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Recent Comments for 8775231282

Post by unnecessary,

8775231282 As a business providing a service to professionals, you really should take care to the way you respond to any of these posts -  I am actually dealing with a worker's comp case where my bills continue to be unpaid by my provider -  I discussed the situation with your collector that did speak to me, asked for a callback for resolution after a specified time, and never received a call back -  It would appear that your practices could use some fine tuning, as well as restaffing -  The medical practice I went to is going to hear about this, and could result in a lose of a major contributor to your paycheck -

Post by Pt,

877-523-1282 www -miramedgs -com MIRAMED REVENUE GROUP  (Sometimes uses name of Pelletieri Associates Collectors, sometimes M Revenue)MiraMed Global Services, Inc - West Michigan AvenueJackson, MI ----[email&#;protected] * * _______________________________BBB:BBB Accredited Business since MiraMed Revenue Group, LLCPhone: () -Fax: () -View Additional Phone Numbers Oak Creek Dr, Lombard, IL -Send email to MiraMed Revenue Group, LLCwww -miramedgs -comView Additional Web AddressesMiraMed Revenue Group, LLC BBB® Accredited Business SealBBB® Accredited A+ RatingOn a scale of A+ to F- See more at: www -bbb -org chicago business-reviews m - - h -CkpsOVD -dpuf______________________________Illinois Dept - of State info:Entity Name    MIRAMED REVENUE GROUP, LLC     File Number    Status    ACTIVE      On     Entity Type    LLC     Type of LLC    DomesticFile Date         Jurisdiction    ILAgent Name    C T CORPORATION SYSTEM     Agent Change Date     Agent Street Address     SO LASALLE ST, SUITE     Principal Office     OAK CREEK DR -LOMBARD, IL Agent City    CHICAGO     Management Type    MGR   ViewAgent Zip         Duration    PERPETUALAnnual Report Filing Date         For Year    Assumed Name    ACTIVE - M REVENUE GROUPINACTIVE - REVENUE PRODUCTION MANAGEMENTINACTIVE - VIRTUAL RECOVERYSeries Name    NOT AUTHORIZED TO ESTABLISH SERIESLLC MANAGERS________________________________________Entity Name    MIRAMED REVENUE GROUP, LLC     File Number    Name     AddressMIRAFZALI, HAMID     OAK CREEK DR -, LOMBARD, IL - MIRAFZALI, SHADAN     OAK CREEK DR -, LOMBARD, IL – _______________________Extensive complaints on BBB against this group -

Post by On2U,

8775231282 It's a collection agency out of Utah - They collect on (mostly) debts bought from doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, et al - Rude, obnoxious - -the typical bottom-feeding -an-hour slugs making the calls -Tell them nothing - Ignore the calls -

Post by ps,

877-523-1282 same as the rest wait who ever it is is harassing and they do endless times in a row on some days

Post by sony7662,

8775231282 Who are these ppl

Post by dallas,

877-523-1282 me tooooooo i was scared lol

Post by Guest,

8775231282 Bill collector

Post by Guest,

877-523-1282 Bill Collector

Post by J,

8775231282 Same thing, last I checked all of my medical bills were paid, they call me at the oddest hours, and never leave a name, only a reference number to refer to when they call back - -

Post by Guest,

877-523-1282 Annoyed

Post by OUT OF AREA,

8775231282 -- List it as Service -   I said Hello times and lady that speaks english as a fourth language gets on and says "I am from >>>>>>"  I say to her I need a english speaking person, she says  I spake english -  I said then I need a  translator -  I need to speak to someone that can speak english -  She hangs up

Post by teach tech,

877-523-1282 It's Miramed; a collection agency, according to another website - They called here, waited seconds with no response - Hung up -

Post by Chris,

8775231282 I just got a call from them today - I did not picked up the call so they left the Voice Message - I repeated three time that this is a personal message to me (they knew my name) and they asked me to move to the place that no one should hear what they want to say - Finally, they said to call me back and provided me the case # but they hanged up before even giving me the full case number - This looks suspicious -

Post by teach tech,

877-523-1282 It's Miramed; a collection agency, according to another website - They called here, waited seconds with no response - Hung up -

Post by jo,

8775231282 do u think by using profanity your problems will be solved sorry to say NO - collectors call to help you, if you did pay your bill send a proof of payment and be removed from collection in spite you use profanity to these people its a shame - -

