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Recent Comments for 8772981345

Post by Guest,

8772981345 global lending

Post by Guest,

877-298-1345 I want it block cause I'm not the person they want they want cori Johns ,that is not me

Post by I Hate Telemarketers,

8772981345 Received a call from "Cynthia" asking for a Bernard Hardy -  Asked for a return call to -- X -  Played the message back three times just to make sure:  "Cynthia" asks for a return call right away, "today" and also claimed today was April th -  Unfortunately, it is now October, so "Cynthia" must have been reading from the wrong script -Caller ID was --, and not the -- number she wanted the callback to go to -  Sorry, scumbag telemarketer - no soup for you -  

Post by Guest,

877-298-1345 it is a loan company

Post by Guest,

8772981345 This number is legitimate

Post by Sandy W.,

877-298-1345 This company, calling itself Global Lending, is disregarding the numbers on the Do Not Call List -- I have received several voice mails from them during January and February asking for individuals by first name only -  I have called them back to report this and received belligerent treatment from ignorant representatives -  

Post by BelieveBook,

8772981345 Receive numerous calls from Global Lending -  The most rude and obnoxious people I have come in contact with over the phone -  They use foul language to get to you -  I would not ever do business with these disgusting people again -

Post by Guest,

877-298-1345 global lending for mo

Post by Tulsa Okie,

8772981345 Received call yesterday asking for Chuck Smith -  Received call today asking for Gregory Davis -  Have no clue as to who either of these persons are -  Today I confirmed that number called was indeed my phone number -  After hanging up got concerned about ID theft and did a return call to --  and got Elizabeth with Global Lending -  She did some searching of calls under those names and my phone number; didn't find anything -  She was very efficient and professional, but in light of comments above I'm concerned I gave her my real number -  Never did give her my full name -  A google search of phone number returned Resurgent Auto Finance -  Definitely not calling them -

Post by Guest,

877-298-1345 They are asking for the wrong person

Post by hookmaster,

8772981345 According to Google search, this number is Resurgent Auto Finance out of Greenville, SC -

Post by hookmaster,

877-298-1345 According to Google search, this number is Resurgent Auto Finance out of Greenville, SC -

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