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Recent Comments for 8773302289

Post by jason,

8773302289 Rogers and CBV Collections, has an agreemwnr with each other. rogers pays cbv collection for older accounts, meaning, they are paid by rogers communications to ONLY hasrass people while they cannot collect the debt. what's the purpose of this: rogers is truly an evil company. they pay CBV Collections, Inc. to harass people where rogers or CBV Collections, Inc. can no longer collect that debt. the debt may be legit or not in some cases but they are there to create a night-mare for people. this is evilness at its best by rogers company and CBV Collections, Inc.. they love creating pain and hardship for people who already has or is in pain of finanical and they want to kick these poor people further to the ground to hit them harder and harder each time. there should be a national class action lawsuit against CBV Collections, Inc. and rogers. rogers must learn a lesson to not be evil. rogers has to learn from bell canada, to not go to extreme to harass people. their act is beyond harassment. if rogers communications or CBV Collections, Inc. has power and can get their hands on you to even get rid of f you. they will do it and will not hesitate. rogers communications and media follows an old ritual evil practice they do which is a step lower than sacrificing. they would sacrifce people for even $100. this is hard to belive but they will do it. it's a shame that a company goes this far for money to harass people beyond the means of life or laws. they will face justice soon.

Post by Jess R.,

877-330-2289 LMFAO - - -I just blocked them lol they keep calling for the wrong person - - -very very annoying people

Post by dude,


Post by Guest,

877-330-2289 cbv

Post by Not Required,

8773302289 I am getting calls on a daily, evening, and weekend (SUNDAY EVEN) THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE Harassment and I will be reporting it FUNNY THING they call times in three minutes but don't leave a voicemail,  LOSER   I wish I had the guts to answer and play a scam back (ask them for their personal info, and then say Ill call them back at home just as they are about to eat, and when they tell me they are not the person I am looking for I can continue to call and harassed them - - -but don't feel like wasting my minutes and my energy

Post by JC,

877-330-2289 Have been getting between - calls from this number a week - Extremely annoying

Post by paul,

8773302289 these people keep phoning even though the person that they are looking for doesn't even live here - they are harassing me - too many phone calls -

Post by Guest,

877-330-2289 collection

Post by G.A.,

8773302289 Have been receiving calls from this number believe it is a credit collection service - Spoke to a representative told them the person they were looking for was not at this number - They continue to call -

Post by Annoyed,

877-330-2289 I keep receiving calls from this number, but they won't tell me what it is about - They say they want my postal code and birthdate, but when I replied that if they have my phone number and my name they should have that information infront of them and I am not providing nothing until they tell me what this is about - The guy gets rude and tells me that I am being difficult and I am acting like I am better then anyone else - Maybe so, but unless they are going to tell me what it is about - why should I give them any information? When I call the number back, the person who answers says that I need to call back at a later time cause they can't access any information - Why call if you can't provide the information? How do I get them to stop calling?

Post by Alyssa,

8773302289 stop calling -

Post by Guest,

877-330-2289 j

Post by N/A,

8773302289 Calls every day from different numbers, every one gets blocked and they never stop. Complete harassment and they're calling in regards to my neighbour who used me as a reference for a loan without my permission.

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