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Recent Comments for 8772973156

Post by Texan,

8772973156 RPM  Debt Collector  Left no message, identified as RPM when I returned call

Post by dglenister,

877-297-3156 Same jerks calling me about my computer and the jerk even made a sexual statement to me - Told the [***] to screw himself and to quit calling - But has not stopped -  Might have to put number on reject list -

Post by anonymous,

8772973156 I get calls from this # daily - Nobody there and they do not leave a message  Very annoying

Post by TX,

877-297-3156 This number shows up as Denise Furnish on my Caller ID, but is a debt collection call -  It's even linked to a Facebook page -

Post by Guest,

8772973156 Calls repeatedly and never leaves a message

Post by Fidget,

877-297-3156 Simply ask them to provide you with copies validating the debt - If they cannot, let them take you to court then again, ask for copies proving it is your debt - If they can't prove it, it gets thrown out of court -

Post by Bibi,

8772973156 I did the same exact thing just yesterday today they called four times no voicemails - -trting to get me to verify personal info and stated it was in regaurds to a personal matter lol

Post by Guest,

877-297-3156 Calls all day long even after blocking the number -

Post by CJPoet,

8772973156 Called me at on a Saturday night and then again today - Leaves no message -  I blocked them and if they call from another number, i will block that one as well -  Caller ID says "Denise Furnish -"

Post by carol,

877-297-3156 This number needs to stop calling I was victim of identity theft this matter was settled with company and police police reports were filed stop calling me or I will call the BBB stop calling me

Post by Desert Deb,

8772973156 I was getting calls from Receivables Performance Management - times per day -  Today I finally answered and the person they are looking for I have never heard of -  I have had my phone number for over years -  They must be using a very old receivables list -  I called -- and spoke to a very nice person who assured my my number would be removed immediately -  All of my debts are current and I have no past due bills -

Post by Guest,

877-297-3156 auto spam BS

Post by grant,

8772973156 called me, had information that was correct in my past however the debt was settled - Said I owed dollars, asked them to email or mail me paperwork to show me, she said she couldn't? Then i asked for there address and she asked me why - Laughing in my head i honestly thought this was a prank call - Totally a scam, they somehow have information about me however, by the unprofessional way of speaking and an obvious no understanding of how a collection agency works - -SCAM

Post by Chris,

877-297-3156 Calls about once a day for the past couple weeks - Either asking for a random person or is dead silence -

Post by Renee,

8772973156 Please have this number stop calling and harassing me - () -

Post by Nicole,

877-297-3156 thanks I will do the same -

Post by Sully,

8772973156 Wow, you're so smart *eyeroll*

Post by Karen S,

877-297-3156 I get at least phone calls a day from the phone # -- - When i don't answer these calls, i then start getting calls from -- - Only had conversation once on the -- number - Would'nt say what account he was calling about - Would'nt verify any of my information - Now getting calls from the --# -

Post by Guest,

8772973156 repeated Calls for unknown person no matter how many times I tell them wrong number thry keep calling -

Post by Guest,

877-297-3156 Doesn't leave message - -needs not call

Post by Sully,

8772973156 Wow, you're so smart *eyeroll*

Post by J Soto,

877-297-3156 Keep getting calls from this number - -When I answer nobody replys

Post by sam,

8772973156 I received calls several days in a row for the previous owner of my cell phone - I left a message on their voicemail twice asking to be removed from their list with no response - I found their website online and called --- and finally got a live person -

Post by Jen,

877-297-3156 This number just called my office looking for a co-worker - When I answered, the woman was talking loudly to someone else in the room - I said "hello?" twice before she came on the line and asked to speak with my co-worker - She was polite enough, but it was a totally unprofessional call - Doesn't matter, as I don't relay messages from debt collectors to any of our employees

Post by susan,

8772973156 Call repeatedly to my office, an attorney's office, for months - I answer phone they hang up -

Post by 3H,

877-297-3156 This --  works together with -- - -- leave the message asking to call -- - -- they call them self as " Reserv - -?  Performance Center" -

Post by zeekers,

8772973156 Getting slammed with calls this week from this number -  After reading comments this is what I have to say - - - -I am innocent until proven guilty; I do not HAVE to prove my innocence, the accuser MUST prove I am guilty -  Phone call isn't going to work so they might as well save their breath and put it in writing - Ta da

Post by ducklucky,

877-297-3156 Would not worry about it -  They're calling from Pakistan or India or somewhere, so unlikely they will show up at your door -  There are millionaires to harass if they wanted a lot of money, and sure none of us on here have that kind of money -  They can have my piggy bank, but I will still go down fighting, and have my pistol loaded -

Post by mark,

8772973156 report call

Post by Guest,

877-297-3156 A waste of my time call every day

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