Post by Frustrated,

877-523-1282 These calls are OBVIOUSLY coming in from overseas as I doubt that Terrance Martin, who I had to ask X who he was and STILL barely understood him, was calling fron ANYWHERE in the USA - If you're gonna hire collectors, AT LEAST make sure people can understand them and you REALLY should screen them for politness - Most of these guys are RUDE and will NEVER get to talk with anyone if we cannot understand you and don't even THINK of getting anywhere with the attitudes -

Post by fran,

8775231282 Keep calling the wrong person I tell I don't know the man and they don't care and keep calling me -

Post by illinois resident,

877-523-1282 Ok - st of all WHO calls people before in the morning, if you are a legit business, nd of all, ask for a person, then you tell them you are that person, and THEN they ''ask you to confirm'' who you are by GIVING them your birth date AND social security number blindly OVER THE PHONE? um excuse me, even BANKING INSTITUTIONS tell you not to even have this type of info on your checks [ for those of you who still use those for paying bills, etc - and do not use debit banking cards or pay on line etc] they actually tell you to REMOVE it, or do not add this personal info - So, I ask you, WHO IN THEE HELL is going to just GIVE this personal information over the phone? and even when you tell them you do NOT give this type of information over the phone? they still call you back - if this is medical? news to me, because no one has had the need for a hospital or doctor here, etc - and if we did? we have a copay and insurance, and if anything WAS outstanding? one of us here would already know about it, because nothing has ever been sent to a collection agency - So, why do they call people who have no debt in the FIRST place? seriously, why? just plain creepy -

Post by wnada,

8775231282 Perhaps you should learn how to speak properly when you call write, then people might respond to you -

Post by Injured&Unemployed,

877-523-1282 Losers? First and foremost, your comment instills all kinds of confidence in me as a person in debt and in trouble - You can't even spell "collector" correctly - Secondly, some of us are out of work permanently because we were injured and can't pay the bills - We have little choice but to let them just get charged off if we cannot afford to pay them - Third, the last time I DID pay your MiraMed the money that I owed, they called me back to tell me I paid the wrong amount and still owed twice as much - When I asked for a copy of the paperwork, they hung up - It sounds to me like they just collect on a bad debt and keep milking until they eventually kill their victim, then they move on to the next -Find a real job actually HELPING people, instead of taking advantage of them -Everyone else - - ignore the calls, block the numbers, tell them to go to hell - Legally anyone doing a credit check on you cannot use medical bills against you -

Post by wnada,

8775231282 Perhaps you should learn how to speak properly when you call write, then people might respond to you -

Post by Pt,

877-523-1282 These people keep calling me at least once a week - They always hang up if I let it go to vmail - They will ask to speak to a few different people, and won't take my answer for ANYTHING They are asking for people that do not have my number - They have the wrong number

Post by Guest,

8775231282 Leaves no message

Post by Guest,

877-523-1282 Spam annoying

Post by Guest,

8775231282 Telemarketing for health insurance -

Post by Samson,

877-523-1282 A man that goes by the name "Brian" with a thick accent called me and told me he works for a company named "MiraMed -"  They asked if I was "xyz," and I stated that I am him, and he then asked if I can give my address and zip code to confirm this -  Alarm bells went off and I asked for his information, and he just told me his first name, gave me a reference number, and told me the company he works for -  After the call I looked up the phone number and found out many people have had issues with these people -  This felt like a scam -I called back and asked  how the hell did they get my name, and they for some reason could not disclose any information to me unless I give them information about myself -  I went ape sh*t mad because I have had some really tough times and I guess with me being a little on edge, I acted in a way that I normally wouldn't -  Lord behold when I called them the third time, they asked whether or not this was my address, and I told them that's not where I live -I do not have patience nor kindness for these type of people that practice hurting others -  I know people don't care, as long as they have theirs, or how they say "make it," but you're not going to be successful off of me -  I hope they do call me again, because I got some more for their [***] -

Post by Guest,

8775231282 Bill collector

Post by Annoyed,

877-523-1282 I get calls from this number almost everyday - Same situation as others "Hello - -Hello - -HELLO"OR, it will ring before I can pick up the phone it stops - - -

Post by Guest,

8775231282 Asked me for my address would not tell me why or who they were till i gave info -what idiots would do that?

Post by Guest,

877-523-1282 Myriad

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