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Recent Comments for 8774104635

Post by Brooke,

8774104635 yes, i keep getting multiple calls from them weekly - no message either - I'm going to try and answer next time and ask they stop calling

Post by Blue Tattan,

877-410-4635 Someone at this number calls me several times a day and then hangs up when I answer - Very annoying -

Post by Gene,

8774104635 I called them to take me off of their calling list and still got a call today - Do I need to talk to a lawyer?

Post by Shawn,

877-410-4635 UPDATE to above post: Called DirecTV today and spoke with CS -  They could not provide me with the company name, but told me they were a rd party provider -  They said they would be looking into the issue, but had no ability to stop the rd party from contacting me -  They suggested calling the number back, leaving a call back number and asking them directly to remove my name from the list -Hope this helps -  Sad that a rd party could tarnish the image of what to me has proven to be a solid company with outstanding service and customer service -  Like I said, Ive be a subscriber for + years and have repeatedly refused other cable and satellite providers solicitations for business -  Even through the FOX and ABC fights, DirecTV has always extended a hand () to make things right with me -

Post by D,

8774104635 My office receives a call from this number MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY - We do not even have a DirecTV account - -I've found that if you answer these types of calls they can sometimes be scams where they attempt to make you say the word "YES" and record your voice and later bill you and say you accepted thier contract by saying "YES" on the call - My advice, just ignore any call from a toll free number unless you are sure you know who it is, as difficult and ANNOYING as they can be calling over and over - Unfortunately businesses do not apply to the do not call list, so they are not breaking any laws just by calling you - If they are calling you on a personal number, you can report them, but in my experience nothing ever comes of it -

Post by Guest,

877-410-4635 Annoying

Post by Guest,

8774104635 Direct tV

Post by Brad,

877-410-4635 DirecTV

Post by Droopy,

8774104635 I used to have Direct-TV

Post by April,

877-410-4635 The same thing happened to me it's frustrating -

Post by Dig Dugg,

8774104635 Called today did not leave a message -  Possibly DirecTV -

Post by Katriona,

877-410-4635 I just got a call from this number but because the caller ID stated the name as "Not Provided" I just picked it up real quick and disconnected the call -  I refuse to answer calls from the unknown, unavailable, private, not available and not provided -  If it's important enough they can leave a message or stop hiding who they are when they call -

Post by Guest,

8774104635 Direct tv always calling - - multiple times this week

Post by Lance Dombroski,

877-410-4635 They won't quit calling me

Post by Sure...,

8774104635 - -if you want to be contacted by more scammers

Post by Ryan,

877-410-4635 Unwanted solicitation

Post by dick,

8774104635 Annoying sales call from direct tv -

Post by John,

877-410-4635 Reporting unwanted phone calls from -- -  We would like for them to stop -Thank you

Post by Janet,

8774104635 These calls come - times a day, starting at am - I have no idea why - I have a DirectTV account but this is harassment - My bill is paid so I can't imagine why they are calling me so much - This has been going on for week -

Post by Mary,

877-410-4635 I get calls to times weekly around : pm - No messages - No anything And no answer when called back - If it is Directv, which I have, and this is a legit survey, why doesn't someone talk? A survey isn't much good to them if it's done through mental telepathy - I won't answer another call - I installed an air horn ring back just for them - I know they are computer calls but my phone mutes their rings when it Ids the number and begins the air horn for them to listen to - I feel better -

Post by gary,

8774104635 received unk call with no message -  Don't want to receive such calls -

Post by April,

877-410-4635 This number calls all the time - When I answered yesterday they said it was Directv rewards & I get free channels til September th & it would take hours to activate - I never got the channels so I called Directv this morning & they have no record of anyone calling me or know anything about rewards - When you call this # back it's a recording that says all representatives are busy leave a message & they will call you back later - They will also call and hang up or won't say anything -

Post by Guest,

8774104635 direct TV marketing

Post by Smokey,

877-410-4635 DirecTV

Post by Nova joe,

8774104635 I also got a call today - No message

Post by Catch A Clue,

877-410-4635 No call list doesn't apply -

Post by Anon,

8774104635 I just called DirecTV a day ago to cancel my premium channels - I received calls today from them - One from another number that was an autocall that left a voice mail asking if I had recently contacted them - No voice mail from this number -

Post by Mary,

877-410-4635 Did not recognize number -  Did not pick up -  No message left -  I figure legitimate callers will leave an appropriate message -  Added this number to reject list -

Post by Kim,

8774104635 This number has called me every hour from a to p for the last weeks - I've asked them everytime to take my number off their list and they just keep calling - Pretty annoying - It's DirecTv -

Post by kathy franklin,

877-410-4635 keep getting calls - this time when I called back, it let me leave a message - which I did - I said do not call me again or I won't' be a customer much longer

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