition on-line -Not sure Ben knows what he's talking about? Read sample chapters right here - -on-line, right nowBy the way: If you send this letter, you'd better make damned sure you send it via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested - (Any other method just doesn't cut it) [Your Name][Your Mailing Address][Your City State Zip]Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested # [Insert the Certified Mail Receipt Number here][Insert Date of Mailing][Insert name of collection agent, if available][Insert name of collection agency][Insert address of collection agency][Insert City State Zip of collection agency]REF: Account # [Insert either the original account number or the collection agency's account reference number here]Dear [Insert name of debt collector calling--if available--here]: - You are hereby notified under provisions of Public Laws -, also known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your services are no longer desired - You and your organization must CEASE & DESIST all attempts to collect the above debt - Failure to comply with this law will result in my immediately filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the [Insert your home state here] Attorney General's office - I will pursue all criminal and civil claims against you and your company - Let this letter also serve as your warning that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to document any telephone conversations that we may have in the future - Furthermore, if any negative information is placed on my credit bureau reports by your agency after receipt of this notice, this will cause me to file suit against you and your organization, both personally and corporately, to seek any and all legal remedies available to me by law - Since it is my policy neither to recognize nor deal with collection agencies, I will settle this account with the original creditor -Give this matter the attention it deservesAnd have a nice day -[Sign your name here][Insert your name here] Be careful and know all of the rules of the game before you start firing off Cease & Desist Letters Click here for ordering information of Back Off The Definitive Guide To Stopping Collection Agency Harassment st Century Edition by Benjamin Dover -Wanna pick your copy of Back Off in your local bookstore?  You can't - -and here's why -

Post by Yolanda Williams,

877-564-5339 Number just calls telling me to call a number back - I

Post by Lisa,

8775645339 Received a call, didn't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

877-564-5339 collection

Post by 877 564 5339,

8775645339 Received a call from  :     --Caller ID shows  :     unknown    (HIDDEN INFORMATION)  *****called number back and voice mail - - - - - - - " outsource group"  ,    (associated with UNC health services)Telemarketer harassment - - - -  DEBT COLLECTOR   - -   Lower than pond scum - - - - - -criminal harassment, at it's best - I am registered on the - -DO NOT CALL LIST -

Post by Guest,

877-564-5339 Medicredit?

Post by Guest,

8775645339 Stupid mumber

Post by Jill,

877-564-5339 Just received a letter from them yesterday that I owed them money for a bill that was reduced and paid for -  Now I get this call -  How is that legal when I had a zero balance and now the collection company is trying to collect the amount that could not be billed to me?I didn't answer - and then looked the number up on hereI love this site

Post by Guest,

8775645339 Aggravated

Post by roy laney,

877-564-5339 just filed a formal complaint with the FTC -just go to FTC -Gov donotcalllist to do the samemh

Post by Carol,

8775645339 If you KNOW you owe no money, or believe the call was from a fake debt collector, please take the time to read this:www -consumer -ftc -gov articles -fake-debt-collectors

Post by Jen,

877-564-5339 But I just saw Robert's message was in and it's so I guess the number could have changed to a different business -

Post by Guest,

8775645339 Dnt answer Block

Post by Ben Dover,

877-564-5339 very clever sir,

Post by Guest,

8775645339 Repeated calls

Post by Jen,

877-564-5339 But I just saw Robert's message was in and it's so I guess the number could have changed to a different business -

Post by Guest,

8775645339 Don't call back

Post by Charlotte,

877-564-5339 Calls EVERY day at the same time - -no message - -no response - -very annoying - -

Post by Monique Craig,

8775645339 This company (unknown) keeps calling my cell phone -  I have asked them to stop calling with no avail -

Post by Guest,

877-564-5339 Left voicemail

Post by Guest,

8775645339 collection

Post by WTF,

877-564-5339 So, the way this works is UNC Hospital system, somehow forwards your personal information to the Outsource Group - - which will then call relentlessly under the guise of "helping you apply for public healthcare" -  It doesn't matter that you do not owe them any money, they do this regardless in an attempt to gain access to your confidential medical and personal information -  Last I checked the Outsource Group is affiliated with some kind of flim flam originating out of India -  Until someone actually has the [email protected] to sue UNC Hospital over this it will likely continue -  I got a human being before who agreed to wipe my data out of their system (yeah right), which was about a year ago - - and today it started again -  Please file complaints with FCC and FTC for the Outsource Group -

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