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Recent Comments for 8775030574

Post by annoyed,

8775030574 every single day at around the same exact time they call from -- - - it's been going on a while now - it annoys the crap out of me that they don't have the policy of leaving a message and the call display does not identify the company and it's an everyday routine - if they are calling on behalf of onstar [as per some of the posts before me] have they not figured out that most people are AT WORK at : in the morning???

Post by Guest,

877-503-0574 i

Post by TLB,

8775030574 When I call back it's fingerhut -

Post by rosekl,

877-503-0574 call your phone provider an talk to them on how to block this number

Post by Richie,

8775030574 Called our house & they never left a message on the answeing machine -

Post by Mark W.,

877-503-0574 I get a call from these people at least times a day -  I no longer answer any number I do not recognize -  If they're legit, they can leave a message and I'll return the call -  Otherwise - -

Post by Carrie,

8775030574 I just called and actually got to speak to a person - They were calling me as a 'notification' that my subscription was about to end--- except I am currently set up to be billed monthly - When I questioned why they would call me every month if I pay every month though auto draft, he told me it was a courtesy call -  Makes no sense--- he said he would put me on the DNC list -

Post by Someone,

877-503-0574 Called with a caller ID of "Not Available" - I don't answer calls with blocked caller ID - What company would call with a blocked caller ID? No thanks dude -

Post by rosekl,

8775030574 my husband and I did a little research and figured out how to block -  If, you have cox phone number just pick up your phone and punch * and it will take you through how to keep this idiots from calling you -

Post by Mary,


Post by fmfop,

8775030574 I get or calls a day from this number, never answer and they don't leave messages -  If this is ONSTAR I am already a customer but will not renew to a company that uses such annoying tactics -

Post by Dee,

877-503-0574 They called repeatedly, but left no message -  I have not and will not activate their service, which I have no use for, because I do not want to deal with canceling it once the free trial period is up -

Post by WS,

8775030574 called i called back it was onstar asked to be put on the dnc list than called onstar and complained i will never buy a GM product again

Post by G,

877-503-0574 When I got the call the second time it was onstar costumer service

Post by Mikey,

8775030574 If it is OnStar, then they're going to continue to not get the phone answered -I don't answer ANY calls that do not have an identifiable Caller ID -  "Toll Free Caller" is not good enough -I do have a newer Chevy vehicle and have OnStar -  I do not intend to renew it once the trial period is up -  It is useless to me -

Post by Duane,

877-503-0574 Called, I did not pick up -  Never leaves a message -  I am a customer - -until my contract is up

Post by Shelley,

8775030574 I am at my wit's end with these people - Unfortunately we purchased company vehicles at the same time and they haven't stopped calling since the free subscriptions ran out -  Had I known what was coming I would NEVER have allowed this service to be included with the purchases - Call after call, day after day, I am so tired of it -  NOTHING WORKS  I answer, talk to them politely, tell them we're not interested -  I pick up and hang up right away -  I answer and tell them I'm gonna call the cops - I don't answer and let it go to the machine -  I answer and tell them do not call - take us off the list -  I'm getting what you guys get times  In the time it took me to type this they've called more times -  WILL IT EVER STOP??? How can this be legal? It's harassment, plain and simple -

Post by Cherlyn,

877-503-0574 Got this call today - I just got the bill days ago and decided I was not renewing because I have had for two years and have NEVER used it - I have a navigation system and carry a cell, what more do I need??I will block this #

Post by Teacher/Mom,

8775030574 Thanks

Post by Rick,

877-503-0574 I called the number back, and pressed to be added to the Do Not Call list -  They guy was actually really nice -  Though I heard it takes about days to be taken off, so lets hope they stick to their protocol of not calling me againGood luck guysI also registered my cell # with the National Do Not Call Registry - -I believe you're supposed to do that annually -

Post by Steve from Beaverton,

8775030574 Ha I blocked these jerks with a fake "out-of-service" message using my Voicepulse VOIP service - They tried for two more days but seem to have given up - I wish every phone service, land-line, VOIP and cell had selective filtering rules - You know why they don't? It's bad for big business Waaaahhhh

Post by Camille,

877-503-0574 What do I have to do to get this  company to QUIT  calling?   Go to the Better Business Bureau?  ON-Star  XM Sirius - - -I  told  you NO  numerous  times - - -what part of  NO  don't they understand?

Post by beth,

8775030574 why does onstar call

Post by Tony Stoeckly,

877-503-0574 I do not want to be called

Post by Guest,

8775030574 on star collections

Post by Teacher/Mom,

877-503-0574 Thanks

Post by Guest,

8775030574 It"s On Star They call at least twice a day, and when they get your answering machine they hang up Why can"t they identify them selfs? I had to turn off my answering machine - I finally answered at PM last night and reamed them a new ahole

Post by Quinn in CA,

877-503-0574 Call concerning my NRA membership renewal, though I had to call back to find out it was them as they didn't leave a message - I see from some comments It's also a number something called Onestar uses - I'm guessing it's an auto dialer that multiple companies use for customer service or fundraising calls -

Post by Oakley,

8775030574 Sick of these calls   Never answer but get a day -   Have never had OnStar and never would - -especially now as this is ridiculous -

Post by JJ’s,

877-503-0574 Calls every single day  Never leaves a message -  I am on a no-call list and I want this entity reported

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