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Recent Comments for 8773992570

Post by racjaa,

8773992570 Called  and I pick up and no answer -  I think these are automatic dialers for operators collecting moneY   If theY  are still on a call with someone theY  dont bother picking up the phone call theY  just made to me -

Post by VPT,

877-399-2570 These people have been hounding me for a year now -  I have their number blocked but I see from the call blocker screen that they keep trying to call -  Must be very slow learners

Post by OK,

8773992570 so you knew who called you and decided to look up the number anyway?  Now why would you do that?

Post by Ken in CT,

877-399-2570 Left no message - If it really is Big Brothers Big Sisters, there is a bin on the grounds of our church in Woodbridge, CT run by St Pauly Textile (not the beer company) that we donate to - But it seems strange reading the posts by others that if one were to answer when this number calls that there would be no one there - Are they trying to get people's schedules so they can come when no one's home?

Post by Joseph,

8773992570 This caller calls twice daily, sometimes before am and after pm -  I've stopped answering their calls because every time I've answered and said ''Hello'', they just hung up -  It's now taking up space on my blocked calls list and they continue calling twice a day anyway -  After this nuisance practice of theirs, even if I found that they were legitimate, I'd never buy from, or donate anything to them -

Post by Guest,

877-399-2570 Tired of the calls all day and everyday

Post by Badge714,

8773992570 Would you please ask one of your children, or a family friend to help you with call blocking - If you have a land line phone you can get one for about - A cell phone app is cheaper, but beware of free one's - Many contain spyware - Make sure you get one that will block area codes as well as individual numbers - I would suggest you start by blocking area codes where you do not know anyone - A lot of the new one's will suppress the first ring, so once you set it, enjoy your sleep -

Post by guest,

877-399-2570 big brothers organization, get your money from obama and stop calling me

Post by Jen,

8773992570 You are Bobby, "rog" -

Post by Guest,

877-399-2570 Calls at all hours

Post by VHI,

8773992570 Got another call from these guys, one of my longest-pestering telescammers on my list -  They've been calling every days for the past year, and every days my call blocking device cuts them off before the phone even rings -  You think their robo-dialer would be smart enough to figure it out and stop calling -  Morons -

Post by Steve,

877-399-2570 Money?  They do not look for money they are looking for clothes to help the kids in their program -  I donate monthly -

Post by DCJS,

8773992570 They are just fishing for information - You can only do big brothers and sisters locally - Why don't you send out some paperwork and stop annoying people with your numbers - One ream of paper costs no more than -

Post by Guest,

877-399-2570 Calls often - Left message once as big brother big sister pick-up - Come in as unavailable -

Post by LVM,

8773992570 They WILL NOT STOP CALL  ALL hours, days a week, including holidays - -but their favorite time is early in the morning on weekends or around dinner in Sundays  They called my home twice ON EASTER SUNDAY  The earliest call ever was at :My numbers are all on DNCL and I have asked them to stop calling and remove me from their call list BUT THEY NEVER FOLLOW MY DEMANDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THEIR CALL LIST I have had to unplug my phone so these people don't wake up my whole household in the morning or after : when people are going to bed  Today I finally had it after three calls by pm on Saturday  

Post by jim antippas,

877-399-2570 Please stop calling

Post by Diane,

8773992570 call and hang up when I answer

Post by Peg C,

877-399-2570 I don't care who they are and what worthwhile charity they are raising for; I'm not donating to anyone who calls me -  These are unwanted  Blocking -

Post by Guest,

8773992570 I told them numerous times that I don't want to be called again but the calls just keep on coming

Post by Truth,

877-399-2570 Big Brothers Big Sisters is NOT a con and I have Caller ID, thankyouverymuch -If your wild accusations were true, you would be able to prove it, which you can't, because it isn't -  Stop spreading false information -

Post by Guest,

8773992570 it's big brothers big sisters

Post by Guest,

877-399-2570 Has been calling since I changed over to Frontier in January - Calls everyday -x a day - I sent it to my call blocker -

Post by Guest,

8773992570 If this is Big Brothers, charity solicitations are not obliged to follow "Do Not Call" rules - Only sales calls must follow the rules - I looked it up - In addition, the rules do not apply to debt collectors, informational calls, political calls, or telephone survey calls - Guess we're stuck until the laws change -

Post by Guest,

877-399-2570 do not know who they are, annoying all day and weekends

Post by Guest,

8773992570 Caller ID: "TOLL FREE CALLE" - Calls at all hours, many, many times - NEVER leaves message on answering machine -

Post by kenno,

877-399-2570 It's a shame that can't happen

Post by VHI,

8773992570 I have finally figured out why Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation always calls but doesn't leave a message -  They are sending a truck to your area to pick up clothes -  They want to talk to a live person to know whether you are going to place bags out -  That way they will send a truck to your house -  If they just leave a message, people may put out clothes but aren't likely to call them back to tell them that they put clothes out -  Then they wouldn't know to pick the clothes up - So, it's is their way of making sure a truck goes to a location where clothes will be put out -  I realize now that if you know they are calling, pick up the phone and tell them that you don't have clothes to donate -  That will end the calls for that month -My sister is super neat and liked that they called her each month -  That way, she could let them know that she was planning to put clothes out -  I just donated four bags of clothes -  I feel totally different about those calls now -

Post by dolly,

877-399-2570 they call repeatedly

Post by Ken in Ct,

8773992570 Glad we have caller ID

Post by unpersuasive,

877-399-2570 got calls at dinner time, close to midnight, on Sundays, Saturdays - I pay the phone company to prevent this type of calls but they still manage to call - I just ignore them - Still is annoying and abusive -I decided to charge for my answers to surveys - When I got a call asking me questions, I tell them I charge for close ended questions (Yes or Not, Likely, Not likely, and so on) and for open ended questions (what do you think of the current crisis or similar) -They hang up and never call me back -

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