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Recent Comments for 8772581599

Post by SJB,

8772581599 This number called saying I owed money for an old credit card I never had, asked for my personal information which I didn't giveThey wouldnt identify themselves

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 no msg - Big time SCAM

Post by Stacy,

8772581599 Thank you to everyone who posts here - My ID was stolen about months ago - Those who know they don't owe anyone money might want to follow up along these lines - Even with LifeLock you've got to be diligent -ID thieves and bill collectors alike will buy and sell your information - Don't ever give out or "confirm" ANY information over the telephone, including your name; it's the safest way to protect yourself - Be aware, these thieves ARE POSTING HERE to confuse people - Thieves want you to call them back in order to collect more information - If you call them back, they have your number - If you identify yourself, they have your name, and so on - Do not push any buttons -  It's a very common tactic -Good luck and God bless -

Post by jay,

877-258-1599 got a call today, no voice mail -

Post by Guest,

8772581599 Keeps saying social security made a mistake in my favor and don't even give the rest name and I tell them to put my number on the do not call list but the call again

Post by Vera Ramirez,

877-258-1599 I don't answer unknown numbers because I don't want my phone compromised -

Post by NJG,

8772581599 Receive calls on cell phone, they never leave messages -

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 Got a call from them at : am - No message - On my cell phone - I called the number from a different phone and they answered SS Stratagies? I hung up -

Post by Guest,

8772581599 Even though I'm on the Do Not Call list, this call came in on my cell phone today - The caller was a man with an East Indian accent - VERY hard to understand -

Post by JOHN,

877-258-1599 Received call asking for somebody else -  I just said wrong number and hanged -

Post by RStrong,

8772581599 I get calls from this company to my place of business all the time with a recording asking for "Benjamino" and usually it's a female voice, but today it was a man - Tells me if I'm Benjamino to press for a live operator - Pressed one to speak to the live operator and tell them to take the number off the call list and after a few clicks got the sound of a call that didn't go through followed by the recording  saying please hang up and try my call again -

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 no msg

Post by Michael,

8772581599 Receive calls on cell phone, they never leave messages -

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 I got two phone calls which I did not pick up and no message left -

Post by Heather,

8772581599 Called my cell phone looking for a Thomas Gate -  When I explained that they called a personnel cell phone and I don't know this person, they said they would take me off their calling list -  unluckly because I will get other calls looking for someone else -  whatever this company is or whatever scam they are running they need shut down -

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 Fake payday loan saying was approved - Hung up on him calls back minutes layer saying I was gonna be picked up by cops for not paying back a payday loan

Post by sherry kelly,

8772581599 this number called me saying i owed - for a bill that ive never heard from

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 This is the rd time this company has called me - When I ask what company they are will they continuously state this is a recorded line I'm speaking with Kim right? I again ask the name of the company and they state that the representative will address all that once they verify who they are talking too - They refuse to give any information - Definitely a RED FLAG

Post by Johnny,

8772581599 Receive calls on cell phone, they never leave messages -

Post by Guest,

877-258-1599 Pester wont answer

Post by No Calls Please,

8772581599 no msg - Scammers

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