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Post by Guest,

8774991139 Auto call from SLVUSD

Post by Kritter Kins,

877-499-1139 This is SLVUSD -

Post by cgh,

8774991139 called- tried calling back disconnected

Post by Guest,

877-499-1139 To stop calling my cell phone -

Post by Guest,

8774991139 Aug - , I received voicemails phone calls from ()- (Mt - View, CA) between -:pm - The voicemails were in rapidly spoken spanish and all I could make out was it was either a collect call or collection agency and at the end an () number was given and they said have a nice day - Third call I answered, no one responded and they hung up - Missed another call from this same number at :am Aug - , received another call at :pm and answered, this time the person asked for someone named Nicholas, I said they had the wrong number and said stop calling - Not minutes later I received another phone call from () - (Rockwall, TX???) from the SAME PEOPLE this time it was in spanish (just like the two voicemails from the day before) I lost it--I screamed at her that they had the wrong number, I don't speak spanish, I am not Nicholas, and they are to stop calling me Now I'm beyond annoyed Will update if I get more calls -

Post by Wes,

877-499-1139 I'm still shaking - I got a call informing me I'd won a prize in relation to a survey I'd filled out a year before - "Would I be home to receive the prize from the deliveryman?" I said I would and was then told I'd be asked for my opinion on a product, no obligation to buy anything and no mention of a demonstration - A few minutes after "Jake", the "dispatcher" called to make sure my wife and I were home, I opened the front door to TWO guys "Steve" mid to late s and a younger guy in his mid s - They came in with more assertiveness than my stiff welcome afforded and Steve pushed right on and basically backed me up the stairs - I immediately put the brakes on and asked for my gift - It all went downhill from there - They didn't actually have a prize, only an order form to send off for it - I said that if that was the case I wasn't interested and they could take their junk and go - Even after repeatedly telling them to get out of my house they still wanted to say their spiel - I was feeling threatened and intimidated and when the younger one came up the stairs towards me while I was shouting for them to get the hell out of my house, I lost it and chased him out, shoving him out the door - The verbal abuse they heaped on me in my house and then out on my front lawn was amazing - They came into my house on false pretenses and wouldn't leave when I told them to "get out NOW" - I called their head office to complain and got an earful from that guy as well, for "assaulting" their salesman - Turns out the first call and the followup call from "dispatch" both originated from different numbers at this location - I soon discovered I was complaining to "Jake" the "dispatcher" - Unbelievable - I called the police and filed a report -The telephone numbers showed up on my caller ID as "Eco Health Solutions" of Edmonton AB - -- and -- - The head office number listed online I called to complain which got me Jake the dispatcher is -- - The website is www -zephyrairsystems -com contact-

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